Clara Richings b. Abt 1857- Married or Not?

Clara Richings was born in About 1857 in Longworth, Berkshire (now Oxfordshire), England.  Her parents were Alfred Richings and Millicent Legg and she was one of eleven children.Our ProblemAccording to all the research that we have carried so far, Clara never married.She appears on the 1871 and 1881 England Censuses as a single woman.  Then, on the 1911 Census something strange happens. - her status changes, to Widow.   There she is, on the second row. written in a different hand and with a very different pen.  It's almost as if the older woman, the Head of the Household, completed her details and then gave it to the younger woman with a weary word, "Go on my dear, you complete the rest of it, my eyes aren't up to it in this light."  And, as if to confirm that idea, the address is completed by Clara (we suppose) although the signature appears to be Mary Marsh's.So what happened?  Did Clara simply make a mistake…


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