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Harry Barrett - Mystery Man

Harry was born 08 Oct 1870 in Longworth, Berkshire, England, the 12th child of Ferberd Barrett and Ellen Richings.

He was married to Mary Ann Chandler on 17 Nov 1894 in Arborfield Church. They had six children before, sometime after 1911 Census he seems to have deserted them.

There is a rare sighting of him in Harefield some years later and the spoken family story is he went to Canada. It's fairly certain that my Father's generation new the truth about what happened but would not reveal it, and they are all gone now.

We would love to know what happened to him, for the record.

For a fuller explanation of what we know, please see the extensive note on his individual record, written by Sheila Wheatley (Barrett)

Paul Barrett 30 Aug 2017
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