Bagshot, Surrey, England


Tree: Main Tree

County/Shire : Latitude: 51.3603430, Longitude: -0.6978940


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clark, Frances Mary  Bef 27 Feb 1831Bagshot, Surrey, England I288 Main Tree 
2 Clark, Mary  Bef 15 Apr 1859Bagshot, Surrey, England I600 Main Tree 
3 Clarke, Alfred  01 May 1850Bagshot, Surrey, England I1433 Main Tree 
4 Clarke, Alice Bertha  16 Jul 1884Bagshot, Surrey, England I1083 Main Tree 
5 Clarke, Anne  1838Bagshot, Surrey, England I357 Main Tree 
6 Clarke, Bertie Albert  20 Jun 1888Bagshot, Surrey, England I920 Main Tree 
7 Clarke, Charles  15 Mar 1839Bagshot, Surrey, England I1347 Main Tree 
8 Clarke, David  Nov 1809Bagshot, Surrey, England I122 Main Tree 
9 Clarke, Edwin  Bef 21 Jul 1844Bagshot, Surrey, England I380 Main Tree 
10 Clarke, Ellen  1845Bagshot, Surrey, England I462 Main Tree 
11 Clarke, Emma  1846Bagshot, Surrey, England I870 Main Tree 
12 Clarke, Ernest Alfred  16 Jan 1886Bagshot, Surrey, England I458 Main Tree 
13 Clarke, George  1845Bagshot, Surrey, England I1490 Main Tree 
14 Clarke, Isaac  03 Sep 1812Bagshot, Surrey, England I281 Main Tree 
15 Clarke, Jack  1846Bagshot, Surrey, England I714 Main Tree 
16 Clarke, Jane  Abt Oct 1836Bagshot, Surrey, England I921 Main Tree 
17 Clarke, Leonard Thomas  24 Jul 1894Bagshot, Surrey, England I177 Main Tree 
18 Clarke, Mary  Abt 1858Bagshot, Surrey, England I1524 Main Tree 
19 Clarke, Richard  Nov 1805Bagshot, Surrey, England I2 Main Tree 
20 Clarke, Richard  Bef 18 Jul 1841Bagshot, Surrey, England I1343 Main Tree 
21 Clarke, Stephen  May 1808Bagshot, Surrey, England I643 Main Tree 
22 Clarke, Stephen  Bef 12 Jan 1855Bagshot, Surrey, England I1310 Main Tree 
23 Clarke, William  1849Bagshot, Surrey, England I1145 Main Tree 
24 Clarke, William  Bef 2 Jul 1837Bagshot, Surrey, England I982 Main Tree 
25 Draper, Hannah  Abt 1843Bagshot, Surrey, England I1062 Main Tree 
26 Draper, Henry Jr  1828Bagshot, Surrey, England I1424 Main Tree 
27 Draper, Mary Ann  Apr 1859Bagshot, Surrey, England I656 Main Tree 
28 Gatfield, John  1863Bagshot, Surrey, England I205 Main Tree 
29 Hammond, Ada May  Abt 1877Bagshot, Surrey, England I260 Main Tree 
30 Hammond, Alice Mary  1875Bagshot, Surrey, England I44 Main Tree 
31 Hammond, Amelia  Oct 1883Bagshot, Surrey, England I452 Main Tree 
32 Hammond, Beatrice Emma  Abt 1870Bagshot, Surrey, England I6 Main Tree 
33 Hammond, Bertie  Jul 1877Bagshot, Surrey, England I247 Main Tree 
34 Hammond, Charles  Abt 1860Bagshot, Surrey, England I1103 Main Tree 
35 Hammond, Charlotte  Bef 21 May 1848Bagshot, Surrey, England I1071 Main Tree 
36 Hammond, David  Bef 15 May 1825Bagshot, Surrey, England I1120 Main Tree 
37 Hammond, Edward  Bef 29 Mar 1829Bagshot, Surrey, England I895 Main Tree 
38 Hammond, Eliza  Abt 1864Bagshot, Surrey, England I1541 Main Tree 
39 Hammond, Elizabeth  Abt 1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1517 Main Tree 
40 Hammond, Elizabeth Rose  08 Oct 1873Bagshot, Surrey, England I451 Main Tree 
41 Hammond, Ernest Joseph  Oct 1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1244 Main Tree 
42 Hammond, George  Oct 1840Bagshot, Surrey, England I593 Main Tree 
43 Hammond, Harry Henry J  06 Sep 1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I616 Main Tree 
44 Hammond, Henry  Abt 1867Bagshot, Surrey, England I1518 Main Tree 
45 Hammond, Jane  07 Feb 1823Bagshot, Surrey, England I603 Main Tree 
46 Hammond, John Frank  Abt 1879Bagshot, Surrey, England I1091 Main Tree 
47 Hammond, Mary  Abt 1862Bagshot, Surrey, England I1540 Main Tree 
48 Hammond, Mary Ann  Abt 1831Bagshot, Surrey, England I529 Main Tree 
49 Hammond, Nellie Francis  21 Dec 1879Bagshot, Surrey, England I391 Main Tree 
50 Hammond, Norah Kathleen  1882Bagshot, Surrey, England I617 Main Tree 
51 Hammond, Peter James  Jun 1874Bagshot, Surrey, England I274 Main Tree 
52 Hammond, Rosannah  Abt 1866Bagshot, Surrey, England I1578 Main Tree 
53 Hammond, Sarah  Bef 27 Oct 1833Bagshot, Surrey, England I279 Main Tree 
54 Hammond, Susan  23 Sep 1863Bagshot, Surrey, England I660 Main Tree 
55 Hammond, Thomas  Jan 1838Bagshot, Surrey, England I1082 Main Tree 
56 Hammond, Thomas George  1865Bagshot, Surrey, England I862 Main Tree 
57 Hammond, Thomas William  Abt 1866Bagshot, Surrey, England I4 Main Tree 
58 Hammond, Timothy Bob  Abt 1872Bagshot, Surrey, England I1152 Main Tree 
59 Hammond, Walter Sidney  Abt 1886Bagshot, Surrey, England I669 Main Tree 
60 Hockley, Alice  Abt 1883Bagshot, Surrey, England I1586 Main Tree 
61 Hockley, Allise  Abt 1864Bagshot, Surrey, England I267 Main Tree 
62 Hockley, Charles  Bef 26 Feb 1854Bagshot, Surrey, England I1328 Main Tree 
63 Hockley, Clara Jane  Bef 24 Feb 1856Bagshot, Surrey, England I873 Main Tree 
64 Hockley, David  Bef 18 Oct 1846Bagshot, Surrey, England I1158 Main Tree 
65 Hockley, Edward Thomas  Jul 1848Bagshot, Surrey, England I545 Main Tree 
66 Hockley, Ellen  Abt 1880Bagshot, Surrey, England I1585 Main Tree 
67 Hockley, Frederick George  Bef 25 Feb 1858Bagshot, Surrey, England I918 Main Tree 
68 Hockley, Samuel  Bef 26 Feb 1860Bagshot, Surrey, England I476 Main Tree 
69 Hockley, Selina (Sabina?)  06 Nov 1850Bagshot, Surrey, England I258 Main Tree 
