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1 1193 - "Spencer" was Susan's first married name.
She was born Susan Randal. Her father's name is given on her marriage certificate to William Starr Finken. 
Spencer, Susan (I1558)
2 764 - "Stephen Barrett is the father-in-law of Elizabeth Alder, who is the cousin of Ferberd Barrett, who is the 2 x great grandfather of Sheila (I130), Paul (I947) and Christine (I571) Barrett."
If the relationship of Stephen's son Henry was obscure, adding a generation just makes it more so. Nevertheless, the search for a shared ancestor has to follow this route and Henry's relationship to his father and mother was easy to establish through Census records and marriage certificates, Unfortunately establishing Stephen's parentage was not so easy. His mother we reasonably sure of but the records do not precisely identify his father, who could be either of Richard b1785 (i1707) or Richard b1778 (i1708).

Clearly it would be good to identify the correct Richard but in one respect it makes no difference because their fathers are bothers, their grandfather is shared, so the line back to a potential common ancestor converges again after two generations. 
Barrett, Stephen (I1692)
3 756 - ** Charles Craxton appears on the 1841Census living with what I have assumed to be his brother Daniel. I could be wrong. But also living with Daniel is HIS mother Mary Smith so i extended my assumption a little more and decided that Mary and her son Charles came to live with Daniel on the death of her husband William. More research is needed. Craxton, Charles (I1703)
4 659 - ** A very grand name for someone who, it has to be admitted, is a labourer. Restall is his mother's maiden name. Must research this some more because it's intriguing. Plus, both his parents were born in Surrey and (if the sources are correct) married in Massachusetts, USA, and then returned to Surrey. Hammond, Joseph John Poulter Restal (I1258)
5 722 - ** According to the 1911 Census they had a total of 9 children, 7 of whom were still alive at that time. If we can find their correct Marriage Date we should be able to infer some possible dates, although Chandler is a common name. The 1911 Census was the first to capture this level of detail and, judging by their ages, it's likely that the infant deaths occurred before the 1901 Census. Family F349
6 86 - ** Albert John Barrett 5:9 Thought he would be a “piece of cake” to write about as according to Dad’s information, he married a Martha and had only one son Richard who died in infancy.

There is more to him than that.
Birth reference @ Abingdon v 2c p 136 4th quarter 1843
Marriage reference 1 @ Abingdon v 2c p 573 3rd quarter 1865
Marriage reference 2 @Headington v 3a p 777 1st quarter 1880
Death reference @Abingdon v 2c p 206 3rd quarter 1899
1851 census finds him age 7 and living with parents, John & Harriet.
1871 census finds him age 27, living with wife Martha and son Thomas born 1867 and Albert born 1871 Richard was born in 1872 and died in 1872 Birth reference @ Abingdon v 2c p 282 3rd quarter 1872 Death reference @ Abingdon v 2c p 163 4th quarter 1872
1881 census is even more interesting. It would seem that Martha has died and Albert has married again to one Ann Dyer. There are 2 step – children. There is also a Lily Barrett born 1869 but I cannot find any birth record searching between 1867 and 1878. There is another daughter Martha Barrett born 1875. Death reference for first wife Martha @ Abingdon v 2c p 199 4th quarter 1878 which makes her about 35 and this matches Dad’s information.

Albert’s second marriage was to an Ann Dyer @ Headington v 3a p 777 1st quarter 1880. This cross references with a search for a marriage of one Ann Dyer. Ann had 2 children of her own by previous marriage, George and Elizabeth. 1891 census shows Albert as a Carpenter and Innkeeper at--- wait for it— “The Dog House” North Street, Marcham. Looks as though Albert had more children with Ann, Florence b 1883, Marie b 1885, Harry b1888 and Dorothy b 1890. Albert died in 1899 and here the trail goes cold because, at this stage, cannot find anything on the 1901 census about the rest of his family. Continue research with 1911 census. (He's not there either - Paul)

(Paul) So who is Annie Calcutt? The tree has Florence, Marie and Harry has her children, not Ann Dyer's 
Barrett, Albert John (I764)
7 606 - ** Anne, the mother, isn't on the 1861 census. It's possible she died during or soon after the birth of their youngest, Louisa in Abt 1859, who appears to have been born when Anne was 47! And the 1871 census confirms that James is a widower. Alder, Charles (I1462)
8 606 - ** Anne, the mother, isn't on the 1861 census. It's possible she died during or soon after the birth of their youngest, Louisa in Abt 1859, who appears to have been born when Anne was 47! And the 1871 census confirms that James is a widower. Alder, James (I837)
9 608 - ** Appears on the 1861 census. Not previously known. Age indistinct. Can't find any trace of a birth or baptism.
Paul Barrett
08 Apr 2018 
Hammond, Reuben (I1478)
10 1115 - ** As Richard's first child was born in 1656, it was estimated that he would have been born about 1630.
Having searched through all the Berkshire parish records and on line, nothing came up for this time.
After a while, a broader search was done on line and a Richard was found born in Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire in 1621.
A map was consulted to see if there was any feasibility that he could have moved from Cuddesdon to Sutton Courtney where the children were born. The distance was only 8 miles which is viable.
This means that he would have been 35 when his first child was born and 48 with the youngest, which means his wife would have had to have been about 8 - 10 years younger. Not a problem, we've had that before in the family history.
HE WOULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT 20 IN 1640, so that may well have delayed a marriage and children.
Can't find a marriage or death date for Richard and could only find a death date for Elizabeth.
His son, John born 1661, is the link to further generations of our Barrett family.  
Barrett, Richard (I1157)
11 702 - ** As she was a widow, it is not unexpected that she may have remarried. But who is the mystery man? More research needed Family F429
12 719 - ** By the 1911 Census they had had a total of 12 children of which 9 were still living (the 9 on the Census) and 3 had died. Some of them may have predated the 1901 Census which did not capture this level of detail. We can probably infer possible birth years from the gaps between the other children and, with a name like Fincken, tracking them down should not be too difficult. Family F138
13 1119 - ** CANNOT find a record of his christening anywhere!

According to census information he was born in 1816 at Longworth.
Could this mean he was not the child of William and Dorothy.
It could mean the parish records were incomplete or damaged.

for his marriage, there is a typo in the records as he is recorded as Albert.
No online searches reveal any christening dates for either name, nor do the parish records. 
Richings, Alfred (I421)
14 683 - ** Donald is given on the 1901 Census as James and Isabella's grandson. A search of the Birth Index confirms the birth of a Donald David Dance in Q1 1900 but gives no information on the mother's name so it is not possible to determine to which of their daughters he belongs. Need to do some research around Censuses in name of Dance, and possible marriage entries. Dance, Donald David (I1622)
15 128 - ** Ferberd Barrett born 1876 6:27 6th child of Ferberd & Ellen and the second person to have the unusual name. He was born on 17th November 1876 @ Longworth.

Found on 1881 census age 4 with parents at 50 Churches Cottages Longworth. On the 1891 census he is age 14, and the family are now living at 87 Main Street Fyfield, two doors away from James Barrett the postmaster, uncle to Ferberd junior and brother to Ferberd senior. The 1901 census found him age 24 with wife Mary age 26 living at Kingston Bagpuize. Ferberd is a domestic gardener. There are no children listed at this time.

[Edit - Paul Barrett 30 Aug 2017: The address given for them on the 1901Cenus is strange. It clearly says "Church St John Baptist" and I am not sure what that means]

Searched for a marriage reference. He married Mary Thatcher on 14th August 1900. Mary’s father was a market gardener. (Bertha is a witness at this wedding. She must be about 16.)

Searched for a death reference and found he died on 10th February 1943 @ Penrhyn Castle, near Colwyn Bay. He was 66 and had been a groom at the castle and he died from myocardial degeneration. Present at his death was one Gladys Bale, daughter, also living at castle.

Gladys was born in November 1901. Found a marriage certificate but it states her father was Richard. Will investigate further in next generation. Need to wait for 1911 census for more information especially with regard to any children. 1911 census reveals Ferberd and Mary still living in Abingdon area. Ferberd is a Domestic Gardener. Shows 2 children, Gladys May age 9,born 1902 and Hilda Evelyn born 1910. 
Barrett, Ferberd (I1037)
16 717 - ** Florence b. 1904 does not appear on the 1911 Census. Is her presence a mistake or did she die in infancy or at birth? Need to check the death registers Craxton, Florence Carrie (I505)
17 1114 - ** Found John Barrett born at Cuddesdon 1584 and a marriage in 1607.
This would make him 32 at time of Susannah's birth and 36 at Richard's birth.

CAUSE FOR CONCERN that in this scenario, there is a 10 year gap before children arrive.
A wild search for children born or died to this couple from 1607 through to 1617 produced nothing.

The other strong possibility is that John, father of Richard, was born and married elsewhere and then moved to Cuddesdon. There are too many John Barrett's to make a distinction.

Unfortunately, the early baptism records do not record the mother's name. At least that might have given a clue.  
Barrett, John (I1993)
18 9 - ** Gertrude Emma Barrett born 1868 6:23 Second child of Ferberd & Ellen. Birth certificate confirms she was born on 2nd September 1868 in Fyfield.

On 1871 census age 2 and 1881 census age 12 with parents.

Married Walter Costar on 23rd December 1888.

The 1891 census shows Walter age 24 and a Game-keeper and Gertrude with 2 children, Lizzie age 1 and Christopher age 8 months, living at Denman’s Farm, Chawley, Cumnor,Berkshire.

The 1901 census finds Gertrude with parents in Tubney, age 32. So, where is Walter? He is at 5 Station Road, Stratfield Mortimer, and is a coachman and hotel groom. Children: Lizzie age 11 Christopher age 10 Gertrude age 9 Walter Henry age 6 Frederick age 5 Annie age 3 Sydney age 1 Also there is, Ellen Sister in law age 22 and described as housemaid.

Why is Gertrude with parents and Ellen with Walter and children? A thought for investigation, which surrounds a letter from one Nellie Costar to great grandfather Harry’s wife Annie (Mary Anne Chandler).Because the author of the letter is one Nellie Costar, I had assumed initially that it was written by Gertrude as her married name was Costar. However, Gertrude’s middle name was Emma and Nellie is usually a nick name for Ellen. What if Gertrude died and Ellen married Walter afterwards? The letter is thought to have been written between 1939 and 1943, as the author had omitted the year from the letter.

Found a death reference for Gertrude age 62 @ Bradfield 2c page 351a 3rd quarter 1930. Then found a marriage reference for Walter for the 4th quarter of 1930 which cross references with one for an Ellen Barrett. (Did Walter and Gertrude separate and could have Ellen and Walter have lived together for some time before their marriage?

The 1911 census could be quite interesting!)

Death reference found for Walter@ Bingham 7b page 407 3rd quarter 1938. May need to check if all children listed above are Gertrude’s or whether some could be Ellen’s

Gertrude's death certificate is quite revealing. She is described as Gertrude Emma Costar Rockall wife of Frank Thomas Rockall, a domestic gardener. But there is a registrar's note in column 9 basically stating that Walter Costar produced a Statutory Declaration that she was his widow and not Frank Rockall's.

Gertrude died on 23 September 1930 at Newtown Pangbourne. Walter promptly married Ellen on 18th October 1930!

Further Information January 2009 The 1911 census is now available in part. Found Gertrude on 1911 census age 42 as a boarder and assistant at The Star Inn, 39 St. Clements, Oxford. The publican is one Phillip Webb and his wife is Martha.

There is an earlier connection with the Webbs’ with John Barrett (4: 10).His second wife was a Webb. There is a Phillip Webb living with them in 1851. He was 16 in 1851 so born around 1835.On 1911 census that Phillip is 76, - 1835 plus 76 equals 1911. Most likely to be one in the same person. Gertrude is at the inn by herself without family, so where are her husband Walter and children, Lizzie, Christopher, Gertrude, Walter Henry, Frederick, Annie and Sydney?

Search for Husband Walter* on 1911 census finds nothing but it is known that he is alive until 1938. Also not found on this census are Christopher, Gertrude, Walter Henry and Sydney*. It is probable that this census is not yet complete, so they may be found later.

*Update 12 Mar 2018: Walter Costar has now been found on the 1911 census. He is at Worksop, Nottinghamshire with son Sidney age 10 and adopted son Fitzroy Harold Smith age 4.

I find this interesting as FH Smith reported Ellen's death and he is on her death certificate as her adopted son.

What if, for appearances sake, for the 1911 census, Ellen went back to her father's for a couple of days. She was certainly in Worksop at the time of her death.

The death references were checked between the censuses and nothing was found for any of these children. Lizzie was found age 21 as a housemaid in Southport Lancashire. Annie was found age 13 as domestic servant in Wortley near Sheffield. Frederick was found as a servant at St. Cuthbert’s College, Worksop. Possible marriage references have been found for all children except Christopher and Walter Henry.

Details to following the next generation line. There is nothing to indicate that Gertrude (senior) has met Frank Rockall yet, according to the 1911 census he is residing in Islington. It might appear on the surface that Walter and Gertrude have split, although Walter may be away looking for work, but it would appear that the rest of the children may be with him as none of them can be found on census. Oh, for the 1921 census!!!!

Sheila Wheatley 
Barrett, Gertrude Emma (I143)
19 673 - ** I always get suspicious when I see children born to older mothers. In this case Elizabeth would have been 46 which is not impossible but begins to ring alarm bells.

Extra factors that make me suspicious are:
a) the big gap (7 years) between the birth of Percy in 1885 and her previous child, Louise, in 1878, when previous children had arrived at 1 - 2 year intervals.
b) that she has a couple of daughters (Sarah and Mabel) of child bearing age.

Is Percy in fact her grandson? 
Family F102
20 710 - ** I found something a little odd when I was looking at the the Allpress family.

This family tree in TNG was created by taking a GEDCOM export from using Family Tree Maker (FTM) as a gateway, the idea being that this approach would bring over all the media records attached to their owners.

That didn't work properly and by the time we realised, too much editing had been done to the records to allow us to do a fresh GEDCOM import from FTM. So we had to embark on an exercise to reconnect all the media items.

During the course of processing the 1911 UK Census returns to reconnect them, I came to a return for the Allpress family. The strange thing was that while we had records in our tree for three of the children (Nellie, Herbert F and John H) they were not linked to any other person on the tree. They were not part of a family. Their father, Herbert Senior was not present on our tree and we had no maternal link either. They were floating members. This must have been bad data sent over by Ancestry via FTM.

A quick search for Ellen with a birth date based on the Census return brought up Ellen Harris I1483 who I had added recently as part of the reconnection process (I found a lot of people on Census Returns who were our relatives but were not already on the tree).

Ellen was the correct age, her place of birth matched and her previous occupation as as school teacher tallied with the 1911 Census form.

So, I added Herbert Senior as her spouse and joined the floating children to the family, creating a new record for the previously unknown Alice Maud

At some stage we will need to do a search of the Marriage Indexes to see if we can validate the marriage, and obtain a date.
21 703 - ** I have used our William Clarke as the person listed in the 1911 Census for Susan Bertha Hockley because his age and place of birth fit. But I have some doubts. In the 1901 Census he is Weymouth, Dorset, England. He comes back to Bagshot in his retirement to lodge with Susan, but in 1918 he dies, back in Weymouth. That doesn't sit well.

Then there's the matter of his occupation. During his working life he has been classed as a labourer, but in 1911 he is an Army Pensioner?

Need to do some more research 
Clarke, William (I982)
22 670 - ** In the 1891 Census, Walter is given as a Widower. However, we have 5 children listed for him with birth dates ranging from 1893 to 1900 so we need to find the name of his second wife. We also need to validate the true parentage of the children born prior to the 1881 Census.

Haven't been able to find a death index entry for Isabella, nor a second marriage for Walter, yet. 21 Aug 2017

Update (26 Aug 2017):
Well, if it was mysterious that a Widower with no further marriage was able to produce more children after he was widowed, the mystery is solved in the 1901 Census in which his "dead" wife reappears. So now the mystery is, why was he given as "Widower" in the 1891 Census? Did Isabella leave him, only to return?

Update (28 Aug 2017)
Whatever the issue was, it seems to have been resolved because Isabella is still present on the 1911 Census as his wife. 
Scott, Walter (I694)
23 725 - ** In the 1911 Census Statistics (the first time they had been taken), Charles and Jane stated that they had had 5 children, for of whom were still living at that time and 1 that had died. We only have two recorded. With a name like Dearlove we should be able to track down the others. Family F264
24 610 - ** It might be worth looking for some Mason Guild records to see if we can verify this and add any flesh to to the story. Paul Barrett 05 Aug 2017 Richings, Alfred (I421)
25 691 - ** It would be interesting to discover more about what Pensioner Devizes Union' means Howell, James (I1012)
26 18 - ** James August Barrett 5:4 Born 1836. Died 1909. The 4th child of John & Harriet. He seems to be a key member of the family in genealogy terms as his first 3 brothers seem to have died without issue. He is our Great- Great Uncle being an older brother of Great – Great Grandfather Ferberd, who was 10 years, his junior.

James married a Rose Weaving on 16th February 1861.

