Print and use this checklist to ensure you have covered everything.  For How To’s, click here.

Stage 1: Preparation

  • Create the Image file
  • Find the TNG Record for the Family Head
  • Compare the Census and TNG records
    • Identify and add new people
    • Identify and add new Spouse
    • Identify and add new children
  • Lookout for multiple families on the same Census Record
  • Lookout for grandchildren and add them to the appropriate parent
  • Lookout for children born to a mother older than 50.  Grandchild masquerading as a child?
  • Compile an ID List for visiting or resident relatives, aunts uncles, nieces nephews, elderly parents  for use later in the process
  • Who’s missing?
    • Children who have married and moved out
    • Children who have died?
    • Create ** Notes for future research jobs
  • Add Citations to new people
  • Validate addresses

Stage 2: Entering the Census Record

  • Add a new “Other Event” > Census to the lead person
  • Add a date to the Census Event using the valid dates formats only
  • Add an address to the Census Event
    • (House Name,) Street Number and Name, Village/Town/City, County, Country
    • No abbreviations
    • No Post Codes
    • Commas to separate address sections
  • Add Census Record Citation
  • Add and Link Media Item (Image file)
    • Collection – Censuses
    • Add image from computer
    • Create thumbnail from original
    • Title = 
    • Select Tree
    • Press Save and Continue
    • Edit Person Link
      • Choose Census Event you created earlier
      • Save
  • Reload lead person’s record and verify it is correct
    • Census Event appears
    • Thumbnail image is visible
    • If Globe icon appears by address click it to resolve address issue
    • If no globe click green arrow to validate address (see detailed instructions)
  • Clone Census Record to other People
    • Edit Event
    • In Duplicate for: field. add ID number of family members present, separated by commas (no spaces)
    • Double check list
    • Save
  • Add Occupation Events
    • Select Name
    • Add Other Event > Occupation
    • Add valid date
    • Add valid place
    • Save
    • Add Occupation Citation (Copy Last)
    • Enter Occupation in Detail field
    • Duplicate to other people with occupations
    • Switch to other people and edit occupation

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