Ferberd Name Origin

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Unknown Origins of ‘Ferberd’

The name Ferberd appeared out of nowhere in 1846 when it was given to the eleventh child of twelve and the sixth boy, of John Barrett and Harriet Alder.  By the time the sixth boy came along John and Harriet would have been struggling for inspiration but they did not follow the fashion for biblical names. I wish they had – ‘Saul’ I could have lived with.  Instead they sought inspiration from….  who knows where?  Family legend says they took the name from the doctor who delivered him.

In Germany it is sometimes (rarely) used as a last name.  I have found  one instance of it being used as a woman’s name.

For a list of people in our family who have been given this unusual name click here

But that list is a little misleading because there is a generation missing. After appearing 1n 1846 it skipped a generation as you can see in the table below.

-3Ferberd Barrett1846Great Grandfather
-2Ferberd Barrett 1876Great Uncle
-1Ferberd Henry Barrett1895Father
0Ferberd Henry Barrett1923-
+1Paul Ferberd Barrett1952Son (Me)

I am the last person (so far) to carry the cross.  I hate it and while it won me a few bets from people who tried to guess what the F stood for, it caused me problems at school – obviously – so there was no way I was saddling my son Ian with it, and Barbara wasn’t too keen either.  To make matters worse, the tradition for the two generations before me was for the first boy to be named Ferberd Henry.  It’s bad enough as a middle name – I hate to think what my school ‘friends’ would have done if I had had it as a first name; but my mother put her foot down and refused  to allow it, for which I am eternally grateful.  The family nickname for my Dad was even worse – ‘Fuff’ – can you believe?  In the end he settled on Fred, and who can blame him.

My son Ian and his wife Rachel were as reluctant as me to continue the family tradition, and who can blame them?


Paul Barrett

20th March 2017

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  1. I am currently in contact with a family with origins in Hinckley who have ancestors with the name Ferberd.

    I’ll update this article once I have heard more from them

    – Paul

  2. Ferberd: I don’t think it is pulp fiction to imagine our Ferb could have been named after the Doctor Ferberd Sessions Barrett who lived in the same village. As a young teenager our Ferb was a stable boy to this doctor as well.

    I have sent you in the past other information which came to light after the advantage of having the parish records on cd’s, that being that in early records 1500’s and 1600’s there were different derivatives of the name as surname i.e. Fayerberd.
    I have been told that it could mean ‘songbird ‘ but who knows!

    • Do you know, that whole Dr Ferberd Sessions thing had somehow been erased from my memory. 🙁 But now it’s coming back. However, the stable boy comment is completely new to me.

      How did you send me the info? Was it paper, email….

      But that’s the beauty of this new site. You’ll be able to upload stuff directly to it and I won’t be able to forget it! 🙂

      • Ha! Ha!
        Interestingly enough. some new info found when I was looking at stuff for Stephanie, found william Sessions married Frances Fairbeard in 1696, Fairbeard was one of the original deviations of Ferberd I think. Any way they called their son Ferbert and he was born in 1701

  3. SheilaWheatley says:

    See Barrett’s in Berkshire post for more info on the Ferberd name.

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