A. When you select the edit option in TNG the app opens a separate browser window in which to perform the edits.  When you save and exit, the second window closes and you see the previous window, which is just as it was when you left it.  It won’t be updated until it is refreshed.

This is normal web browser behaviour.  To ‘fix’ it it just refresh the page (Press F5 or use the refresh icon)

A. TNG uses geocoding to place addresses on a map.  The little globe icon indicates that that address has not been geocoded in the database.  For details on how to geocode a location, please refer to the Editor Help page (located under the top menu Help option).  Geocoding is an Editor only function.  When you have geocoded an item you will need to refresh your browser to confirm the globe has disappeared (see previous FAQ reply)
A. This site offloads photo storage to a dedicated photo library.  For details refer to this blog post and to the TNG Editors’ Help System.
A. There’s a quick and easy way to do this so that you can easily find your “To Do” items later.  It uses the  Notes function and the method is described in this post.
A. You can calculate the relationship between any two individuals in the tree.  The method is described in this post.
A. This process is comprehensively described in this post.
A. You merge the two records, choosing the best bits of each record.  It’s easy to do and the process is described in this post.


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