Notes & To Dos


A menu item has been renamed and a new option added to it:

The renamed menu item is Research, and has two sub-menu items.

  1. Family Research Sites is the old top menu item that has been moved down a level.  The content is unchanged.
  2. The new item is …

… Notes & To Dos

This app provides you with a place where you can store all research notes and create To Do lists for yourself.  Notes can be private or shared, but tasks are, at the time of writing, private and unshareable.

Confused by too many options?  You might be.  How will this trio of options work?

Notes on TNG Records

These are the first of two types of public content that will be seen by anyone who accesses our tree from the web. (All records are available to search engines).  They are entered in many places in TNG – they can be observations about any aspect of a person’s life.  These comments, taken from one or more people, might be gathered together to create an article.

Some comments are prefixed with ** to make them stand out because they are items that need more investigation when we have time.

Articles in WordPress

These are the second type of public content,  WordPress content is highly visible through web search engines which makes it a great place to publish research outcomes or pleas for help.  A WordPress article may be started by gathering notes from one or more TNG records, or may be a standalone piece of work.

When you create an article you should consider three things that help create a complete body of work:

  1.  If you refer to someone who is in the tree, make sure the first time you use their name you create a hyperlink to their tree record.
  2. Would paragraphs from the article make useful notes on the tree records (people, families, places)?
  3. Is it appropriate to create a hyperlink to the complete article from the tree? (It osten is)

Notes in Note Station

These are private notes, accessible only to users with logins.

This makes them ideal for creating your own notes, a scratchpad area, to-do lists etc.  You might eventually use some of these to create notes in the tree, or as the basis for an article.

You can share your notes with other users so that we can collaborate on an issue.

You will probably access Note Station from the menu link on the web site but you have the option to use PC, Android and iOS apps so that you can have a local copy offline that synchronises with the web site

Selecting the menu option will automatically take you to the site where you will presented with a login screen:

Figure 1

Your login name is your first name (unless advised differently) and your password will be sent to you separately.  If you are on a private computer it is recommended you check the box shown at (A) to avoid repetitive login.

Refer to the following sections for a brief introduction to the functionality.

Fig 1 Default Screen


Fig 2 To Dos / Tasks


Fig 3 Entering a New Task


Fig 4 Task Created


Fig 5 Extras Added
Fig 6 Notes


Fig 7 Enter Text


Fig 8 Add a To Do for a Reminder (Optional)


Fig 9 Sharing (Optional)


Fig 10 Sharing – Choose Group


Fig 11 Define what other users can do


Fig 12 Confirm


Fig 13 Viewing a Shared Note


Fig 14 Viewing continued
Fig 15 Deletion
Fig 16 Further Help
Fig 17 Note Station Apps

Apps for iOS and Android can be obtained from the relevant app stores.




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