1851 census finds him at age 14 living with parents.
1861 can’t find him.
1871 He his living next door to brother Ferberd, he is a wheelwright and has 6 children.
1881 has 3 more children
1891 James is a carpenter and Postmaster, living at 85 Main St. Fyfield and Ferberd is at 87. Also living with him is one Martha Barrett age 17 and described as his niece (who’s child is she?)
1901 Finds him living at the Post Office in Fyfield village. His wife is still alive and also living with them is son Thomas age 36 a wheelwright and son Fred age 21 also a carpenter.

According to Dad’s information, James died in 1909 and a death reference has been found: @ Abingdon v 2c p 161 3rd quarter 1909 According to Dad’s information, James & Rosina had 6 children but according to census information I have found 9.

3 of the children on Dad’s list are not on mine. These are Percy, Walter and Rhoda, who supposedly died in infancy. Percy was born in 1884, Walter in 1890 and Rhoda in 1894, but this would put James & Rosina especially, into their late forties and mid fifties. Surely Rosina would be past menopause? Will investigate this when dealing with generation line 6.

Percy Walter & Rhoda are NOT children of James & Rose.(2010) 
Barrett, James Augustus (I158)
27 653 - ** Maria is present on the 1881 Census with an age that puts her birth Abt 1877-8, suspiciously close to her sister Louise who is b. Abt 1878, unless they were twins. But Louise doesn't appear on the 1881 Census.

Need to check births and deaths 
Strudwick, Maria (I72)
28 660 - ** Mary is given as Head of Household and "Widow" on the 1881 Census although, according to our records, her husband James Grant did not die until 17 Sep 1885. He died in the Uxbridge Union Workhouse. Was he already IN the workhouse in 1881? May be I will find out as i move through the rest of the 1881 Census images that I am connecting to "owners" Middleton, Mary (I664)
29 1102 - ** Need to check the birth records of David Hammond's two families. I reassigned a couple of children from family two to family one based on a comparison of their birth dates to the death date of his first wife.

But then I got to the child that was born in Apr 1868, just 6 months after the death of his first wife. Since that child must be the child of his second wife it was clearly conceived while his first wife was still alive, which then makes be doubt whether they had been together longer. Did David Hammond take up with his second wife while his first was ill, which sounds rather callous or had they parted company before that?

Was Henry Walter Hammond the child of David's second wife?

Paul Barrett
31 Mar 2018 
Family F285
30 607 - ** Need to figure out her birth name. Paul Barrett 04 Aug 2017 (Hammond), Harriet (I265)
31 612 - ** Need to find her birth family name Paul Barrett 05 Aug 2017 (Postins), Jane (I1086)
32 195 - ** Need to research the 3 female children all born 1842. Is that correct? Surviving triplets? Check baptism records. Local newspapers?

Paul Barrett
31 Jul 2017 
Bristow, Benjamin (I1274)
33 708 - ** On the 1911 Census Henry Scott is shown living with his brother John Ernest Scott (I24), who is 23 years his junior, and his family.

Henry's status as a Gentleman sounds rather grand, and just a little pompous coming from someone who has been a lace-maker for most of his working life. I have not seen any evidence of him being an employer rather than a worker.

I wonder what we can do to research this? Do his places of residence offer us any insights?

Paul Barrett
02 Sep 2017 
Scott, Henry (I1182)
34 700 - ** Previously named Hockley the 1901 Census reveals that he is in fact a Collins and therefore is a child from an earlier marriage that Emma had. Another explanation is that William is her illegitimate child. Needs more research.
Paul Barrett 30 Aug 2017 
Collins, William J (I1587)
35 694 - ** The 1901 Census shows Edward P Upton living with Henry and Sarah. A quick search of marriage records shows that a Lucy Jane Poulter married a William Upton in Q2 1883. That sounds like the right marriage. But it's 8 years before Edward Upton's birth, which is quite a long interval.

Where are Lucy and William in 1901? Are they living elsewhere with other children? Why is Edward with his grandparents? Need to do some more Census searched to find out. 
Poulter, Henry (I902)
36 701 - ** The Census form is quite clear about the address. What does it mean? Barrett, Ferberd (I1037)
37 701 - ** The Census form is quite clear about the address. What does it mean? Thatcher, Mary (I1029)
38 634 - ** The census is a little confusing at this point because Thomas Richings is listed as "Lodger - Monumental Stone Mason." It could be a different Thomas Richings, but her son, Thomas, is also a stone mason (see 1851 census) and is the right age to BE the Thomas Richings mentioned on the Census. More investigation is needed Richings, Thomas (I1195)
39 668 - ** The Census transcriber had no better idea than we of the second word used by the enumerator, and searches of old occupation names haven't helped, so far. Scott, John Ernest (I24)
40 615 - ** The Index clearly shows Rebecca was baptised 31 Oct 1852 and that her mother was Eliza. But Eliza would have been 52 when she conceived. That's highly unlikely. And there's an 11 year gap between Rebecca and her next yougest sibling. I wonder whether this is a case of a grandaughter being recorded as a daughter for propriety's sake? All of the other children's ages are between 20 and 32 so Rebecca could have been the illegitimate child of any of them (but more likely one of the two girls.)

Paul Barrett
05 Aug 2017 
Clarke, Rebecca (I1489)
41 697 - ** The transcribed occupation of Farmhouse Labourer makes little sense to me and I haven't found any reference to it elsewhere. But having looked at the image, I can make no better sense of it. Farmhouse servant would make more sense, although in 19th C England you would imagine that position being held by a woman, Needs more research.

Paul Barrett
29 Aug 2017 
Postins, Ernest (I850)
42 613 - ** There is a question over his given name. The 1861 Census was not available as a transcription so I had to work from the hand written copy which is not very legible, Need to look for birth. Paul Barrett 05 Aug 2017 Postins, Mark (I1488)
43 611 - ** There is an age discrepancy here. Main record gives 1808 but 1861 Census gives us a range of 1812-13. More research needed. In the 1871 Census he gives himself an age of 55, which would mean a birth year of 1815-16! In the 1881 Census he's given a birth date of 1812!! Chandler, George (I1276)
44 626 - ** There is something wrong with Emma's recorded parents in our tree. According to the tree her parents are John Parsons and Emma (Parsons).

But the 1852 Census which we have added to her records gives her parents as Thomas and Elizabeth.

Which is correct?

I could not find another Emma Parsons born in the same year so, at this stage, I think we have the wrong parents in our tree.

I have attached the transcription of the Census for reference 
Parsons, Emma (I782)
45 716 - ** There was another child who was 17 years old when (he?) died or was 17 years older than Dorothy? The latter would give a birth date of 1909, preceding Walter and Florence's marriage, not that that is anything unusual. Need to research this further.

I thought it might be the unnamed, 3 day old, male child on the 1911 Census but the only matching birth record I could find was for an Eric V Hackett which must be teh Eric that we already had in the family's record. 
Hackett, Walter Garcia (I645)
46 732 - ** There's an interesting story to follow up here. George and his wife Sarah are both English and we assume they married in England. But their children, and Alice Gertrude in particular, are born in Brooklyn, New York.

Alice then marries William Hackett (an Englishman) in March 1905 (we don't know where.)

Alice & William's first two children (Margery & Ronald) are born in Sydney Australia in 1907 and 1909 but on 02 Apr 1911 Alice, William and Ronald are back in England and appear on the England Census. Margery was still alive so where was she? And, is this a coincidence - the address where the Census was taken? 2 Bradder Street! Surely that's part of the story?

Their next child (Norman) is born in Sydney, Australia 10 months after the Census was taken so he must have been conceived or carried on the trip back.

What is the story? Why were they so itinerant? How did they afford all this transcontinental travelling?

Needs more research.

Paul Barrett
05 Sep 2017 
Family F351
47 603 - ** There's some doubt over this girl's name

The facsimile Census of 1851 looks like "Annette" (and not much like "Ann Alice" but the transcription gives it as "Ameth"

Need to look at birth records

Paul Barrett
01 Aug 2017 
Van, Ann Alice (I1218)
48 685 - ** There's something strange going with this man. On the 1891 Census Sidney Castleton Croft is given as the SON of John Jardine Croft and Keziah Eaves But on the 1901 Census he is given as their GRANDSON.

The 1911 Census adds nothing. By this time Keziah has died and Sidney has left home. His (grand)father is living on his own (well, with a servant) and has obviously done reasonably well because he is listed as living on his "own means" That can also be interpreted another way - he is not receiving Parish Poor Relief but as he has a servant, I think not.

The only way to be certain is to order his birth certificate and hope that his parents names are listed. Paul Barrett 28 Aug 2017 
Croft, Sidney Castleton (I1996)
49 656 - ** Theresa is missing from the 1881 Census. Has she died in the interim? Richings, Theresa (I1510)
50 604 - ** This date of birth differs to the one recorded on the 1851 census by 7 years. That's a big difference. The make up of the family looks "right" so is the DOB wrong?

Paul Barrett
01 Aug 2017 
Alder, William (I1027)
51 689 - ** This death date cannot be correct if he was present on the 1901 Census. More research needed Clarke, Charles (I1347)
52 1103 - ** This entry is suspicious. Her brother Ellis was born 1861 and baptised 5th Jan 1862. It may have been a very late baptism of course. If it wasn't then Alice can't have been born to Keziah. The evidence (Baptism Record) is stronger for Ellis than it is for Alice. And Alice and Ellis sound very similar. Has another researcher confused the names?

Paul Barrett
07 Apr 2018 
Croft, Alice (I992)
53 721 - ** This Marriage Date looks wrong. By 1901 they would have been 63 and 59 respectively. More research needed Family F349
54 183 - ** This record needs some serious research into her marriage records as she appears to have:

a) Married her first husband when she was 14

b) 9 years later married two different men on the same day!

Salem - that's where the witches came from. Maybe these facts are right and she was a witch!

Paul Barrett
06 Sep 2017 
Browning, Elizabeth (I1045)
55 100 - ** Thomas 6:2 Born 1863 2nd child of James & Rosina Birth reference found: @ Abingdon v 2c p 260 2nd quarter 1863 Dad’s information states that he died in1933 Possible death reference found: @ Wantage v 2c p 302 3rd quarter 1933 Found on 1901 census, age 36, single, a wheelwright and still living with parents. Looked for a marriage between 1901 & 1910 3 possible references found; @ Wokingham v 2c p 931 4th quarter 1906 @Headington v 3a page 2091 3rd quarter 1908 @ Wantage v 2c p 781 4th quarter 1910 If he did marry later in life, it’s probable he had no children. This could be investigated further when the 1911 census is released. Barrett, Thomas (I828)
56 631 - ** Thomas appears on the 1871 Census out of the blue. He is not on the 1861 Census. If his age is correct he would have been born when William and Jane were 14 / 15. The probability is that he was an illegitimate son but of whom? Need to investigate further Postins, Thomas (I1523)
57 758 - ** We have Arthur and James Barrett both born Abt 1877. If this data was obtained from Censuses then they could well be a year apart. Or were they twins? Family F362
58 749 - ** We seem to have relied heavily on the 1851 Census as evidence of Emma's links to us. But her parents names on the Census do not correspond with those in our tree. Parsons, Emma (I782)
59 674 - ** What on earth is an "Upper Knot Tyer?" Or is it a poor transcription? In the image of the original it certainly LOOKS like "Upper Knot Tyer." More research is needed. Craxton, Selina (I1604)
60 609 - ** Where are Frank Albert (I968) and Agnes Jane (I135)? They were born 1855 and 1857 according to the family record. Have they died? Need to research some more. Barrett, Albert (I156)
61 192 - ** William Pritchard first appears on the 1841 UK Census. Nothing is known about him other than that.  Pritchard, William (I1452)
62 1122 - **According to Marcham parish records, the parents of Mary Sawyer (b 1703) and John (b 1706) were John and Mercy Sawyer. Their marriage cannot be found anywhere at present, so I am not changing the names Mary Mercy until more research is done.

Sheila May 2018 
Mercy, Mary (I1030)
63 633 - **The 1871 Census for Edward Allcock show two Grandsons, Joseph Atkinson (10) and Charles Watkins (3) but his family unit does not currently include any daughters of child bearing age who could be their mother(s). I couldn't find birth records that seemed relevant and all the ones I DID find did not record the mother's name. For convenience I have created ONE unknown Allcock daughter and applied both grandsons to her. That will have to do until I have time to research this remote branch of the family some more. Allcock, _______ (I904)
64 1158 - 2 Aug 2018
Today have found a burial entry for one Mary Barrett at Coleshill, age abt 76 which means she was born about 1734.

15 Aug 2018
After a bit more research, it is most likely that we can ignore my comment above. Have found a marriage reference, which is reasonably reliable
Barrett, Mary (I606)
65 1218 - 30 minutes after last note, now think its quite likely that Mary's surname was Harris as her father was a farmer and her husband was a husbandsman!
Sheila 6/11/2018 
Family F30
66 718 - PLATELAYER A railway employee who inspects and maintains the permanent way of a railway installation.

This is a job that is still being recruited for in 2017 
Chandler, Arthur H (I546)
67 757 - Transcriptions from New Zealand newspapers:
Fatal Accident to an Old Settler. —On Saturday last Mr. David Clark, one of the oldest settlers in this Province, was killed while falling a tree in the Wakefield bush, near the Forest Inn. The tree took an unexpected direction in its descent, and fell upon the unfortunate deceased, crushing him on the spot. Mr. Clark will be remembered as having been an important witness at the Wangapeka Enquiry, before the Hon, Mr. Domett, a short time since.
Colonist, Volume XIII, Issue 1283, 11 January 1870, Page 2

Fatal Accident. — We regret to learn that an accident has occurred at Wakefield, whereby Mr. Daniel (sic) Clark, a well known settler, has lost his life. It appears that Mr. Clark with one of his sons was engaged in cutting down a tree which, in falling, took a contrary direction to that which was expected. The unfortunate deceased .seeing that it was coming his way endeavored to escape, but was prevented from doing so by a fence, and one of the branches struck him on the back breaking his spine. Mr. Clark was one of the oldest Nelson settlers, and has for a long period of years resided in the neighborhood of Wakefield, where he was much respected.
Nelson Evening Mail, Volume V, Issue 8, 10 January 1870, Page 2 “Resident Magistrate’s Court”

Fatal Accident. — An old and much respected settler named David Clark met with his death at Wakefield, on Saturday morning last. Clark, with one of his sons, were engaged in felling a tree, which in falling took a direction contrary to what was expected and the sufferer vainly endeavoured to get out of its way, but was unable to escape. The tree struck him on his back and broke his spine. Through a misapprehension of the law, the district constable permitted the body to be buried without informing the coroner, and the body we hear will have to be exhumed in order that an inquest may be held upon it.
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, Volume XXIX, Issue 4, 12 January 1870, Page 2
Nat. Library of New Zealand- Papers Past

Clarke, David (I122)
68 1112 - A servant at the age of 11! Howell, Susanna (I578)
69 1214 - According to 1851 census Elizabeth was born in Teynham, Kent but baptism transcription has Rainham. Then the marriage was in Chatham. Teynham and Reinham are not that far apart. Godfrey, Elizabeth (I2298)
70 1203 - According to 1851 census, John Scott was born in Devon
and was a glass cutter. This was checked with his daughter, Caroline's marriage certificate which states his occupation as such.

John was either born in Stoke Damerel, Devon, Baptised 4th May 1800 the son of Simon and Mary Ann OR
Barnstable, Devon 29 January 1800 the son of William and Ann

There is no way to know which.
Scott, John (I2291)
71 1145 - According to 1861 census, Hannah and Thomas and family were living in Parsonage Village, Sparsholt, Wantage.

Thomas was a wheelwright and carpenter. 
Barrett, Hannah (I2110)
72 1166 - According to 1939 Register, Cecilia and Hedley were living at Carn Friars Farm, Scilly Islands Browne, Cecilia Blanche (I172)
73 1165 - According to 1939 Register, Gladys and Ralph were living with Charlotte at Belmont Church road, Scilly islands Browne, Gladys May (I785)
74 727 - According to all the research that we have carried so far, Clara never married.
She appears on the 1871 and 1881 England Censuses as a single woman.  Then, on the 1911 Census something strange happens. - her status changes, to Widow.
Her entry is on the second row, written in a different hand and with a very different pen.  It's almost as if the older woman, the Head of the Household, completed her details and then gave it to the younger woman with a weary word, "Go on my dear, you complete the rest of it, my eyes aren't up to it in this light."  And, as if to confirm that idea, the address is completed by Clara (we suppose) although the signature appears to be Mary Marsh's.
So what happened?  Did Clara simply make a mistake when she was entering her information?  
Update 21 May 2018:
Clara DID marry but the confusion is that she married someone with the same surname, which is why it looked odd on the 1901 and 1911 censuses that she was recorded as a widow. She did, in fact, marry her first cousin John Richings, son of Alfred's brother James.
Richings, Clara (I716)
75 1120 - According to John and Clara's marriage certificate, he was a widower. A reliable first marriage cannot be found or first wife's death date.

I don't have Headington parish Records and nothing could be found online.

