Merging Duplicate People Records

We’ve all done it.  And it happens more often than you’d imagine – to the point where there’s a special function to fix it – TNG Admin > People > Merge.  Here’s how it works

Step 1

Go to TNG Admin > People > Merge

  1. Select the Merge Tab
  2. Check you have the correct tree selected
  3. Enter the ID of the first merge candidate.
  4. If you don’t know the ID, press the search icon to search for them by name.
  5. Enter (or search for) the ID of the second merge candidate
  6. Double check the IDs to make sure they are correct, then press the Compare/Refresh button.

Step 2

  1. The merge process will take data from the right-hand record and use it to overwrite the fields in the left-hand record, but only those fields that are selected by checking the boxes.
  2. The Parents box is pre-checked by the app because it can safely assume that parental relationships can be copied.  If parents of those parents exist, the merged record will inherit them. Likewise with children.

Step 3

The next task is to decide what additional information we want to carry over, and check the boxes.

  1. In this case a careful examination of the data shows that there is only one field that needs to be merged, the address, which is more complete in the second record than in the first.
  2. We have the option to delete the data in the left-hand record if it’s incorrect, but we don’t need to because it’s better than we have in the right-hand record.

Step 4

Check, check and check AGAIN

Merging records is an action that cannot be undone / reversed.  If you change your mind after you merge records the only way to fix it is manually.

Remember, the data from the checked fields in the right-hand record are merged onto the same fields in the left-hand record.











  1. When you have checked the data, press the Merge button and accept the confirmation prompt

The records are merged and a confirmation screen shows the result.  The other ID is deleted.

And that, as they say, is all there is to it!

Paul Barrett

20 Jan 2018




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