Update for Henry Barrett who married Elizabeth Alder

This post is outdated and is replaced by Henry Barrett b 1854 and Elizabeth Alder b 1850, and Henry’s Ancestors

There is a possibility that Henry is related to us but it cannot be proven absolutely.

Henry was baptised 7th November 1854 at Tubney

His Father is:

Stephen baptised 15 July 1810. Can’t find plausible marriage date for Stephen.

Stephen’s father is:( Mother is Sarah.)

Jonathan baptised 12 June 1779. Possibly married Sarah Withers 1801 in Kent.

Jonathan’s father is either:

Samuel baptised 27Jan 1754 at Hinton Waldrist (next door to Longworth)


Samuel baptised 15 March 1747 at Sunningwell about 5 miles east of Longworth

Samuel 2 is the son of a Charles no mothers name given and can’t find any other information.

The first Samuel born at Hinton Waldrist is the son of John and Rachel but can’t find a marriage.

Searching for possible birth dates for John, within the usual parameters, found;

John Barrett baptised 8 October 1727 at Greenham parents William and Mary


John Barrett baptised 14 November 1731 at Longworth and he is the son of Thomas and Mary Barrett from whom we are descended!!!

It would be so easy to think this is a definite link but I am thinking there are a few uncertainties along the way. Perhaps if it goes on TNG someone may have some information.

What do you think?

Sheila Wheatley 5 September 2017





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  1. Paul Barrett says:

    I agree that putting it on TNG would be a good way to start. We can annotate all the records to say there is doubt.

    I also think it would be a good idea to collapse the three articles you have done so far into a single post because I find myself jumping back and forth between them and getting tangled up. What do you think to that idea?

  2. Yes by all means collapse all 3 articles into one it makes sense.

  3. SheilaWheatley says:

    Ahhhgggg! Our John Barrett born 1731 CANNOT be the father of Samuel because he would have been only 16 when he was born ! I did not do my sums! So unless we can come to Henry in a round about way with a link to our family through the John Barrett born 1727, then Henry is not linked to us. Leave it with me.

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