Sheila 25 May 2018 
Richings, John (I2005)
76 77 - According to Muriel Hackett, Cyrus John Hackett had FIVE brothers. But we have only been able to find ONE.

(22 Aug 2017) In entering details of the 1891 Census, I noticed that while we haven't found three of the other four brothers of Cyrus JOHN Hackett, if we drop down a generation to Cyrus CHARLES Hackett, it transpired HE was ONE of FIVE brothers.

I wonder if that was what she really meant? We have seen, many times, that human memory is no guarantee of accuracy where family history is concerned. Unfortunately it is too late to ask her now, as she has died.

Paul Barrett 
Hackett, Cyrus John (I642)
77 720 - According to the 1901 Census, William and Mary had three children, Lily, William and John Fincken - siblings of our maternal grandmother, and none of them were on our family tree (until now). Sheila reminded me of them but I was too young to remember them.
Paul Barrett 09 Sep 2017 
Family F138
78 1098 - According to the Death Index she was known by her seconds name "Fanny" so I have entered that as a nickname.

Paul Barrett
25 Mar 2017 
Craxton, Charlotte Fanny (I864)
79 1144 - According to the FMP Marriage Finder, Phoebe married either a Thomas Hutchins or Jacob Marshall at Hungerford in 1843.
Unfortunately, none of them seem to be on censuses, so she cannot be linked definately to either one. 
Barrett, Phoebe (I2107)
80 1139 - According to the FMP Marriage Finder, she could have married one of 3 people in 1843 and one of 3 people in 1846. haven't been able to find out anymore by cross referencing or looking at censuses. Barrett, Anne (I2102)
81 1147 - After Ann's death in 1832, James marries again in 1833 to |Eleanor Locker or Looker and has 4 more children Family F587
82 139 - Age: 73 Carcinoma of Bronchus Kennedy, Lieutenant James (I1131)
83 8 - Agnes Jane Barrett 5:34 Born in 1857 the 4th child of Albert & Mary Anne. Birth reference: @Bicester v 3a p 531 4th quarter 1857. In 1881 she is age 23 and still living with parents. Not on 1891 census so checked for a marriage reference and found: @ Headington v 3a p1203 4th quarter 1886. By chance, when searching for her younger brother, Benjamin, she was found on the 1891 census married to a Joseph Baker and Benjamin is living with them. The marriage reference above , cross references with a search for one Joseph Baker. Joseph is a Butcher, Farmer and Publican and the address is Blacks Head Pub, the Village, Bletchington, which was at one time , also his father-in-law’s pub. Agnes and Joseph have 2 children on 1901 census ( not printed as no real difference). Catherine M age13 John age 5. They may have had other children as there is a gap of 8 years between Catherine and John but there is no evidence on censuses of other children so they may not have survived. It would be too involved to search at the present time. The 1911 census may be interesting. Barrett, Agnes Jane (I135)
84 16 - Albert Barrett 4:8 Last sibling of John and eighth child of Richard and Ann. Married Mary Ann Henwood on 2nd May 1846 at parish of St. Ebbe in Oxford. Albert was also a carpenter. On later censuses he is described as a Licensed Victualler and Carpenter and his address is Blacks Head Inn, Bletchington. Not found on 1851 census but found him on 1861 census. Living with him were: Mary Anne, his wife age 41. Phillip Edward, son, age 14. Mary Anne, daughter, age11. Frank Albert, son, age 5. Agnes Jane, daughter, age 3 William age 23 who must , I think, be his nephew. Albert was on 1871 & 1881 censuses but not on 1891. His wife Mary was not on 1881 census, so can assume she died between 1871 and 1881. Death reference for Albert; @ Bicester v 3a p 447 4th quarter 1886 Barrett, Albert (I156)
85 144 - Albert Barrett born 1859 5:41 Found on 1861 census age 1 with parents. 2 Birth references found: @ Abingdon 2c 260 3rd quarter 1859 @ Abingdon v 2c page 256 4th quarter 1859 possibly the most likely as census states he was born in 1860. On 1871 census age 11 with parents in Marcham. Not on 1881 census with mother when he would be about 21. However, found one Albert Barrett, age 21 born in Marcham Berks. He is on 1881 census, listed as an Able Seaman, serving in the Royal Navy. The ship is Flora (1) described as a Fourth Class Receiving (?) Ship, moored at (looks like) Saviours Bay, Cape of God Hope. This is most likely to be James’ son Albert as age and birthplace fit. He must have joined in early to mid teens to be an able seaman by the age of 21? He is not found on any subsequent censuses; neither can any relevant marriage or death references be found. Naval records of men dying in service are woefully inadequate for this period and nothing is available on line. In the absence of any other information, one can only suppose he was lost at sea or maybe settled abroad without returning home. Barrett, Albert (I1167)
86 3 - Albert Barrett born 1871 6:15 3rd child of Albert John & Martha. Found on 1871 census, a few weeks old and also on 1881 census with father & stepmother age 10. His mother, Martha died in 1878 and Albert remarried but Albert is not with them on the 1891 census. He would be 20 by now. Birth reference: @ Abingdon 2c p 301 1st quarter 1871, an Albert Henry, date fits. Marriage references found: @ Westminster 1a p 1098 2nd quarter 1900(an Albert Henry) Cannot find on 1891 or 1901 censuses and no obvious death reference found between 1881 and 1901. Found Albert & Minnie with son Harry on 1911 census. Albert is now a publican and they are living at the Sun Inn Benson nr Wallingford Oxon. Barrett, Albert Henry (I111)
87 2 - Albert Barrett born 1885 6:44 2nd child of Frank and Agnes. Birth reference: @ Bicester v3a p 832 1st quarter 1885 an Albert Frank. Possible marriage reference found for an Albert Frank: @ Bromsgrove v6c p 555 1st quarter 1910 Nothing else known but have checked First World War records to see if he died during the war but nothing found. Maybe need to check if he was in the forces during this time. 1911 census shows he has been married for 1year to an Edith. He is 26 and a postman. There are no children but brother Harry Glanville Barrett is living with them. Barrett, Albert F (I109)
88 152 - Alfred Barrett born 1897 6:50 The 8th child of Frank & Agnes. Birth reference found: @ Bicester v 3a p 912 3rd quarter 1987. Couldn’t find Alfred on 1911 census but believe his second name was John and there is a John of the right age living at home with parents on the 1911 census. He is 13 and still at school. Barrett, Alfred J (I1372)
89 65 - Alice Barrett born 1873 5:47 Alice is on the 1881 census with her mother age 8 and year of birth is given as 1873. Have searched 1871 to 1877 and the only reference that matches the above information is for an Alice Maria; @ Headington v 3a page 641 4th quarter 1873 There is a later reference again for Headington v 3a page 617 3rd quarter 1876 but I am surprised the registration district is not Abingdon as Marcham is so close. On the 1891 census an Alice Barrett is found age 18, born in Marcham and is a Dormitory Maid at The School House, The Park, Abingdon. She is not on the 1901 census but could be married by now. Marriage index searched between 1891 & 1901 and the following references were found: @ Abingdon v 2c page 593 3rd quarter 1898 ordered but not correct. @ Oxford v 3a page 1678 2nd quarter 1899 @ Oxford v 3a page 1831 3rd quarter 1899 for an Alice Maria * @ Abingdon v 2c page 419 1st quarter 1901** * It would be tempting to order this one as it matches the name on the birth reference found but am not wholly convinced. If “our” Alice was born in Marcham and was working in Abingdon in 1891 and her mother was still living in Marcham until her death in the last quarter of 1900, it would be reasonable to expect the marriage reference to be Abingdon. The fact that a birth reference for Abingdon couldn’t be found is not entirely unusual as there are a few people whose birth references cannot be found. Will order the latter reference. As it happened, this reference was correct. The certificate shows that Alice married George Lewis Castle, a publican, on 5th January 1901 at St Michael’s Church, Abingdon. George is manager of The Castle, Queen Street. His father is Samuel, also a publican. Alice’s address is given as 170 (? 770) Ock street and her father is James. Her age is given as 28, which means she was born in 1873. For further research with the 1911 census. Barrett, Alice (I555)
90 156 - Ann Barrett born 1850 5:36 The first child of James (4:9) and Elizabeth Barrett. Birth reference found @ Abingdon v V1 page 127 3rd quarter 1850. She is on 1851 and 1861 censuses with parents, living at Church Street, Marcham. She is not on 1871 census with parents, so looked for a marriage reference and found one @ Abingdon v 2c page 477 3rd quarter 1870. The certificate shows she married one William Richard Badcock (Badock on marriage certificate but all other references are Badcock). William was 7 years older and a Butcher by trade. Found the couple on the 1871 census, living at Broad Street, St. Helen’s, Abingdon. The 1881 census is a bit of a shock as Ann is a widow and occupation is a Butcher. A death reference for William was found @ Abingdon v 2c page 203 1st quarter 1881, age 37. The census also reveals there are 4 children; the youngest being born about the same time his father died and is named after him. Children: John born 1872 James born 1875 Kate born 1880 William Richard born 1881 It is possible there may have been other children born between 1875 and 1880. 1891 census finds Ann now a charwoman, still with the surname Badcock. Kate and William are still at home but there is an edition. There is a child age 6 called Ellen described as a daughter. Felt she must be a niece but cannot find any evidence of this in a quick research of William’s brothers. Birth reference for Ellen: @ Abingdon v 2c page 293 3rd quarter 1884 1901 census shows Ann age 50. Kate is still at home and another child described as a son, Tom age 7. Again the same search was done to see if he could be a nephew, but nothing revealed. Birth reference for Tom: @ Abingdon v 2c page 292 3rd quarter 1893 Will investigate all the children in the next generation line. Barrett, Ann (I1377)
91 153 - Annie 6:7 Born 1875 Found on 1881 census age six at home with parents. Birth reference found: @ Abingdon v 2c page 282 4th quarter 1875 In 1891 she is age 17 and described as a shop keeper, living at home with parents. Looked for a marriage between 1891 and 1901 and found the following reference: @ Abingdon v 2c p 607 3rd quarter 1898. Now, going back to James (6:5), I found him on 1901 census living with Herbert T Crabtree and wife Annie. The above mentioned marriage reference was then cross referenced to Herbert T Crabtree and it matched. We can be certain then, that Annie Barrett married Herbert Crabtree in 1898. According to the 1901 census, they had one son at this time Herbert B Crabtree age 1 year. Wait for 1911 census for further investigation. Barrett, Annie (I1373)
92 107 - Annie Barrett born 1866 6:22 The first child of great- great grandfather Ferberd Barrett (5:29) and wife Ellen formerly Richings. A surprise finding her on the 1871 census age 4, as all previous information led us to believe Gertrude was the eldest. Obviously past research didn’t include looking at the 1871 census. This was most probably an omission on my part when trying to examine and combine both Dad’s and his cousin Jessica’s research. Jessica had research undertaken by the secretary of Longworth Parochial Council in the 1980’s but even this research was inaccurate to a degree. Birth reference for Annie: @ Abingdon 2c page 268 4th quarter 1866 Not on 1881 census when she would be about 14. Death reference found: @ Faringdon 2c page 202 1st quarter 1879 Barrett, Annie (I929)
93 52 - Annie Barrett born 1883 6:30 9th child of Ferberd & Ellen born 19th March1883. She was the second child they had named “Annie”, the first having died in 1879. Found on 1891 census age 8 with parents. Cannot find her at all on 1901 census. Found a marriage reference and Annie married Frederick Tanner on 25th December 1902 at St Lawrence Parish Church, Tubney. Frederick was a labourer and his father was a gardener. Bertha Barrett is a witness along with her father. Will have to wait for the 1911 census for further information. Found Annie & Frederick on 1911 census living at the Tidelands, Appleton, Abingdon, Berks. There is a son, Frederick George age 7 and a daughter Gwendoline age 1. Barrett, Annie (I418)
94 675 - Another George is entered on the 1891 Census, with a birth date of Abt 1880/81. It is assumed therefore that THIS George b Abt 1870 had died in the interim Enticknap, George (I1568)
95 137 - Apr Vol8 Pg876 Craxton, Thomas Charles (I1118)
96 106 - Arthur 6:8 Born 1877 Birth reference: @ Abingdon v 2c p 285 1st quarter 1877 On 1891 census age 14 living with parents at the Post Office, Fyfield. Cannot find him on 1901 census and he should now be 24. He is not living with parents. Cannot find any relevant death references between 1891 and 1901. Check for more information when the 1911 census is revealed. Barrett, Arthur (I928)
97 1096 - As yet can't find death date
02 Feb 2017

Nor me
08 Apr 2018 
Howell, Robert (I744)
98 68 - At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I572)
99 1046 - At some point Frederick changed his name from Harrowing to Herwing. His first child was registered as Herwing so it is assumed the change took place prior to that. We don't know what name he used when he was married. Harrowing, Frederick George (I978)
100 684 - At the age of 23, there is probably more to the 'occupation' of Farmer's Son than is implied by the title. Postings, Charles (I1358)
101 108 - Baptised 12th February 1837 Married to Anne? possibly between 1848 and 1851 Buried at Faringdon 4th quarter 1886 Ballard, John Gorton (I930)
102 40 - Baptised 13th October 1833 @ Kingston Bagpuize Married Elizabeth Wickham 18th September 1856 Buried 16th February 1871 @ kingston Bagpuize A blacksmith Ballard, Thomas (I329)
103 4 - Baptised 16 August 1840 @ Kingston Bagpuize Married Ann Neale 22nd December 1867 . Died in 1911 in Faringdon Ballard, Albert (I113)
104 63 - Baptised 20th August 1843. Buried @ Kingston Bagpuize 2nd October 1863. Ballard, Emma Alice (I553)
105 97 - Baptised 20th January 1830 @ Kingston Bagpuize married Martha Neale 28th December 1854 @ K.B. Buried 30th October 1870 @ K. B. A glazier. Ballard, Richard (I806)
106 117 - Baptised 21st October 1838 @ Kingston Bagpuize Cannot find any evidence of marriage as yet but a contact through Berks FHS gives her death year as 1874 Ballard, Elizabeth Victoria (I1000)
107 111 - baptised 25th June 1826 married Mary Ann Richings 25th July 1850 died 4th quarter of 1897 @ Abingdon He was an iron founder. Ballard, Benjamin (I953)
108 155 - Baptised 25th March 1832 ' Kingston Bagpuize May have married in 3rd quarter of 1854 but can't be definate. Died 4th quarter of 1855 in Wycombe Ballard, Isaac (I1375)
109 93 - Baptised 28th June 1846 Married Ann Eatwell 31st July 1871 Died 1st quarter of 1928 age 81 at Edmonton Ballard, Charles David (I794)
110 43 - Baptised 3rd August 1828 Married Jane Buggins 4th May 1852 Died December 1853 and buried @ Kingston Bagpuize Jan 1st 1854 He was a blacksmith. Ballard, William (I350)
111 48 - Baptised on June 27th 1824 @ Kingston Bagpuize. name on baptismal record is Marianne. Married Wiliam Dean on 17th October 1848. Died in 1888. not sure where yet. Ballard, Mary (I406)
112 1176 - Baptism date does not appear in the records.
FMP states her birth year as 1795 but that year seems to be missing in parish records.
Hickman, Martha (I2190)
113 181 - Based on list from NZ Soc of Genealogists placed in public domain 1988),
(Page No 16 
Source (S43)
114 690 - Based on the fact that this Census Return is registered to the Lower Street address and not to the Devizes Workhouse we can assume that Robert (and Georgina) were not workhouse inmates. It is therefore reasonable to assume that Roberts Occupation needs to gain a preposition - Shoemaker to Devizes Workhouse. Howell, Robert (I744)
115 754 - Based on the research carried out by Sheila Wheatley and Paul Barrett, the 1861 Census record is incorrect. There appears to be little doubt that Eliza Alder who is stated as being John's daughter in law is, in fact, the illegitimate child of John's wife Harriet, who bore her two years before marrying John Barrett. She is NOT the daughter of Elizabeth Winter.

Paul Barrett 08 Aug 2017 
Alder, Eliza (I459)
116 25 - Benjamin born 1799, a blacksmith by trade. His parents were William Ballard and Elizabeth formerly Chapman. William was also a blacksmith. Do not know yet how many siblings Benjamin had. Benjamin married Mary Barrett(great x 3 Aunt) on 1st September 1823 @ Fyfield. Benjamin & Mary had 11 children. Ben was baptised 20th October 1799 @ Kingston Bagpuize He died on 16th April 1852. Mary died from smallpox on 4th Jan 1855. Ballard, Benjamin (I217)
117 118 - Benjamin Richard Barrett 5: 35 Born in 1863 the last child of Albert and Mary Anne. Birth reference found: @ Bicester v 3a p 561 4th quarter 1863 1891 census shows him age 27 living with his sister Agnes and husband Joseph Baker. 1901 census he is 37 and his wife’s name is Emily. He is a wheelwright and Publican living at The Oxford Arms Inn, Bletchington. Marriage reference found: @ Headington v 3a p 1059 1st quarter 1894 There is no evidence on the 1901 census that there were any children to this couple. The 1911 census may show something. 1911 census shows family living at The Black's Head, Bletchington. Benjamin is a wheelwright and Publican. There are 2 daughters< Helen born about 1904 and marjorie born about 1907 Possible death reference @ Bicester v 3a p 1257 1st quarter 1926 Barrett, Benjamin (I1001)
118 134 - Bertha Barrett born 1884 6:31 10th child of Ferberd & Ellen born on 22nd November 1884 @ Longworth. Found on 1901 census with parents age 16.

