#   Report Name   Description 
1. Events  
2. Fill in missing place levels This report is for admins only. It parses the Places data table and looks for a level of 0 (= level not set) and replaces it with a value based on the format of the address 
3. Future Dates This report looks for dates that occur in the future 
4. Living Flag is set All people who have the Living Flag set to yes 
5. Marriage Event  
6. Media Linked to a Person but not an Event With the exception of entries in the People category, this report should be empty because all media is normally associated with a specific event. Photos of people are the exception. They can be present just as a link on the person's record 
7. Military Events attached to a Person  
8. Occupations A report of all occupations entered against people 
9. Places in order of ID  

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