70 Hockley, Susan Bertha  16 Nov 1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1058 Main Tree 
71 Hockley, Thomas  15 Apr 1820Bagshot, Surrey, England I377 Main Tree 
72 Hockley, Thomas  Bef 25 Apr 1852Bagshot, Surrey, England I730 Main Tree 
73 North, Albert  Abt 1877Bagshot, Surrey, England I335 Main Tree 
74 North, Edith  Abt 1884Bagshot, Surrey, England I936 Main Tree 
75 North, Emily Louisa  11 Feb 1892Bagshot, Surrey, England I248 Main Tree 
76 Taylor, Caroline Matilda  Abt 1806Bagshot, Surrey, England I526 Main Tree 
77 Temple, Charlotte Mary  05 Apr 1801Bagshot, Surrey, England I1026 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clarke, Alice Bertha  9 Sep 1884Bagshot, Surrey, England I1083 Main Tree 
2 Temple, Charlotte Mary  15 Apr 1801Bagshot, Surrey, England I1026 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bachelour, Ann  14 Jan 1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I379 Main Tree 
2 Clarke, Alfred  10 Feb 1903Bagshot, Surrey, England I1433 Main Tree 
3 Clarke, Eric Leonard  15 Nov 2009Bagshot, Surrey, England I597 Main Tree 
4 Clarke, James  14 Jan 1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I604 Main Tree 
5 Clarke, Leonard Thomas  24 Mar 1962Bagshot, Surrey, England I177 Main Tree 
6 Clarke, Richard  Bef 28 Aug 1872Bagshot, Surrey, England I2 Main Tree 
7 Gatfield, James  16 Apr 1895Bagshot, Surrey, England I1402 Main Tree 
8 Gatfield, John  14 Feb 1935Bagshot, Surrey, England I205 Main Tree 
9 Hammond, Charlotte  Apr 1857Bagshot, Surrey, England I1071 Main Tree 
10 Hockley, John  09 Aug 1835Bagshot, Surrey, England I1432 Main Tree 
11 Hockley, Samuel  Bef 16 May 1860Bagshot, Surrey, England I476 Main Tree 
12 Hockley, Selina (Sabina?)  21 Mar 1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I258 Main Tree 
13 Hockley, Susan Bertha  12 Apr 1938Bagshot, Surrey, England I1058 Main Tree 
14 Restall, Mary  Bef 22 Dec 1838Bagshot, Surrey, England I257 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Hammond), Elizabeth  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I47 Main Tree 
2 Clarke, Alfred  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1433 Main Tree 
3 Clarke, Alice Bertha  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1083 Main Tree 
4 Clarke, Anne  1841Bagshot, Surrey, England I357 Main Tree 
5 Clarke, Bertie Albert  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I920 Main Tree 
6 Clarke, Ernest Alfred  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I458 Main Tree 
7 Clarke, George  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I18 Main Tree 
8 Clarke, Isaac  1841Bagshot, Surrey, England I281 Main Tree 
9 Clarke, Isaac  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I281 Main Tree 
10 Clarke, Jack  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I714 Main Tree 
11 Clarke, Richard  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1343 Main Tree 
12 Clarke, Richard  1841Bagshot, Surrey, England I1343 Main Tree 
13 Clarke, William  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1145 Main Tree 
14 Collins, Emma  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1121 Main Tree 
15 Collins, William J  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1587 Main Tree 
16 Draper, Hannah  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1062 Main Tree 
17 Draper, Mary Ann  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I656 Main Tree 
18 Hammond, Anne Ellen  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I667 Main Tree 
19 Hammond, Beatrice Emma  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I6 Main Tree 
20 Hammond, Charles  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I681 Main Tree 
21 Hammond, Charles  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I681 Main Tree 
22 Hammond, Charles Felix  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1184 Main Tree 
23 Hammond, Charlotte  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1071 Main Tree 
24 Hammond, Charlotte  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1345 Main Tree 
25 Hammond, Edward  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I895 Main Tree 
26 Hammond, George  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I593 Main Tree 
27 Hammond, George  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I593 Main Tree 
28 Hammond, Isabella Elizabeth  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I893 Main Tree 
29 Hammond, Sarah  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I279 Main Tree 
30 Hammond, Susan  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I660 Main Tree 
31 Hammond, Thomas  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1082 Main Tree 
32 Hammond, Thomas  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1082 Main Tree 
33 Hammond, Thomas William  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I4 Main Tree 
34 Hockley, Alice  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1586 Main Tree 
35 Hockley, Charles  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1328 Main Tree 
36 Hockley, Edward Thomas  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I545 Main Tree 
37 Hockley, Ellen  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1585 Main Tree 