She was a witness at brother Ferberd’s wedding on12th August 1900, at sister Kate’s wedding on 25th August 1900 and also at sister Annie’s wedding in December 1902, when her surname was still Barrett. Any other information about her is confusing and at present (August 2008) cannot be positively substantiated.

1. Her father died in 1923 and one Bertha Vera Simpson, daughter, is recorded as being present at his death. Any marriage references for a Bertha Barrett do not cross reference to the surname Simpson. Conclusions; Bertha Vera Simpson has been incorrectly recorded as daughter and may not be a relation at all, or possibly Bertha lived with a man named Simpson without being married. Also am not aware that Bertha had a second Christian name > she is just Bertha on birth certificate.

2. A chance contact through an ancestry website, Carol, who had been searching for Bertha’s brother, Harry informed me Bertha was her grandmother and married a William Harold Ashford a carpenter in the Merchant Navy on board ship when it was docked in New York. The year of marriage is not known but their eldest son Ferberd Ashford was born in 1908, also aboard ship in New York.

Their second son James and Carol’s father Barnett Pender Ashford were born in England, the latter in 1911. Bertha was supposed to have travelled on board in the early days but I cannot find any concrete proof of this on passenger lists.

If she did marry a William Ashford abroad, they don’t seem to have registered the marriage in this country. Bertha is referred to in the letter from Nellie to great granny Barrett as having her youngest son die in the war. Carol’s information states that Barnet was the youngest and he did not die in the war. All this is still under investigation and evidence is very conflicting. The first name Ferberd makes for an impressive connection but not much else is adding up.

Carol also said that when her father was 6 weeks old, Bertha put the 3 boys in a home and sent William a telegram to inform him. He came home on compassionate leave and took the boys to his mother in the Scilly isles. No one really knows why she did this, the story is that she was a singer and went off to pursue her career. It is possible that she may have had post natal depression and found it difficult to cope with a six week old baby, a one year old and a three year old and William away at sea.

Carol also says that Ferberd the eldest was present at Bertha’s death in 1950 and the death certificate confirms this but will not be added to the family tree record until it is certain that this is our Bertha. What can be done to prove any of the stories. Search for marriage references for Bertha Barrett found the following: @ Barrow S volume 7a page 215 1st quarter 1903 @ Plymouth v 5b p 589 3rd quarter 1903 @ Burnley v 8e p 430 2nd quarter 1904 @ Carlisle v 10b p 958 3rd quarter 1905 @ St. Austell v 5c page 172 or 472 1st quarter 1907 @Wycombe v 3a p 184 3rd quarter 1907 @Haslingden v 8c p26 3rd quarter 1907 @ Aston v 8d p 945 4th quarter 1911 @Luton v 3b p 1041 4th quarter 1911 With the last reference, did find a Fred Simpson @ Luton 3b p1040, But think this unlikely as references usually match exactly.

Passenger list search for Bertha Barrett or Bertha Ashford for the right age or time span found nothing. Found a William Ashford travelling in 1905 and 1906 both possibly the right age, but single. Found Ferberd Ashford and family who emigrated to USA in 1953. Visit National Maritime Museum for marriages and births on board ship. Wait for 1911 census to see if it reveals any information on Berth’s whereabouts. Bertha Additional Notes The 1911 census has been quite helpful. It appears to confirm that the information from Carol could well be accurate i.e. Bertha Barrett married William Harold Ashford and can now be added to the family tree.

he census gives Bertha’s birth place as Longworth. She is 26 and William is 25 and they have been married for 4 years. Which means their marriage took place in 1907/6. The eldest son Ferberd is 3 so born 1908/7 in New Jersey USA. The second son James is 1 year and born in Worksop. Barnet has not yet been born; he was born in the last quarter of 1911.

William is a joiner and Bertha is working on her own means. The marriage date is now more defined, so means that Bertha was travelling between 1906 and 1908. Having searched over 600 records on passenger lists to USA can’t find any convincing relevant Bertha Barrett or Ashford going out to USA. Found: 1 record for William Ashford, a carpenter, sailing on 14th April 1906 1 record for a Bertha Ashford, Wm H Ashford and Herbert Ashford returning to the UK on 30th November 1907. This could be them but it describes William as a farmer and Herbert not Ferberd [Paul: But Herbert is a common transcription error for Ferberd]. 1 record for William H Ashford travelling back to UK from Calcutta 2nd February 1917.

Have found nothing concrete to indicate William travelling out to or back from anywhere between later parts of 1911 or early 1912, when he was supposed to have been called home by Bertha. No marriage reference found for them or birth reference for Ferberd but if both these events happened in USA or aboard ship then this may account for it, neither events seem to have been registered in this country.

Had great difficulty finding a birth reference for James Ashford who was supposedly 1 year old at time of 1911 census and born in Worksop. Found: James William @ Marylebone 3rd quarter 1909 1a 469 Henry James @West Brom. 1st quarter 1910 6b 770 Douglas Graham @ Worksop 2nd quarter 1910 7b 63 Frederick B @ Worksop 3rd quarter 1910 7b 53 Did find a James Percival Barrett @ Bingham 1st quarter 1910 7b 538. Bingham ain’t that far away from Worksop! Found Barnet Ashford with no trouble 4th quarter 1911 7b 60 Still feel some things are not quite adding up.

Sheila Wheatley 
Barrett, Bertha (I1047)
119 151 - BMD Dec 1842 Leicester 15 119 Hackett, Elizabeth Iliffe (I1341)
120 12 - Born 16 April 1809 Married William Slay but don't know date. Very difficult at first to find this couple on any censues because the surname was spelt "Stay or May" !! Found Hannah on 1841 and William who was a Baker. In 1871 their address was The Vineyard, St Helen Abingdon.William, however was in a workhouse. Difficult to find after this but eventually found their death references. Hannah @ Abingdon v 2c p 177 2nd quarter 1888 William @ Headington v 3a p 444 2nd quarter 1890 They had about 8 children Barrett, Hannah (I146)
121 102 - Born 17 May 1807 Checked 1841, 1851 & 1861 censuses and nothing concrete found. Found 2 death references: @ Woodstock v XV1 p 103 2nd quarter 1838 @ Abingdon v V1 p 51 or 81 3rd quarter 1841 Not sure that the evidence is conclusive enough to order any certificates. Barrett, Thomas (I830)
122 72 - born 1811. ref 4:4

Married Harriet Alder of Tubney on 16th November 1831. They had 12 children.Dad describes John as the founder member of our branch of the family and he was a publican and carpenter at Fyfield.

Have found an entry in a Post Office Gazette of 1848 which describes Fyfield at that time. Looking under the heading "Trades", John Barrett is first on the list as the landlord of the White Hart and also a wheelwright. The White Hart is the only pub in Fyfield and it is on the main road.

Having done a "Pub search", have found some information about the pub today. It looks very picturesque. Wouldn't it be interesting to know if the landlord today was a Barrett??!!

I wonder if the pub or Brewery might have any historical records to find out about Richard (John's father ) who was also a wheelwright and publican and any of his forebears? They may also have been in the trade.

John died on 23rd July 1868 from vascular heart disease. Ellen, his daughter, was present.

John and Harriet had 12 children:)

Richard born 1832
Henry born1833
William born 1834
James Augustus born 1836
Emma born 1837
Elizabeth born 1838
Rosina born 1840
Jane born 1841
Albert John born 1843
Mary Victoria born 1845
Ferberd born 1846 (our great- great grandfather)
Ellen born 1848

Possible death reference for Harriet @ Abingdon v 2c p 157 2nd q 1868 
Barrett, John (I589)
123 126 - Born 1815. Nothing else known. Barrett, Ann (I1032)
124 87 - Born 1st quarter 1832, most likely, although baptised 29th April 1832. The first child of John and Harriet. 1851 census shows him still living at home. 1861 census shows him now married to a Sarah and he is an Innkeeper, carpenter and wheelwright at the Lamb and Hey House in Longworth. He must have married between 1851 and 1861 and a marriage reference was found @ Faringdon v 2c p 433 2nd quarter 1858 1871 census shows Richard age 39 and Sarah age 41 living at Robin Hood Inn, Rewley Road, Oxford. No chidren are evident on the census but staying with them are nephew and niece, John and Anne Ballard aged 11 and 8 respectively. But if Richard was born in1832, these are the children of his aunt Mary, so they are actually cousins. 1881 census shows Richard as a widower, living at The Globe, 7 Queen Street, Oxford St. Martin. Staying with him is another cousin, Jane Slay. He is not on the 1891 census so must have died in between. Death reference found: @ Oxford v 3a p 482 1st quarter 1882 Barrett, Richard (I765)
125 131 - Born 4th June 1818 Not on 1841 census so either married or died before. 3 marriage references found @ Woodstock v 16 p 217 1st quarter 1846 @ Witney v XV1 p 195 3rd quarter 1847 @ Newbury v V1 p 345 3rd quarter 1850 death reference @Witney v XV1 p 188 1st quarter 1838 Barrett, Jane (I1040)
126 88 - Both Edward and sister Ann were baptised the same day but could have been born in a different year Hampton, Edward (I783)
127 1163 - Burial reference is;
3rd quarter 1924 Scilly Islands, volume 5c page 254 
Browne, William Henry (I591)
128 1162 - Burial/ Death reference is:
Abingdon 1908 4th Quarter, volume 2c page 167 
Richings, Ellen (I1043)
129 1118 - By process of elimination,it would seem that John's wife Elizabeth, was baptised at Wokingham in 1739. The on line record does NOT give her birth date, so there is a possibility she was born before 1739.
With a birth date of 1739 she would have been barely 17 at marriage.
The on line marriage info for them states that Elizabeth was only in residence in the area for 4 weeks, so she must have come from outside the area.
Because of her young age could that be the reason they were married by Licence Bond? 
Barrett, John (I587)
130 662 - By the time of the 1881 Census Jane was living in her son's household (Edwin Edgewick (I1116)) and it's notable that she is listed as an "annuitant" on the Census, which means she had a private pension. Smith, Jane (I243)
131 680 - By the time of the 1901 Census Mary is the titular head of the household but Her son, Joseph, and his family are now living with her, probably permanently. Joseph is the only breadwinner so the life of grinding poverty continues. Middleton, Mary (I664)
132 1161 - Can only find one definate child for William and Mary. There are numerous references to children with the same parents names. but are too widespread to be accurate. Family F590
133 1126 - Can't find any information about Martha. Barrett, Martha (I1367)
134 1180 - Can't find reliable burial reference for William Barrett, William (I2070)
135 1127 - Can't find Thomas' marriage so Ann's surname is unknown.
it is estimated that a marriage would have taken place between 1749 and 1755. As their first child was born in 1756, the 1755 date is fairly accurate. 
Family F568
136 1167 - Cannot find a death reference.
She was not on 1939 register. 
Barrett, Annie (I418)
137 1168 - Cannot find a death reference. He didn't appear on 1939 register either. Tanner, Frederick James (I1036)
138 1205 - Cannot find a marriage date for Henry and Betsy.
Have looked under various spellings for Henry's surname.
Nothing can be found looking under" Betsy Scott" either.
If Betsy Scott is the right partner and she was born in 1816,then she was only 16 yrs old when daughter Jane was born in 1832.
DID they ever marry?
Was Susan Scott her mother? It is quite likely, but without knowing her birth name it is difficult to trace further. 
Fincken, Henry Bienworth (I1388)
139 1195 - Cannot find a marriage record for Duncan and Frances, however many years I span. Perhaps they didn't marry!
Neither can I find a birth for Frances, although have found baptism date
Sheila 19/9/2018 
Family F185
140 1219 - Cannot find a reliable burial date for Ben senior. Did find a transcription on FMP for a Ben buried in 1830 at Trowbridge. That would have made him 92 at death, not impossible but it provided doubt. Then checked the parish record CD for Trowbridge and the Ben referred to was 43 at death. It is a pity this age wasn't carried over to the transcription. It would have saved us a lot of inconvenience. Checked all the other parish CD's and found nothing.
This begs the question that maybe he died outside of Wiltshire. A few references were found for Bath, Bristol and Gloucestershire but none could show the possibility of it being "our" Ben. So best left for now
Sheila November 2018  
Howell, Benjamin (I280)
141 1190 - Cannot find any marriage reference for George and Elizabeth so can't find out Elizabeth's surname.
also, cannot find a birth reference for George. 
Simpkins, George (I2266)
142 130 - cannot find any other accurate information on her Barrett, Jane (I1040)
143 1138 - Cannot find any reliable info about marriage or death. Barrett, Charles (I2100)
144 1125 - Cannot find any reliable information regarding the marriages of John and Ann's Children except for Thomas born 1700 and Jonathan born 1705.

Sheila June 2018 
Family F91
145 1210 - Cannot find baptism McLean, Donald (I2366)
146 1211 - Cannot find Baptism Ncdugald, Anna (I2367)
147 1207 - Cannot find birth looking under possible variations of surname.
Also cannot find any other children, probably because the system doesn't recognise the surname Fincken or possible variations 
Family F655
148 1206 - Cannot find birth record, Fincken, Henry (I2351)
149 1152 - Cannot find burial date Barrett, Richard (I1157)
150 1153 - Cannot find burial date Barrett, John (I397)
151 1151 - Cannot find death/burial date Barrett, John (I1993)
152 1221 - cannot find relevant marriage date in Berkshire for this couple. There is a possibility of a marriage of a John and Anne in Surrey but as we are now in the "unknown" am going to leave it. Family F327
153 1192 - Caroline's mother's name was Sarah.

This is the most likely "Sarah" given dates and times.
But there's a possibility of inaccuracy.

Sheila 18/9/2018 
Clarke, Sarah (I2292)
154 1181 - Cause of Death: "Toxaemia and Anaemia following Haemorrhage subsequent to delivery of an hydatid mole at Oxford 9 weeks ago."

Click here for details of this condition

Barrett, Kate (I222)
155 715 - Cause of Death: Myocarditis and Cardiac Failure Hackett, Walter Garcia (I645)
156 746 - Cause of death: Senile arteriosclerosis Barrett, Ellen (I150)
157 148 - Charles Barrett born 1862 5:42 Found 2 possible birth references: @ Hungerford v 2c page 261 1st quarter 1862 @ Abingdon v 2c page 262 2nd quarter1862 The latter is the most likely as nearer to Marcham where he supposedly was born. Found him on 1871 census age 9 with parents. He was not found on the 1881 census with his mother and he would be about 19 years of age. Another search of the 1881 census revealed a Charles Barrett, born in Marcham in service with the Royal Navy as an Able Seaman just like his elder brother, Albert. He must have joined in his early teens to be an able seaman by age of 19/20. The ship he served on is a bit better known than his brother’s ship. He is on HMS Invincible, a second class armour plated ship and they are moored in Grand harbour, Valetta, Malta. As with his elder brother Albert, I couldn’t find him on subsequent censuses and wondered if he had been lost at sea but couldn’t find any death references between 1881 & 1891. Checked the 1901 census again and found a Charles Barrett and there is an outside chance that this could be him. The age is right and it gives his birthplace as Hanney, Berkshire. East and West Hanney are very close to Marcham. The other interesting point is that his first 4 children were born In Canada between 1888 and 1895, which may account for the fact that he couldn’t be found on the 1891 census. His wife Jane, was also born in Hanney, so it seems feasible that they married in that area before going to Canada. (Would he still have been in the Navy?) Their eldest child was born in1888, so looked for a marriage reference between 1884 & 1888. The following 4 references were found. @ Highworth v 6a page42 2nd quarter 1884 @ Bristol v 6a page 78 3rd quarter 1885 @ Highworth v 5a page 24 4th quarter 1885 @ Oxford v 3a page 1087 2nd quarter 1887* ordered. Marcham & Hanney are slightly nearer to Oxford. The point of ordering a marriage certificate is that it should reveal his father’s name, which should be James Barrett if the link is correct. Hope the right one has been ordered. For review after the certificate has arrived. The Oxford certificate was not the correct link, neither was the Bristol one, therefore at this stage it is not sensible to keep ordering certificates. The 1911 census is now available in part (January 2009) and he has not been found on this as yet. Will save what information has been found but there is nothing to confirm that the Charles Barrett and family found on 1901 census is a family member. For review later this year. Barrett, Charles (I1205)
158 1184 - Charles did not re marry after Kate's death.

The girls are not with him on the 1911 census but borders with Frederick Hayward and his wife in Oxford. There doesn't seem to be any family link between the Howe's and Hayward's.
Both the girls were at school. 
Family F593
159 161 - Charlotte Barrett born 1875 6:26 The 5th child of Ferberd & Ellen born on 3rd January 1875 in Fyfield. She was 6 years old on 1881 census, living at Churches Cottages, Longworth with parents. In 1888 age 13 she is a witness at sister Gertrude’s wedding. The 1891 census shows her at age 16 as a general domestic servant employed by a Mr Harry Ambler, a Land Agent and Surveyors clerk and his wife. The address is 9 Regent Street, Cowley, Oxford. In 1901at the age of 26 she is a parlour - maid to a Mrs Florence Lucas and family in Teignmouth Devon. (Mrs Lucas was born in Sidney, Australia) Shortly after the census she marries a William Henry Browne, also living in Teignmouth. William was a seaman in R.N. and according to 1901 census he was a coastguard. They married on 27th April 1901 at Belgrave Congregational Church, Tone Hill, Torquay. Had a quick look at birth indexes for possible children but impossible to know where they might be living. Will have to investigate further when 1911 census is released. Barrett, Charlotte (I1416)
160 85 - Checked to see if he was on 1841 census but nothing found. No information known other than birth date. Found him on 1851 census, most likely to be him, and he is a carpenter living with his wife Jane in Marcham.

Found him on 1861 census age 71 and a widower. Not on 1871 census so may have died in between. Following death refeences found: @ Faringdon v 2c p 147 2nd quarter 1861 @ Abingdon v 2c p 182 3rd quarter 1864 @ Abingdon v 2c p 177 3rd quarter 1866 age 77 which is about right so order this certificate first.

Not able to find him on 1841 census when he would be about 52 and therefore not found out if he had any children.

John Barrett born 1789 3:4

Further Research
When searching for links to a Henry Barrett who married an Elizabeth Alder, found one James Barrett born 1816 whose father was John Barrett, a wheelwright. This was initially put aside because of tiredness and over concentration. After a few days, it was looked at again and soon came the realisation that he could well be the John Barrett of generation line 3:4.

Had previously found him on the 1851 and 1861 censuses, but had not been able to find him on the 1841 census and have no idea why he couldn’t be found before So, on 1841 census there is: John Barrett age 50, born about 1791(only 2 years out from Dad’s information) so this had to be considered.

He has a wife, Jane, also compatible to Dad’s information. Jane was born about 1785 which is also comparable to information previously found on 1861 census. Additionally the census shows John and Jane with 2 children, James born 1816 and John born 1821. (It is quite possible that they had more children but this information is not available on-line at present so may have to visit the parish.)

This census shows that John senior is a wheelwright, James is an agricultural labourer and John junior is a blacksmith. They were living in Marcham high street. Possible death references for John senior are: @ Faringdon v 2c page 147 2nd quarter 1861 @ Abingdon v 2c page 182 3rd quarter 1864 @ Abingdon v 2c page 177 3rd quarter 1866 Will follow up on James and John junior. 
Barrett, John (I762)
161 39 - Date Unknown Guyett, Mary (I323)
162 1172 - Death reference is:
Scilly Islands 1962 volume 7a page 52

age 87 
Barrett, Charlotte (I1416)
163 1121 - Difficult to trace originally (2010)

Did not marry at Longworth or other close parishes.
Eventually found William and Hannah's marriage at Tilehurst.
The record states that they were both o.t.p. but neither were born there.
Hannah was born at Sparsholt, about 8 miles from Longworth.

Tilehurst is a fair way from Longworth and Sparsholt, but given that their first child was born 3 years before their marriage, this may have caused them to move away.
Mary is described as base born daughter of William Barrett and Hannah Wilkins.
It would seem that Hannah was also pregnant with Anne at the time of her marriage to William.

Sheila 21 May 2018 
Barrett, William (I439)
164 34 - Dorothy Barrett born 1892 6:48 Cannot find an obvious birth record. Need to check that this is not the same Dorothy as Albert John and Ann Dyer daughter. On 1901 census as daughter of Frank and Agnes, age 9. Check 1911 census. Barrett, Dorothy (I314)
165 35 - Dorothy Barrett born1890 6:21 9th child of Albert and 4th with Anne. Birth reference found: @ Abingdon 2c 266a 2nd quarter 1890. On 1891 census age 1 with parents but again not found on 1901 census. A death reference found for a Dorothy age 2: @ Abingdon 2c page 163 3rd quarter 1892 yes check this Barrett, Dorothy (I316)
166 179 - E01848)
(District 418 1977 entry 2),
Source (S41)
167 26 - Elizabeth Barrett 5:6 Born 1838, the 6th child of J & H. 1851 census shows her at home with parents age 12. 1861 cannot find her, she would be about 22/23. One marriage reference found: @ Highworth v 5a p 25 4th quarter 1860 4 death references found: @ Abingdon v 2c p 187 2nd quarter 1855 @ Abingdon v 2c p 165 3rd quarter 1856 @ Highworth v 5a p 2 4th quarter 1856 @ Abingdon v 2c p 181 4th quarter 1859 Barrett, Elizabeth (I218)
168 119 - Elizabeth Barrett born1854 5.38 First found on 1871 census age 17 at home with parents. Nothing found on susequent censuses. Nothing conclusive found in BMD records. For further investigation Barrett, Elizabeth (I1002)
169 147 - Ellen 6:3 born 1865 3rd child of J & R Birth reference found: @ Abingdon v 2c page 288 1st quarter 1865 Age 6 on the 1871 census but couldn’t find her on the 1881 census under the name Ellen. However, at the same address as Emily, as a housemaid at North Moreton Vicarage, is one Nellie Barrett age 18. This is most probably her as it gives her birthplace as Fyfield and it is quite possible the sisters would be in service together. Possible marriage reference found: @ Headington v 3a page 1404 4th quarter 1895 Barrett, Ellen (I1204)
170 112 - Ellen Barrett 5:12 Born in 1848, the last child of John & Harriet. She married George John Barnard on 9th November 1868 at the parish Church Faringdon. 1871 census shows George is a painter and George and Ellen have 2 children, Thomas age 1 and Walter a few months old. Their address is World’s End, Faringdon. 1881 census is quite surprising as Ellen age 33 is now a widow. Her youngest child is just one year, so George must have just recently died. Death reference found: @ Faringdon v 2c p 175 4th quarter 1880. Ellen is a Beerhouse Keeper and the address is Bakers Arms, Great Faringdon. There are now 7 children. 1891 couldn’t find her on the census so started searching for some of the children and came upon her quite by chance when finding Frank. This is because she had married again and her new husband was one Charles Pike. At this stage, they are living in Islington at 113p Roman Road. Charles was a prison warder and Ellen has 3 more children by him. He is 20 years older than her. Marriage reference found: @ Holborn v 1b p 981 2nd quarter 1885 and this reference checks against both names. 1901. This census shows Ellen is a widow again and living back in Faringdon. A surprise maybe, that Ellen is now a Licensed Victualler and working on her “own account”. The address is The White Hart Hotel, Great Faringdon. There are various references for a death for a Charles Pike but nothing conclusive enough but he must have died between 1891 & 1901. Have checked between 1901 and 1920 for Ellen’s death and again nothing conclusive has been found. May have to wait foe 1911 census to see if that shows if she is still alive. Barrett, Ellen (I961)
171 14 - Ellen Barrett born 1878 6:28 7th child of Ferberd & Ellen born 18th December 1878 at Longworth.

On 1881 census age 2, living at Churches Cottages, Longworth with parents and on 1891 census age 12, back in Fyfield. As already discussed when dealing with Gertrude, Ellen is on the 1901 census at the same address as Gertrude’s husband, Walter Costar and children as housemaid. (Gertrude is with parents in Tubney)

After Gertrude’s death in 1930, she marries Gertrude’s husband Walter Costar, also in 1930. Walter died in 1938( Awaiting certificates) So it would seem that Ellen (Nellie) wrote the letter to Great Granny Barrett (Harry’s wife) after all. At the time the letter was written, Ellen was living in Upper Broughton, which is a little north west of Melton Mowbray and Bingham where Bertha is supposed to have died is not that far away. The date on the letter is 22nd July but no year is given.

As previously discussed, because of the content of the letter and the fact that its recipient died in 1943, it is thought to have been written between 1939 and 1943. A death reference was found for Ellen age 79 @ Southwell v 3c page 586 1st quarter 1958. The 1911 and 1921 censuses could reveal more information about the relationships here. The 1911 census is not as revealing as hoped. Ellen is living at home in Fyfield with her father Ferberd ( ggg-grandfaher).

Walter Costar cannot be found on the new census, so will have to wait, as possibly the 1911 census is not complete and maybe the 1921 census may reveal more. Ellen’s death certificate shows she died on 20th March 1958 age 79 from senile arteriosclerosis. Her death was reported by an F. H. Smith, her adopted son of 5 Emmanuel Ave, Mapperley. Nottingham. May try to find out about him.

Sheila Wheatley 
Barrett, Ellen (I150)
172 688 - Elsie Clarke is listed on the 1901 Census as the granddaughter of Charles and Eliza Clarke.

It's not clear which of their children is the parent nor where the other parent is. I have assigned here as the illegitimate daughter of Jane Clarke on the following albeit flimsy assumptions:

1. Though the family name Clarke implies her father is one of the sons, his spouse would surely be living with them?
2. The child is born in Hanworth Middlesex, which is consistent with a daughter being sent away to complete her pregnancy away from disapproving eye of gossipy neighbours.
3. Jane is the only daughter and is not married.

There are no baptismal records to help us with the mother's name. Obtaining a birth certificate might reveal the mother's name, or not. 
Clarke, Elsie (I1636)
173 143 - Emily Barrett 6:1 Born 1861 1st child of James August Barrett & Rosina Birth reference @ Abingdon V 2c p247 3rd quarter 1861 On 1871 census living with parents age 9 1881 census finds her age 20 as a Nurse Domestic at North Moreton Vicarage. Not found on 1891 census but could have married by then. 2 marriage references found: @ Oxford v 3a p 1227 4th quarter 1883 @ Headington v 3a p 1198 2nd quarter 1890 Cannot investigate further at present. Barrett, Emily (I1166)
174 37 - Emma Barrett born 1864 5:43 Found on 1871 census age 7 with parents @ Church Street Marcham. Birth reference found: @ Abingdon v 2c page 287 1st quarter 1864 She was not found on 1881 census with her mother when she would be 17. Checked further and found her in Marlebone (Marylebone) as a housemaid to a Mr & Mrs Staniland, a costumier and milliner. Mr Staniland was born in Abingdon. She was difficult to find on the 1891 census as would probably be married by now but by chance found an Emma Barrett born in Marcham married to a John Barrett who was born in Piddington, Oxon. Checked the marriage indexes and found an Emma Barrett @ Abingdon v 2c page 605 4th quarter 1883.Then checked under the name John Barrett and the same reference came up, so the certificate was ordered. The certificate revealed that Emma, daughter of James Barrett age 20 married John Barrett, son of Thomas on 20th November 1883 at the Parish Church of Marcham. There was one interesting point on the 1891 census which was a Lillian Turner age 3 described as adopted daughter. On the 1901 census Lillian is now Lillian T Barrett age 13 and there are no other children listed. Emma is now 37 so perhaps they had no children of their own, unless they all died in infancy between the censuses. John is now an agricultural carter (of horse) on farm and they are living at Beckley in Oxfordshire which is situated slightly north of Oxford. Will wait to see what the 1911 census reveals. Still livng in Piddinton. no sign of any children Barrett, Emma (I320)
175 602 - Father's name not known

Paul Barrett
01 Aug 2017 
Hammond, Anne Ellen (I667)
176 62 - Florence Barrett born 1882 6:18 Albert’s 6th child but 1st with Anne formerly Dyer. Birth reference: @ Abingdon 2c page 293 4th quarter 1882 a Florence Jane Barrett. On 1891 census age 8 living with parents at The Dog House Marcham. Can’t find on 1901 census when she would be 18. Nothing relevant found checking deaths between 1891 and 1901. She could have married and 2 references found for a Florence Jane: @ Exeter 5b page 190 3rd quarter 1903 @ Shoreditch 1c page 132 4th quarter 1907 Barrett, Florence J (I550)
177 120 - Found on 1881 census with mother age 10. Birth reference found: @ Abingdon v 2c page 275 2nd quarter 1871 The only Mark Barrett found on the 1891 census was one Mark Arthur Barrett age 20 and lodging in Derby and born in Berkshire at a place I cannot find, Old Barnham He is next found on the 1901 census living in Hersham, Walton on Thames, Surrey. Fairly sure it is him as he was born in Marcham. He is a platelayer by trade. Marriage reference @ Cookham v 2c page 928 4th Quarter 1890 Mark married an Emma Whitbread at St Peter’s Church Knowl Hill on 3rd December 1890. Mark is described as a gardener and his father is James, a carrier and Emma’s father is John a labourer by trade. He has a wife Emma, born in Knowle Hill Berkshire which is near Wargrave There are 4 children all born in Hersham: Charles age 9 born in 1892 Ernest age 7 born in 1894 Alice age 4 born in 1897 Frederick age 3 born in1898 For further investigation with the 1911 census. They are now living in Esher, Surrey. There is another son George born about 1908. Mark is now a foreman platelayer. Barrett, Mark (I1003)
178 743 - Fracture of the neck accidentally received by being struck and thrown to the roadway by a moving van No XR.075 owned and driven by Mr William George Priest, 27 Martin Street, Crow's Nest, New South Wales. Craxton, Florence Sarah (I238)
179 113 - Frank Barrett 5:33 3rd child of Albert & Mary Anne born 1855. Birth reference found: @ Bicester v 3a p 490 or 496 3rd quarter 1855 On 1871 census age 15 living with parents. Found again on1891 census, a carpenter and wheelwright, now married, living in Bletchington with wife Agnes and 5 children He married Agnes Glanville 14th may 1883 @ Cowley in Oxford 1901 census shows him, age 45, still living in Bletchington with wife and now 8 children. Winifred age 17 a dressmakers apprentice Albert F. age 16 a telegraph messenger for GPO. Harry G. age 14 Oliver B age 13 Walter S age 11 Dorothy age 9 Margaret a age 6 Alfred J age 3 A death reference wasn’t so easy to find but based on name and age one was found: @ Chipping Norton v 3a p 1883 1st quarter 1936 Barrett, Frank Albert (I968)
180 84 - Frederick 6:9 baptised as Richard Frederick but only known as Fred(erick) on18 Aug 1879 On 1881 census as age 1 as being born in Fyfield. On 1891 census, age 11 with parents and also with parents on 1901 census, now age 21 and a carpenter. Need to follow up on 1911 census. Barrett, Frederick (I761)
181 748 - Frederick's son's marriage certificate identifies his father's occupation White, Frederick (I973)
182 27 - From Dad's (F H Barrett I1019) notes.
Richard b 1780 ref 3:1 Richard's date of birth was found but no record of his death. He was the son of John and Ann. He was a Wheelwright and Publican at Fyfield.

He was married to an Ann, maiden name unknown and no marriage date found. At this time there were no records of births, but the church kept registers of baptisms. In most cases baptisms took place no more than a few weeks after the birth, so dates given are indicative.

Richard and Ann had 8 children: Mary born 1803 married Benjamin Ballard Thomas born 1807 Hannah born 1809 married William Slay John born 1811( the founder member of our branch of the family) married Harriet Alder Emma born 1813 Ann born 1814 Jane born 1818 Albert born 1819.

If Richard was born in 1780, would he still be alive in 1837? Checked 1841 and 1851 censuses and found nothing significant. ( Found one Richard on 1851 census but he was a farmer) Could he have died between 1837 and 1841. N.B. on-line records start 3rd Quarter 1837 so he may have died before this. Found 3 death references: @Woodstock v 16 p 103 2nd quarter 1843 @ Abingdon v 6 p 93 3rd quarter 1847 * try this one @ Banbury v 16 p 14 4th quarter 1850

Found an Ann on 1841 census described as a widow, living at Buckland, which is not too far from Fyfield. Could this be Richard’s widow? She was not on subsequent censuses. @ Abingdon v 6 p 102 1st quarter 1845. * Not sure about this as Richard would definitely have to have died before 1845. Later found an Ann age 80 who died in 1866@ Abingdon v 2c p 159 4th quarter. Need to check 1861 census again. 
Barrett, Richard (I219)
183 70 - From Dad's notes. John Barrett 1720 - 1796 ref 1:2 There is doubt as to the date of his birth, but if he was supposed to be 76 when he died, it is possible he was born in 1720. If this is so he couldn't be the father of Richard b1780. Dad felt there was another generation interposed but he could find no records to establish this, so perhaps should attempt to find more information. From further information from fiches purchased from Berks FHS, it appears that he was baptised @ Longworth on 14th November 1731 and the second child of a Thomas and Mary Barrett. John married Elizabeth Burgess @ Abingdon St.Helen's Church on 5th January 1756. It would seem there was a son John born 1756 and a son William in 1762. Need to find out if there were other children. He was buried @ Fyfield on 17th July 1796

Barrett, John (I587)
184 17 - From Dad's notes. ref 2 No records available but he could be the son of either Thomas or John and then he would be the father of Richard b 1780. John married Ann but no maiden name found or date of marriage. According to Dad's notes they had 5 children: Richard b 1780 Hannah b 1784 Mary b 1787 John b 1789 William b1792 It is possible they may have had more children as there is a gap of 4 years between Richard and Hannah, 3 years between Hannah and Mary and 3 years between John and William. Could investigate further. Barrett, John (I157)
185 160 - From Dad's notes. Thomas Barrett 1718 - 1796 ref 1:1 It was not clear who he was, or if he were an older or younger brother of John. He was buried at Fyfield 24th January 1796. This burial date was found in Fyfield fiche's of Parish records. Dad says records were very poor at this time. Need to investigate if it is possible to obtain any more information. From information found on some fiches ordered from Berks FHS, it would appear that he was baptised on 18th May1729 @ Longworth. It seems he was the eldest child of Thomas and Mary Barrett,which would make him the elder brother of John. need to look for marriage and children of Thomas. June 2010 No evidence of marriage found in present fiche's. Need to widen search. found following baptisms at Longworth of children of a Thomas & Ann and dates fit if Thomas married between 1749 - 1755 4th Jan 1756 Thomas 16th Apr 1758 John 15th March1761 Elizabeth 28th Aug 1783 Mary confirmation needed. Barrett, Thomas (I1406)
186 74 - FW Clarke (family history)
Although listed as an Agricultural Labourer, James Clarke owned a large parcel of land (2.919 acres) in Potato Row, Bagshot, now College Ride.