38 Hockley, Susan Bertha  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1058 Main Tree 
39 Hockley, Thomas  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I377 Main Tree 
40 Perry, Sarah  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I386 Main Tree 
41 Perry, Sarah  1841Bagshot, Surrey, England I386 Main Tree 
42 Temple, Charlotte Mary  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1026 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clarke, Richard  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1343 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Draper), Ann  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I184 Main Tree 
2 (Hammond), Harriet  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I265 Main Tree 
3 Clarke, Alfred  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1433 Main Tree 
4 Clarke, Alfred  1901Bagshot, Surrey, England I1433 Main Tree 
5 Clarke, Charles  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1347 Main Tree 
6 Clarke, George  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1490 Main Tree 
7 Clarke, Isaac  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I281 Main Tree 
8 Clarke, Richard  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I2 Main Tree 
9 Clarke, Richard  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I2 Main Tree 
10 Clarke, Richard  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I2 Main Tree 
11 Clarke, Stephen  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I643 Main Tree 
12 Clarke, Stephen  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I643 Main Tree 
13 Clarke, Stephen  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I643 Main Tree 
14 Clarke, Stephen  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1310 Main Tree 
15 Clarke, Stephen  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I643 Main Tree 
16 Clarke, William  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1143 Main Tree 
17 Clarke, William  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1459 Main Tree 
18 Draper, Henry Jr  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1424 Main Tree 
19 Draper, Henry Jr  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1424 Main Tree 
20 Draper, Mary Ann  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I656 Main Tree 
21 Hammond, Albert  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I383 Main Tree 
22 Hammond, Charles  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I681 Main Tree 
23 Hammond, Charles  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I681 Main Tree 
24 Hammond, Charles  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I681 Main Tree 
25 Hammond, Charles Felix  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1184 Main Tree 
26 Hammond, Charles Felix  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1184 Main Tree 
27 Hammond, Edward  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I895 Main Tree 
28 Hammond, George  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I593 Main Tree 
29 Hammond, George  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I593 Main Tree 
30 Hammond, John  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1257 Main Tree 
31 Hammond, John  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I272 Main Tree 
32 Hammond, Joseph John Poulter Restal  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1258 Main Tree 
33 Hammond, Joseph John Poulter Restal  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1258 Main Tree 
34 Hammond, Joseph John Poulter Restal  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I1258 Main Tree 
35 Hammond, Lucy  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I682 Main Tree 
36 Hammond, Mark  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1333 Main Tree 
37 Hammond, Peter James  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I274 Main Tree 
38 Hammond, Susan  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1092 Main Tree 
39 Hammond, Thomas  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1082 Main Tree 
40 Hammond, Thomas William  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I4 Main Tree 
41 Hammond, Thomas William  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I4 Main Tree 
42 Hammond, Timothy Bob  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1152 Main Tree 
43 Hockley, Charles  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1328 Main Tree 
44 Hockley, Charles  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I1328 Main Tree 
45 Hockley, David  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1158 Main Tree 
46 Hockley, Edward Thomas  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I545 Main Tree 
47 Hockley, Frederick George  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I918 Main Tree 
48 Hockley, Frederick George  2 Apr 1911Bagshot, Surrey, England I918 Main Tree 
49 Hockley, Thomas  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I377 Main Tree 
50 Hockley, Thomas  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I377 Main Tree 
51 Hockley, Thomas  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I377 Main Tree 
52 Hockley, William  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I919 Main Tree