In 1880 the land was divided into 3 lots and sold by his 4 sons to: Fredick Henry Trevithick, Civil Engineer, of Devon
J. Corbet - Innkeeper
T Hockley - Broom maker

James Clarke was born in Bagshot and may have lived in a cottage on the Poors Allotments below what is known locally a 'Clarke's Hill.' There were at least four families on the Poors Allotments in the the 18th and 19th Centuries, including the Grangers, Clarkes and Coles.

An uncle of my father (Leonard Thomas Clarke) lost an arm in the Indian Frontier Wars (?) and lived on and worked the Poors Allotments. The terracing can still be seen in the lower lands surrounding Clarke's Hill.

James, Stephen and Alfred Clarke were all listed as Agricultural Labourers, as were all the other sons, and as one had lost an arm serving in the army there may have been others in the family who also served in the army. It would have been very easy to enlist, living so close to the army camp at Aldershot.  
Clarke, James (I604)
187 103 - Fyfield, Oxford Barrett, Rosina (I831)
188 678 - George H appears on the 1891 Census as grandson of Benjamin Bristow. I have assigned him as George's son because he is listed as a Bristow and because he shares the same name which was a common practice. But this doesn't mean he necessarily WAS George's son. He could just as easily have been Elizabeth's. She was of child-bearing age and it wouldn't have been the first time that a daughter's pregnancy had been hushed up.

Paul Barrett 23 Aug 2017  
Bristow, George H (I1613)
189 1204 - Given as Bierworth in Baptism Transcription Fincken, Henry Bienworth (I1388)
190 201 - Given as Fincham in 1851 Census Fincken, Henry Bienworth (I1388)
191 24 - Harry Barrett born 1870 6:24),

This is the great grandfather of Sheila, Paul & Christine Barrett, and a mystery man. Dad started the family research to try and find out what happened to him. Harry was born on 8th October 1970 at Longworth in Berkshire and was the 3rd child of Ferberd & Ellen.

Married Mary Ann Chandler @ Arborfield parish Church on 17th November 1894,

Harry was a gardener at Arborfield Hall and Mary was in service there and the Hargreaves Family owned the hall at that time. (See picture plates)

Harry & Mary Ann had 6 children:
Ferberd Henry (grandfather) born 1895 @ Newland, Berks
Lionel Leander born 1897 @ Longworth
Alfred George born 1898 @Newland
Alice Mabel born 1899 @ Harefield Middlesex (died 1903)
Harry born 1903 @Harefield
Eric Reginald born 1908 no birth record found to date but Married in 1933 age 25.

So the family moved from Newland to Harefield between July 1898 when Alfred was born and November 1899 when Alice was born.

They could not be found on the 1901 census searching under any of their names but found them by a county and town search, although I don’t understand why they couldn’t be found by an ordinary person search.

They were living at The White House, Shepherd’s Hill Harefield. (See diagram of Harefield Mills)

When the family moved to Harefield, Harry was a market gardener. He was around in 1903 as son Harry was born that year and Alice his only daughter died that year and he was present at her death. He was obviously around until 1908, when Eric was born.

The family story is that Harry worked long periods away from home and eventually didn’t return. This made life very difficult for the family, who often had to live “off the parish”. By 1920, when grandfather married, the family were living in Iver, Bucks and then around 1930 the family had moved to Hillingdon, Middlesex.

My grandfather was supposed to have seen Harry in a train one night in Iver, so perhaps he was trying to make contact.According to Aunt Edna, Harry did write to the family, maybe via Ellen, but Grandfather Ferberd refused to allow him to come. It is not known what year this might have been. His sister Ellen used to write to his wife Mary occasionally with news of him and sent small sums of money. The last that was heard of him was between 1939 and 1943 in a letter Ellen sent to say she had heard from friends to say he’d sold his house and was in hospital. Unfortunately, Ellen did not put the year on the letter but Mary died in 1943 and Ellen talks of someone being killed in the war.

Older members of the family insist he went to Canada but having searched all available passenger lists, there is nothing conclusive to back up this theory. 1 reference for a Harry was found, the right age going to Montreal in 1930 and another for 1910 to Sydney, Australia.
To date August 2018, he cannot be found on 1920 Canadian census.
This is still being investigated. (August 2008) as have no idea where or when he died.

Found Harry on the 1911 census as a Jobbing Gardener @Neasden Golf Club. Full address The Lodge, Golf Club, Dudding Hill, Neasden. He is described as Head of Household with an Emily Sculper and 3 Sculper children. Emily is described as housekeeper. It is quite probable that they are living together as none of them are described as lodger. It was thought among the family that he had become involved with someone. This is not intended to be judgemental but is a point of interest in the lives of our ancestors.

On 1901 census Emily has a husband Walter Sculper but he is not found on the 1911 census and not in death indexes between the censuses. Emily is described as being married and not a widow on the 1911 census.

This is another piece of the puzzle as it is now known that Harry was still in England in 1911. Will this bring is nearer to knowing when he went to Canada? Carried out another passenger list search from 1911 to 1921 and then increased the search up to 1945. Found a Mr & Mrs Barrett, no first names given, date of departure 10/01/ 1914 from Liverpool to Halifax. Although there is no proof that this is him, it is the most promising information found to date. Am uncertain how to proceed to find any info’ from Canada. Will review later.
TO DATE AUGUST 2018, he cannot be found on 1920 Canadian census.
Another interesting discovery which may or may not have any relevance is that while searching for Harry I came across a Leander Barrett age 18 sailing from Liverpool to Halifax on the 1st November 1940. Leander is an unusual name and one of Harry’s sons by Mary is Lionel Leander.

Could not find anything in birth indexes for a Leander Barrett searching between 1920 and 1924.  
Barrett, Harry (I214)
192 61 - Harry Barrett born 1886 6:45 3rd child of Frank & Agnes. Birth reference for a Harry Glanville @ Bicester v 3a p 802 4th quarter 1886. 2 possible marriage references found: @ Hampstead v 1a p 1409 2nd quarter 1911 @ Abingdon v 2c 639 2nd quarter 1913 (married to Ovenhall) Nothing else known. Great War records checked and nothing found. Check 1911 census. He is 24 and a chauffeur Barrett, Harry G (I548)
193 146 - Harry Barrett born 1887 6:20 8th child of Albert but 3rd with Anne Birth reference found: @ Abingdon 2c page 284 4th quarter 1887 On 1891 census age 3 living with parents. Not found on 1901 census, when he would be 13. yes found with mother A cousin of Harry’s father, Frank Barrett, 5;33 has a Harry living with him in 1901, who is the same age. Need to establish if these could be one in the same. Will investigate this when checking Frank’s children. A death reference was found for a Harry age 5 @ Bolton 8c page 181 1st quarter 1893. At Bolton?? Barrett, Harry (I1201)
194 129 - Have been trying to find the parents of Thomas born 1729 & John born1731.),
(Sources: FMP parish records and Parish records from Berks FHS. Before 1837 records begin, parish records are the main research source and some of these records go back as far as 1538.),
(Dad stated in his notes that John was supposed to be 76 when he died in 1796 but he doesn’t say where he got that information from and one has to be mindful of the fact that people often got their ages wrong in those days. Having searched over 60 parish records, nothing relevant can be found for the birth dates of Thomas & John, other than has been stated above.),
(Thomas & John were the sons of a Thomas & Mary.),
(The FMP parish records found a few Thomas’ in Cornwall but these were felt to be inconclusive. Investing in some parish records from Berks FHS proved extremely useful.),
(In the parish of Besselsleigh (Bessels Leigh on today’s map) a marriage record was found for a Thomas Barrett and Mary Sawyer and the date was 18th February 1728. The records state that Thomas is from Longworth and Mary from Hanney and they were married by licence.),
(This marriage date is significant as it now becomes quite plausible for this Thomas & Mary to be the parents of Thomas born 1729 and John born 1731. Another 3 children were also found to this couple: Jonathan baptised 31st March 1734, Mary baptised 9th May 1736 and Ann baptised 4th July 1738.),
(Another reason to feel a degree of certainty about this is that a few generations later, in one branch of the Barrett’s is found a Walter Sawyer Barrett. There have been other examples of the mother’s maiden name being given to sons as a middle name in the Thomas Weaving Barrett, Harry Glanville Barrett and of course now that the name Ferberd has been discovered as a surname in 1566, it would seem that there may be a family theme.),
(As Thomas was married in 1728, he would have possibly been born between 1700 & 1718. Looking through some 60 parish records there was found in the parish of Coleshill, a Thomas Barrett baptised 7th November 1700 the son of John. It would seem that he was the second child of 9 of a John (& Ann - Ann’s name put in brackets here as the mother’s name was recorded only against one child, William)),
(Further research found that Thomas was buried at Longworth on 18th November 1769.),
(Mary Sawyer was born at Marcham on the 12th July 1702, the daughter of John & Mercy Sawyer. Mary was buried at Longworth on 16th may 1739.),
(Thomas remarried on the 18th October 1739 in parish of Stanford Vale to a Sarah Baker. The record states that Thomas is a widower from Longworth.),
(Thomas and Sarah had two daughters, both of whom were called Elizabeth and both died in infancy in 1741 and 1742. Sara herself, was buried on 10th July 1743.),
Barrett, Thomas (I1039)
195 1220 - Have checked through all the Parish record CD's for Berkhire. There is no record of a Richard Chandler baptised at Hurst. Have also looked at surrounding parishes that have CD's for and nothing found Chandler, Richard (I502)
196 1208 - Have given this a 2 reliability as there are many Catherine/ Katherine Stewarts and have decided it by age and the same geographical place as her husband.

Sheila 25/10/2018 
Stewart, Catherine (I2303)
197 105 - Helen Barrett 6:53 She is first child of Benjamin (5:35) and Emily She was found on the 1911 census age 7, so born about 1904. Nothing else known. Barrett, Helen (I926)
198 64 - Helen Barrett born 1857 5:40 On 1861 census age 4 living with parents. Cannot find on 1871 or 1881 censuses. Cannot find an obvious birth or death reference. The trail is really cold. On re- searching the marriage indexes, found one Helen @Chelsea v 1a page 462 2nd quarter 1875, when she would be 18. Another search of the 1871 census shows one Helen living in Chelsea as a servant, but gives birth district as Fulham. Sometimes census information is not always accurate but is this too much of an outside chance? Barrett, Helen (I554)
199 10 - Henry 6: 6 born 1871 The 6th child of James and Rosina. He is a bit of a wild card. Dad’s information gives a Harry born 1871 and died 1886 age 15. However, the 1871 census gives a Henry age 0 born 1871 so obviously just a few days or weeks old at time of census. There was a Harry born 3rd quarter 1871on BMD records but this cannot be him as born after the census. But, there is a Henry, born @ Abingdon v 2c page 301 1st quarter 1871. The 1881 census finds a Henry age 10 living at home with parents. Having searched between 1881 and 1891, I cannot find a death reference for either a Henry or a Harry that would be the right age. There is a Harry died @ Oxford v 3a page 497 1st quarter 1887 but he is given as age 0. Found on the 1891 census is a Henry, the right age, living as a lodger with a James Hatt and family at Shinfield. James Hatt is a head gardener and Henry is described as a domestic gardener from Twyford, Abingdon. There is a Twyford near Banbury but not near Abingdon, unless Twyford has been mistaken for Fyfield. Other than that I cannot find out anything else about him. He is not on the 1901 census but cannot find any relevant death references either. Maybe for more investigation later. Barrett, Henry (I144)
200 127 - Henry Barrett 5:2 Second child of John & Harriet. Born1833. Baptised 25th August 1833 Found on 1841 & 1851 censuses. He was 16 in 1851 and was living with his parents. Have not been able to find him on any subsequent censuses, so could he have died at a young age. Found death reference: @ Abingdon v 2c p 169 3rd quarter 1856. Barrett, Henry (I1034)
201 763 - Henry Barrett is not a direct relation of the family that includes Sheila (I130). Paul (I947) and Christine (I571) Barrett. He is the husband of Elizabeth Alder, who is the cousin of Ferberd Barrett, who is the 2 x great grandfather of the three of us. Why is the ancestry of a man so distant from us so interesting?

Two reasons:

1. The name Henry (Harry) always deserves looking at because it is frequently associated with the peculiar family first name "Ferberd", the origin of which is what caused our father, Ferberd Henry Barrett, to start researching the family tree in about 1967.

2. Despite the apparent lack of blood relationship, there was a possibility of a shared ancestor 
Barrett, Henry (I1685)
202 737 - Henry's second name is identified on the 1911 Census Dyer, Henry William (I608)
203 1104 - Her name is Mary Elizabeth according to the Baptism Register. Her parents may have reversed the names later.

Paul Barrett
07 Apr 2018 
Croft, Mary Elizabeth (I1123)
204 682 - Here is yet another example of death in harness, almost literally in this case. In the 1901 Thomas is listed as a Brewer's Drayman. Two years later he is dead. Bristow, Thomas (I443)
205 731 - Here we have more evidence of a life of hard work. At 77 Benjamin is still working, as an Undertaker's Coachman. Assuming that all he did was drive the coach, this is possibly not so physically demanding as an Agricultural Labourer, although with the busiest time of an Undertaker's year being winter, driving a coach in all weathers cannot have been much fun.

Just under two years after the 1911 Census Benjamin is dead. No retirement for him 
Bristow, Benjamin (I742)
206 617 - His date of death is between the birth of his eldest child and the date of the 1861 Census Capel, John (I164)
207 198 - Husband presumed absent on day of census as Ann is recorded as Wife not Head Bristow, Ann (I250)
208 198 - Husband presumed absent on day of census as Ann is recorded as Wife not Head  
209 198 - Husband presumed absent on day of census as Ann is recorded as Wife not Head Iles, William (I1469)
210 198 - Husband presumed absent on day of census as Ann is recorded as Wife not Head Iles, Blanche (I207)
211 198 - Husband presumed absent on day of census as Ann is recorded as Wife not Head Iles, Merriel (I1467)
212 198 - Husband presumed absent on day of census as Ann is recorded as Wife not Head Iles, Selena (I1468)
213 186 - I edited this date from 1 Nov 1700 to 14 NOV 1731

The latter date is in accordance with Sheila's notes. The former date is simply not possible because his father's birth date was 1700!

Paul Barrett
17 Jul 2017 
Barrett, John (I587)
214 185 - I edited this date from 7 to 17 Jul 1796 to align it with Sheila's notes. I assume the earlier date was a typo

Paul Barrett
17 Jul 2017 
Barrett, John (I587)
215 193 - I found an entry for a William Clarke aged 40 on the 1841 census. It may be a coincidence or it may be that this is our man.

See the attached census image for details.

The person listed next would normally be the spouse. In that position we see an Eliza listed at what appeared at first o be the age of 20 (entry only just legible). But a more legible entry was provided by a fellow TNG user William Wakefield and showed that her age was, in fact, 30 which makes her the mother, although we don't know her unmarried name

Paul Barrett
29 Jul 2017
Clarke, William (I1143)
216 1185 - I wondered why I could find no reference to a birth at Potterne for this Benjamin, so guesstimated his birth year previously as 1703.

Did a wider search yesterday and found a Benjamin baptised at Gt. Cheverell, which is just a stones throw from Potterne.
He was son of John and Jane. 
Howell, Benjamin (I280)
217 644 - If you look at the image of Page 2 of the 1871 Census you will see a 4 day old unnamed child listed. This is Beatrice Croft. So we know the Census was taken 02 Apr 1871! Croft, Beatrice (I203)
218 49 - In 1620 there is a birth. Then in 1624, her husband remarries. Is it therefore likely that she died between times? Heydon, Elizabeth (I408)
219 648 - In 19th Century Britain, many Housekeepers were "Housekeepers" of convenience. But Susan was Housekeeper to her BROTHER Edward whose wife must have died or left. Hammond, Susan (I1092)
220 1155 - In a poignant turn of events, Clara was married at the Church of St Mary and St John in the grounds of which, and almost exactly a century later, a children's hospice was built. Helen House was the first children's hospice in the world and Clara's 4 x great niece, Emily Barrett, was destined to be there.

Paul Barrett 
Family F552
221 661 - In comparison to many of our ancestors for whom 'labourer' was a common occupation, Edwin Edgewick was a relatively affluent coal merchant, able to keep a servant.

By the time of the 1881 Census his widowed mother was living in the household and it's notable that she is listed as an "annuitant" on the Census, which means she had a private pension. 
Edgewick, Edwin William (I1186)
222 676 - In the 1891 Census, Edward is assigned NO occupation. It's not as if he has retired, the various columns for employment are simply empty. Enticknap, Edward (I977)
223 724 - In the 1911 Census statistics (the first in which they were collected) George and Ruth record that they had had no children. Family F158
224 1109 - In the marriage register Emma is stated to be a widow, Family F133
225 1108 - In the Marriage Register, Phoebe is stated to be a widow. Widowed at the age of 23 ! Family F132
226 767 - In the search for a shared ancestor of Henry Barrett (I685), and Sheila (I130), Paul (I947) and Christine (I571) Barrett, the relationship is getting more distant because according to our genealogy software, our relationship is described as "Richard Barrett is the great grandfather of Henry Barrett, who is the husband of Elizabeth Alder, who is the cousin of Ferberd Barrett. He is the 2 x great grandfather."

The good news is that the line that previously diverged with the two Richards who are this Richard's grandsons has obviously converged again. The bad news is that it immediately diverges again at this generation because it's unclear who this Richard's wife is. There are two candidates, both called Anne Barrett.

The vagueness continues because the two Annes were born in 1708 and 1712, and Richard in 1703 which puts them in the same age range for a potential marriage but the marriage did not take place until Nov 1745 by which time their ages were:

Anne 1: 37
Anne 2: 33
Richard : 42

Therefore it's possible that all three could have been married previously. If that's the case then the birth names of the two Annes is not known at this stage. If they are not Barretts then things get messed up but it's also plausible that this was a first time marriage and that their birth name was Barrett. For now, that's the basis on which we have proceeded,

Anne Barrett (I1712) b 1798 in Hinton Wildrist is the daughter of John Barrett (I1715) and Mary (I1716) about whom nothing is known at this stage. And there, for now, that line peters out. It may well be that there's a convergence in the Barrett line at an earlier generation but for now that trail has gone cold.

Anne Barrett (I1712) b 1712 in Coleshill is the most promising of the candidates because based on her limited information she is the daughter of John Barrett (I397) and Ann Legg (I1247). John Barrett is the 8 x great grandfather of Sheila, Paul and Christine so the line is complete, and we can show that Henry is a potential blood relative.
Barrett, Richard (I1711)
227 723 - In the statistics that were part of the 1911 Census (for the first time), Alfred and Helen declare that they have had no children Family F212
228 672 - Inferred by the factsthat she is ON the 1881 Census but her husband is given as "Widower" on the 1891 Census Taylor, Ann (Jane?) (I1057)
229 1173 - It would seem that Mary and William did not have children,
or none that could be found. 
Barrett, Mary (I2008)
230 692 - It's interesting to see that Agnes is 'living on her own means,' a term that in the 1891 Census was applied to her mother and is not. in this Census in 1901.

'Living on own means' was an ambiguous term at this period. One definition was someone with an independent income. Another was someone who was not reliant on Parish Poor Relief. Since neither Agnes nor her mother Elizabeth has any other recorded occupation to provide an income AND they can afford to employed a maid we can safely assume they have some form of private income.

Perhaps this income is derived from Agnes's father, Fairfield Scott who, at one stage was employing several men so clearly had some form of business which could have yielded some savings. 
Scott, Agnes (I82)
231 1113 - It's not conclusive that this Susan Howell is our Susanna but we can't find her anywhere else on the Census and she is missing from the census for her family so it's a safe bet this is her. Howell, Susanna (I578)
232 643 - It's worth taking a look at the 1871 Census transcription. George's Servant/Housekeeper has her children with her. Now it's not unusual for a widowed man to take on a housekeeper but he would be a generous one that allowed two young children to accompany her and, presumably, picked up their living costs. Events will shortly unfold. Look at Spouse 2..... Bristow, George (I622)
233 628 - James is given as "Widower" which confirms the note against the 1861 Census Alder, James (I837)
234 124 - Jane Barrett 5:8 Born 22nd August 1841, the 8th child of John & Harriet. (See birth certificate) On 1851 census she is age 9 and living with Harriet’s parents, the Alders. Found a reference to a Jane on 1861 census, about the right age, but very uncertain about the rest of the family on this census. Cannot find her on 1871 census, so she must have married or died. Assuming that “our” Jane is not the one on the 1861 census, she either marries or died between 1851 & 1861. If she married, she would be between 17 & 18. One marriage reference found: @ Abingdon v 2c p 381 1st quarter 1859, just possible. 5 death references found for a Jane between 1851 & 1861: @ Hungerford v 12c or 2c p 152 4th quarter 1854 @ Witney v 3a p 399 2nd quarter 1855 * 3 @ Faringdon v 2c p 151 or 157 3rd quarter 1855 * 2 @Wantage v 2c p 185 4th quarter 1855 * 4 @ Abingdon v 2c p 157 4th quarter 1860 * 1 Barrett, Jane (I1015)
235 1222 - Jane is not on this census and investigation found she died in 1878. Her last child was born in 1877 so maybe it was complications from this. Robert Kemm senior has married again Kemm, Robert (I2422)
236 109 - Jobie (Job?) Barrett born 1852 5:37 On 1861 census with parents, living in Marcham. He is described as age 9 and born in Marcham in approximately 1852. 2 possible birth references found, although the first name on the second reference is illegible but begins with J and ends in E. @ Hungerford v V1 page 223 4th quarter 1851 @ Abingdon v 2c page 255 1st quarter 1852 He cannot be found on subsequent censuses. Only one or two people with that name can be found, approximately the right age but birth places in M.Tydford or Somerset. A death reference was found but again the district was Somerset. @ Yeovil v 5c page 341 2nd quarter 1861 No conclusive information found about him at this stage. Barrett, Jobie (I933)
237 5 - John Barrett born 1856 5:39 On 1861 and 1871 censuses with parents and birth year given as 1856. 2 birth references found: @ Abingdon v 2c page 248 2nd quarter 1855 @ Abingdon v 2c page 223 3rd quarter 1855 Cannot find him on 1881 census but there are it seems as many John Barretts’ as there are John Smiths’. On 1891 census found a John Barrett that could be him. The age is right. He is married to a Fanny with one daughter Kate age 3. It is not conclusive and it gives his birthplace as Aldbourne, Wiltshire which is near Membury. Did find a marriage reference for a John @ Abingdon v 2c page 433 1st quarter 1886 but this is based on the John found above in the 1891 census. Nothing really conclusive and do not want to waste money on certificates that might be red herrings. Barrett, John (I117)
238 750 - At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F460
239 747 - John's daughter's marriage certificate identifies her father's occupation Harris, John Thomas (I147)
240 1157 - Jonathan was a Mason. Barrett, Jonathan (I1251)
241 28 - Kate Barrett born 1881 6:29 8th child of Ferberd & Ellen born 2nd March 1881 at Longworth. On 1881 and 1891 censuses with parents. Couldn’t find on 1901 census under surname Barrett .Looked for a marriage and found she married Charles Martin Howe on 25th August 1900 at St.Lawrences Parish Church Tubney. (Bertha is a witness again) The 1901 census finds Charles age 40 and Kate age21 living at 24a George Street Oxford. No children yet as have been married under one year. Will have to wait for 1911 census for more information.

A death entry has been found - 1908, see above 
Barrett, Kate (I222)
242 645 - Life was brutal for the labouring classes in the 19th Century. Here is Charles in April 1871, recorded as a labourer. 8 months later he was dead. Hammond, Charles (I681)
243 38 - Lillian Barrett 6;55 Lillian is the adopted daughter of Emma Barrett & husband John Barrett (5:43) She was on the 1891 census age 3 as Lillian E Turner. Birth reference found: @ Oxford 3a page 836 1st quarter 1888. On 1901 census she is 13 and now described as Lillian T Barrett. Cannot find anything about her following that. Have just had a quick look at 1911 census and marriage records. Might investigate later. Barrett, Lillian E Turner (I321)
244 154 - Lily Barrett born 1869 6:14 Second child of Albert & Martha. Cannot find a birth reference for her, searching between 1867 and 1870, very strange. Only one Lillian found, a Lillian Augusta @ Greenwich 1d 816 4th quarter 1869. On 1871 census age 2 and living with Grandparents Weaving, at the Cottages Fyfield. Quite a few Barrett’s living close to each other. 1881 census finds her living with parents age 12, but cannot find her on 1891 census. When Albert (her father) died in 1899, there was a L. James, daughter recorded on certificate as being present at his death. Searched and listed all “Lily’s” married between 1887 and 1899. Only one cross matched with a man with surname James and that was a Robert James. They married on 1st December 1897 Then found Lily on 1901 census with husband Robert, an insurance agent. He is 29 and born in Northampton and she is 31 and born in Abingdon. So why can I not find any obvious birth reference for her? According to Dad’s notes, there was a serious fire at the church in Fyfield in1889 and many registers were destroyed. Perhaps that is the reason. In 1901 there is no evidence on the census that Robert and Lily had any children. The 1911 census reveals Lily & Robert living at the Vine Inn @ Cumnor. There is no evidence of any children. Barrett, Lily (I1374)
245 632 - Listed on the 1871 Census as "Grandson - Visitor" but I can find no trace of a birth and it is unclear which daughter is the mother so I have entered him as George and Anne's "son" Kemm, Robert Montague (I1284)
246 47 - At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I400)
247 94 - Margaret Barrett born1895 6:49 7th child of Frank & Agnes. Cannot find a conclusive birth reference searching between 1890 and 1900, yet on 1901 census she is 6 years old. Possibility is that she wasn’t born in Bicester registration district but again the census indicates she was born at Bletchington. Await 1911 census. Barrett, Margaret A (I803)
248 730 - Maria does not appear on the 1911 Census. Her spouse Benjamin is shown on there as a widower. (Bristow), Maria (I1569)
249 142 - Marie Barrett born 1885 6:19 Albert’s 7th child but 2nd with Anne. Birth reference: @ Abingdon 2c page 283 2nd quarter 1885. On 1891 census with parents in Marcham. Can’t find on 1901 census when should be 16. Found her on 1911 census age 26 with mother Ann and younger brother Harry. Barrett, Marie (I1163)
250 114 - Marjorie Barrett 6:54 Second child of Benjamin and Emily born about 1907 Nothing else known at present Barrett, Marjorie (I995)
251 841 - Marriage date is deduced from son's age Family F435
252 96 - Martha Barrett born 1874 6:17 5th child of Albert & Martha Birth reference found: @ Abingdon 2c page 274 2nd quarter 1874 Found on 1881 census age 6 living with father and step-mother Anne. Found on 1891 census age 16 and living with Uncle James(5:22) Not found on 1901 census so one would assume she married or died in between 1891 and 1901. No obvious marriage or death reference was found. One marriage reference for a Martha but it is a wild guess @ Bristol 6a page 227 3rd quarter 1903. It would seem that the family are moving around more now, so could be anywhere. Check 1911 census when available. Barrett, Martha (I805)
253 98 - Mary Anne Barrett 5: 32 Second child of Albert and Mary Anne born 1849. Birth reference; @ Oxford v 16 p 98 4th quarter 1849 On 1871 census age 21 and still living at home with parents. Not on 1881 census but most probably married by now. Marriage reference found: @ Oxford v 3a p 893 3rd quarter 1875 Until her married name is known she cannot be investigated further. Because of the cost of certificates, there is a need to justify which ones are ordered. For later consideration. Barrett, Mary Anne (I822)
254 1160 - Mary Anne is the only definate child found of William and Mary. There are references to many other children with a William and Mary as parents but they are too widespread to be accurate. Barrett, Mary Anne (I2159)
255 681 - Mary is described on the 1901 Census as 'Living on own means.' This might imply that she had some form of independent income but for a family that has lived life in near destitution, with some members being regular visitors to the Uxbridge Union Workhouse, we can discount that theory.

From reading various genealogy forums I think the most likely meaning is that was supported by her family and was not having to claim poor relief from the Parish.

Paul Barrett 26 Aug 2017 
Middleton, Mary (I664)
256 655 - Mary is missing from the 1881 Census and Albert is given as Widower so we presume she has died in the interim. Henwood, Mary Anne (I1407)
257 71 - Mary Married Benjamin Ballard on 1st September 1823. Benjamin was a blacksmith. They had 11 children Mary died 4th January 1855 from smallpox Barrett, Mary (I588)
258 1148 - Mary married either Thomas Attewell 4 Aug 1806 at Fyfield

or Charles Belcher 20 Oct 1806 at Fyfield

The parish record doesn't include parents names so no idea which one 
Barrett, Mary (I2082)
259 132 - Mary Victoria Barrett 5:10 Mary was born in 1845. Birth reference @ Abingdon v V1 p 166 1st quarter 1845 She was found on the 1851 census age 5 living with parents. She was not found on any subsequent censuses. She died on 6th June1851 from hydrocephallus Barrett, Mary Victoria (I1041)
260 1217 - Mary's surname was not on the marriage transcript, nether could it be found on any of her children's baptism transcripts. Did a "wild" search for a Mary born in Great Cheverell about the same time as her husband John.
There is no definate answer but it could have been:
Mary Franklin born 1626
Mary Harris born 1626 or
Mary Jones born 1628 
Family F30
261 15 - Millicent Barrett born 1872 6:25 The 4th child of Ferberd and Ellen. She was born on 2nd October 1872 in Fyfield. Her father, Ferberd was now a carpenter. Unfortunately, Millicent died on 12th February 1875 age 2. It is difficult to decipher the cause of death on the certificate. Barrett, Millicent (I153)
262 1097 - Name given as "Eliza" on Death Index, so I have entered this as a nickname

Paul Barrett
25 Mar 2018 
Enticknap, Elizabeth (I792)
263 972 - Need to check this marriage date. Don't know where it came from but there is a son born 6 years earlier. Was this William's 2nd marriage? Or is the marriage date wrong?

Update. The date is 1812,. We believe the 1822 date was a typo. 
Family F278
264 1216 - No Birth/ Baptism record can be found for Jane but most likely between 1673 and 1680 Whithorne, Jane (I1364)
265 1136 - No conclusive marriage found. Too many Mary Barrett's !! Barrett, Mary (I2063)
266 1178 - No further information can be found for Frances Barrett, Frances (I2072)
267 1130 - No further information found Barrett, Deborah (I2056)
268 1131 - No further information found Barrett, Thomas (I2057)
269 1154 - No further information found regarding children or burial Barrett, John (I2050)
270 1175 - No further information found.
Cannot find a marriage or burial. 
Barrett, Ann (I2009)
271 1179 - No further results can be found for Deborah Barrett, Deborah (I2073)
272 11 - No information known about Mary other than birth date. Barrett, Mary (I145)
273 101 - No information known other than birth date. Barrett, Hannah (I829)
274 1197 - No marriage can be found for this couple Family F635
275 1209 - No marriage found Family F657
276 1186 - No marriage found for a John Howell to a Jane anywhere in Wiltshire.
Widened the search and the ONLY John and Jane to be found was the date given for Rotherhithe.
John was born in Bermondsey and Jane in Chelsea which are 5 miles apart.
Rotherhithe is a bit further away but reasonable to assume this marriage is correct.
But what made them move to Wiltshire?
And it's this question that makes me wonder if I have got the right couple.

Update by Paul: 19 Aug 2018
I don't have access to any of the paid research tools such as Ancestry or FMP any more so it's not easy to look for some of the personal records.

My thoughts go immediately to employment. Do you know what their trades were?

For instance I recall cases where women in service in the bigger London houses would be moved between London and country residences.

Was he involved in agriculture? Because the sprawl of London would have been pushing out into the farmland around London, causing a decline in farming jobs in London whilst, conversely, by the late 18th C., primary (land based) occupations in Wiltshire were surging ahead of secondary (manufacturing.) 
Family F610
277 1198 - No marriage found for this couple Family F638
278 1146 - No marriage information found Barrett, Phebe (I2077)
279 51 - No other information available other than born in 1813. Barrett, Emma (I414)
280 1202 - No other information can be found. Harris, Thomas (I2288)
281 1129 - No other information found Barrett, Mary (I2068)
282 1128 - No other information found. Barrett, Elizabeth (I2067)
283 125 - No other information known other than birth date. B 1/ 7/ 1792 Would be about 49 in 1841 but cannot find him on 1841, 1851 or 1861 censuses. Although 2 x Williams found on 1841 neither are very convincing to me anyway, but could be wrong. Found 5 possible death references between 1841 and 1851: @Headington v 16 p 49 1st q 1841 @Abingdon v 2c p 197 1st q 1845 @ Witney v 16 p175 1st q 1846 @ Faringdon v 6 p140 2nd q 1847 @ Wantage v V1 p 206 1st q 1851 Barrett, William (I1031)
284 1117 - No record found anywhere of Ann's birth or surname. or her marriage date to John.

Parish records must be incomplete or damaged.

Sheila May 2018 
(Barrett), Ann (I1408)
285 1187 - No reliable burial reference found Howell, John (I2226)
286 1188 - No reliable burial reference found Dancer, Jane (I2227)
287 1182 - No reliable burial reference found for Alice Family F571
288 1143 - No reliable information found Barrett, Alfred (I2112)
289 1141 - No reliable information found re marriage Barrett, Phoebe (I2107)
290 1142 - No reliable information found. Barrett, William (I2111)
291 1183 - No reliable information to be found regarding marriage or death Barrett, Ann (I2087)
292 1201 - No reliable marriage found. Too many William Harris'
and as it's post 1837, no parents names are given on the transcripts, plus there are 2 or 3 possible spouse names. 
Harris, William (I2287)
293 649 - No wife is listed. Edward's sister Susan was Housekeeper. Edward's wife must have died or left. Hammond, Edward (I895)
294 1213 - Not found on 1841 or 1851 censuses so no idea where or when he was born, although his wife was on 1851 census and described as married not widowed. Taylor, William (I2297)
295 1133 - Not much found for Martha except a possible marriage to Isaac Warman. No children found as yet. Barrett, Martha (I2060)
296 166 - Not much known as yet. It would appear he was the third child of Thomas and Mary baptised on 31st March 1734 @ Longworth.

June 2018
Have now found more information.
The use of the names John and Jonathan seem not unusual in our family. Couldn't get my head round it before.
Jonathan married Ann Lambourn and they had 5 children.
Ann and Frances were baptised on the same day and the parish records actually state that they were twin girls. 
Barrett, Jonathan (I1435)
297 46 - Not much known as yet. The fifth child of Thomas and Mary. Baptised @ Longworth on 4th July 1738. To investigate further. Barrett, Anne (I378)
298 76 - Not much known as yet. The fourth child of Thomas and Mary. Baptised @ Longworth on 9th May 1736. To investigate further. Barrett, Mary (I606)
299 1150 - Nothing conclusive found for Thomas Barrett, Thomas (I2085)
300 1149 - Nothing conclusive found for William Barrett, William (I2084)
301 1134 - Nothing further found as yet. Barrett, Edward (I2061)
302 1132 - Nothing further found. Barrett, Elizabeth (I2059)
303 1135 - Nothing much found except a possible marriage to Judith Clifford. No children found. Barrett, John (I2062)
304 1140 - Nothing reliable found Barrett, Sarah (I2106)
305 141 - Oliver Barrett born 1888 6:46 4th Child of Frank & Agnes Birth reference found for an Oliver Benjamin @ Bicester v3a p 343 1st quarter 1888. Marriage reference found for an Oliver B married to Kirtland @ Bicester v 3a p 3059 3rd quarter 1919 Barrett, Oliver B (I1161)
306 50 - on 1841 census but nothing accurate found after that. Barrett, Emma (I414)
307 714 - On the 1851 Census, Philip Richings is absent (Blanche is listed as Wife not Head).
Fast forward 50 years and for the 1911 Census we have two separate entries for them. He claims himself to be widowed as does she on hers. He remains in Longworth (Warren Cottage is not mentioned) while she is miles away in Loughton, Essex. They are both living alone, according to the Census so they must have separated.
Family F51
308 657 - On the 1881 Census an Ann Brown is mentioned as Granddaughter of John Brown but there is no indication of parentage. With a name like Brown, finding the correct one was likely to be an issue but the combination of name, approximate date and place yielded only one result, born to a mother called Elizabeth. On that basis we can be reasonably confident that this is our girl. Brown, Alma Ann (I1511)
309 1111 - On the 1891 Census, Rose appears as Rose Anne Barrett, Rose (Anne) (I319)
310 1107 - On the Baptism Register the parent's last name is recorded as "Ockley"

Paul Barrett
8 Apr 2018 
Hockley, John (I1432)
311 1099 - On the Marriage Index for his wife, William's last name was given as Hambidge (no "r"). It could just be a typo, especially as her name is given as Isobel instead of Isabelle

Paul Barrett
25 Mar 2018 
Hambridge, William James (I493)
312 1189 - Originally thought Henry had married a Charlotte Watts from
Twerton in Somerset but re checked everything and have now added the correct information courtesy of Wiltshire FHS.
It seems Henry died in 1831 as did his young daughter of 6 months. Charlotte his wife, died the following year in 1832.
It seems that Charlotte's father James Watts also died in 1842.
James Howell went to live with his Great-Grandparents, Benjamin and Elizabeth Howell and the other children went to live with their Uncle Robert Watts. 
Howell, Henry (I570)
313 755 - Parish Clerk. Source: To be determined Alder, James (I837)
314 20 - Percival Barrett born 1888 6:32 The 11th and last child of Ferberd & Ellen born 15th August 1888. Unfortunately, he died at a few weeks of age. Death reference: @ Abingdon 2c p 147 3rd quarter 1888 awaiting certificate. Barrett, Percival (I162)
315 752 - Percival was registered with no surname at all at birth and baptised as an Alder but on his death certificate he was given as Alder-Barrett which is a name he must have adopted in recognition of his relationship with his step grandfather (strictly he was Harriet's grandson as Eliza, Percival's mother, was Harriet's illegitimate daughter from a relationship with Thomas Weaving."
Alder, Percival Henry (I1682)
316 158 - Philip Barrett 5:31 Born Philip Edward Barrett in 1847 first child of Albert (4:8) and Mary Anne Henwood. Birth reference: @ Oxford v XV1 p 103 1st quarter 1847. On 1871 census age 23 living with parents. Cannot find him on 1881 census but on 1891 and 1901, by now age 54 he is living in London, is a carpenter and remains single. He is a lodger in Chelsea in 1891 and in Knightsbridge in 1901. The only likely death reference found which matches name and age is: @ Banbury v 3a p 1209 4th quarter 1923. There is no evidence at present to suggest he ever married but 1911 census, when released, may show something. Barrett, Phillip Edward (I1399)
317 81 - Possible burial Chuter, John (I688)
318 679 - Prior to marrying Albert John Barrett, Annie Calcutt had another marriage so is also known by the name "Dyer" Calcutt, Annie (I1033)
319 1100 - Probate Text:

17 February. The Will with two Codicils of Fairfield Scott late of Sherwood in the Parish of Basford in the County of Nottingham Lace Manufacturer who died 2 January 1879 at Sherwood was proved at Nottingham by Henry Scott of Union-road in the Town of Nottingham Lace Manufacturer Walter Scott of New Basford in the Borough of Nottingham Draper the Sons and Thomas Hodgson of Clipstone-avenue in the Town of Nottingham Lace Manufacturer the Executors.

Scott, Fairfield (I436)
320 58 - Q1 Vol7b Pg860 Craxton, George M (I504)
321 136 - Q3 Vol7b Pg494 Craxton, Thomas Charles (I1118)
322 59 - Q4 Vol7b Pg436 age 0 Craxton, George M (I504)
323 69 - Richard Barrett born 11th August 1872 died 13th October 1872. 6:16 4th child of Albert & Martha who died from peritonitis at 2months of age. Barrett, Richard (I585)
324 840 - At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1070)
325 36 - Rose 6:4 born 1867 Birth reference found: @Abingdon v 2c page 268 4th quarter 1866 Cannot find on 1881 census but is on 1891 age 23 living at home with parents and is a clerk. Quite possibly helping her father in the post office. (A touch of “Lark Rise to Candleford” !! ha! Ha!) Not found on 1901 census but could have married between 1891 and 1901. 3 possible marriage references found, but not sure about them: @ Woodstock v 8a p 1515 4th quarter 1895 @ Hungerford v 2c p 565 4th quarter 1897 @ Chepstow v 11a p 11 3rd quarter 1898 No obvious death references found for the same period. Need to wait for 1911 census for more investigation. Barrett, Rose (Anne) (I319)
326 104 - Rosina Barrett 5:7 Born 1840, the 7th child of John and Harriet 1851 and 1861 censuses find her at home with parents. 1871 cannot find her, so checked for marriage. 2 marriage references found; @ Faringdon v 2c p 559 or 539 4th quarter 1868 @ St Martin ( Cornwall or Channel Islands) v 1a p 494 1st quarter 1862, think this is doubtful Barrett, Rosina (I831)
327 654 - Royal Albert Dock was the closest to Bow so I have assumed that was where he worked. McLean, Duncan Donald Andrew (I743)
328 41 - Sarah Barrett born 1869 5:45 On 1871 census with parents age 2. Birth reference found: @ Abingdon v 2c page 286 1st quarter 1869 Not on 1881 census with mother when she would be about 12 but checking the original image finds her lodging next door to her mother, with a Sarah Bradfield who is a beer retailer. Not on 1891 census under maiden name but she would probably be married by now. A marriage reference was found @Abingdon v 2c page 459 3rd quarter 1888. The certificate shows she married a Thomas Whale on 24th September 1888 at St Michael’s Church in the parish of St Helen Abingdon. Thomas is a labourer and his father Daniel is a hawker. Sarah’s father, James is deceased. Found them on the 1891 census, living at New Street, Abingdon. 3 children are listed: Hellen age 6 born 1885.This is interesting but Sarah and Thomas were married in1888. If she was born out of wedlock, Sarah would have been just 17. Could she be a younger sister of Thomas. Cannot find her on subsequent censuses. Thomas age 2 born in 1889 William A age 8 months born in1890 Found them on the 1901 census. There is no William who would be about 10. Thomas is there ,no Helen but 3 other children: Alice age 8 born in 1893 Annie age 7 born in 1894 Harry age 3 born in 1898. Possibly for further research when the 1911 census is released. Barrett, Sarah (I332)
329 759 - Sarah White is known to be the mother of Henry Barrett but there are two possible candidates for his father, Richard Barrett b 1785 and Richard Barrett b 1778. We have therefore shown these as Unproven Alternatives and attached both of them to Sarah as potential husbands White, Sarah (I1706)
330 739 - Sarah's birth family name of Pearce is deduced from the 1911 Census where a Frank Pearce is given as Henry Howell's Brother-in-law, hence he must be Sarah's brother Pearce, Sarah (I1133)
331 1110 - Second and third names sourced from Military Service Record Harris, Kathleen Ada Louise (I800)
332 738 - Second given name is first provided by the 1911 Census Dyer, Elizabeth Virginia (I1196)
333 652 - She is missing from 1881 Census and her husband is given as Widower. She died between then and the birth of John in 1875 Andrews, Louisa (I719)
334 630 - Source is 1871 Census but there's no birth record for her. Also her mother would have been 49 when she gave birth with an 11 year gap since thej previous child. It's possible this is actually a granddaughter, as in previous cases we have found for such a late birth. Eaves, Emily (I1522)
335 122 - Source: Berks FHS parish records Barrett, Jane (I1015)
336 1116 - Still cannot find a surname or birth date for Ann.

Neither can her marriage to Richard be found.

Can only assume some parish records are incomplete and on line searches are also lacking.

Sheila May 2018 
(Barrett), Anne (I832)
337 1199 - Surname in record is spelt "Morrison" which beyond this point becomes too ambiguous as no further Marrisons' found.
only Morrisons and none in Norfolk 
Family F638
338 1194 - Susan Spencer had been married before but couldn't find the previous marriage. She was born Susan Randall and on her marriage certificate to William Starr Fincken, her father's name is Samuel Joseph Randal. On her birth record he is just Joseph. This is only baptism record to be found for her which means she was 55 and not 46 when she married William. Family F432
339 704 - The 1911 Census transcription has her name as Leily. The image is ambiguous but Lily is surely more likely Owen, Lily (I1650)
340 733 - The 1911 Census transcription gives the name as Mary Horden (no last r) but we know that it's Hordern because it was her mother's birth family name. Postins, Mary Hordern (I1676)
341 605 - The address 10 Beaumont Street Mile End Old Town London must be long gone as I can find no trace of it.

Paul Barrett
01 Aug 2017 
McLean, Andrew (I1227)
342 605 - The address 10 Beaumont Street Mile End Old Town London must be long gone as I can find no trace of it.

Paul Barrett
01 Aug 2017 
Freeland, Maria (Mary) (I638)
343 605 - The address 10 Beaumont Street Mile End Old Town London must be long gone as I can find no trace of it.

Paul Barrett
01 Aug 2017 
McLean, Duncan Donald Andrew (I743)
344 605 - The address 10 Beaumont Street Mile End Old Town London must be long gone as I can find no trace of it.

Paul Barrett
01 Aug 2017 
McLean, Georgina Lousa (I1215)
345 664 - The address given on the Census is illegible so I have used the "Rural Sanitary District" (whatever one of those is.) Clarke, William (I982)
346 664 - The address given on the Census is illegible so I have used the "Rural Sanitary District" (whatever one of those is.) (Clarke), Rebecca (I22)
347 664 - The address given on the Census is illegible so I have used the "Rural Sanitary District" (whatever one of those is.) Clarke, Alfred W. (I163)
348 664 - The address given on the Census is illegible so I have used the "Rural Sanitary District" (whatever one of those is.) Clarke, Joseph E. (I1048)
349 664 - The address given on the Census is illegible so I have used the "Rural Sanitary District" (whatever one of those is.) Hammond, James (I1426)
350 1106 - The Baptism Register states that Charles was baptised the same day he was born. This practice was not unknown and to this day is often used if a child is frail and considered to be at risk of dying. But Charles lived until Dec 1871 so either he rallied, or there was another reason for same-day Baptism.

Paul Barrett
08 Apr 2018 
Hammond, Charles (I681)
351 1200 - The baptism transcription gives his Mother's name as "Mary"
but feel this is an error after extensive searching.
Other information tells us he was born in Greenford. 
Harris, William (I2287)
352 753 - The baptismal record states “Baptised privately because of sickness.” It may have been true but she must have recovered if she went on to have a son. Another possibility is that the baptism was held privately to enable the “Eliza as the daughter of Harriet’s mother” deception to take place. Alder, Eliza (I459)
353 647 - The Census also includes George Dyer (Grandson 3yrs) and Elizabeth Dyer (Granddaughter 1 yr) but there is no indication of which of their daughters is these children's mother so I have not included them. Calcutt, George White (I877)
354 705 - The Census form gives her name as Vilet but it is clear from the image that whoever wrote it was barely literate. Her brother's name is given as Lenard for Leonard Postins, Violet Elizabeth (I1651)
355 706 - The Census form gives his name as Lenard but it is clear from the image that whoever wrote it was barely literate. His sister's name is given as Vilet for Violet Postins, Leonard (I1652)
356 728 - The Census gives her name as Florance. Postins, Florence (I1674)
357 635 - The Census image is the continuation page and i assume the preceding page contained the parents, Henry and Maria. But as I have no sight of it, and cannot find a transcription online on to verify this so I have not added this census to the parents records. Paul Barrett 13 Aug 2017 Chandler, William (I325)
358 635 - The Census image is the continuation page and i assume the preceding page contained the parents, Henry and Maria. But as I have no sight of it, and cannot find a transcription online on to verify this so I have not added this census to the parents records. Paul Barrett 13 Aug 2017 Chandler, Ellen (I925)
359 635 - The Census image is the continuation page and i assume the preceding page contained the parents, Henry and Maria. But as I have no sight of it, and cannot find a transcription online on to verify this so I have not added this census to the parents records. Paul Barrett 13 Aug 2017 Chandler, Alice (I994)
360 677 - The child's age on the Census return has been made illegible by the enumerators strike-through. I think the underlying number more closely resembled the other figure 3's on the page than it does the figure 8's but I could be wrong. For now I am going with a 3 even though he ranks higher on the return than his 4 year old bother. Enumerators frequently failed to rank entries correctly.
Paul Barrett 22 Aug 2017 
Craxton, Frederick H (I1611)
361 187 - The date of 1811 that was entered here can't be right. It would make him 146 when he died!

1711 is much more likely, depending on when his children were born.

His son was born in 1692, so that doesn't contradict a 1711 death date. I think we can assume a typo by the person who entered the original date.

That said, we have absolutely no supporting evidence for his death date

Paul Barrett
20th July 2017 
Symonds, John (I632)
362 1105 - The dates of birth and baptism are correct according to the Baptism Register. There is an illegible marginal annotation in the Register which may explain the 16 year gap.

Paul Barrett
07 Apr 2018 
Croft, Phyllis (I610)
363 646 - The exact location of Williams Street, Tudhoe Grange is unknown. Poulter, Henry (I902)
364 646 - The exact location of Williams Street, Tudhoe Grange is unknown. Pritchard, Sarah (I841)
365 646 - The exact location of Williams Street, Tudhoe Grange is unknown. Hambridge, William James (I493)
366 646 - The exact location of Williams Street, Tudhoe Grange is unknown. Poulter, Edward (I1539)
367 1101 - The location of this Christening is strange. Why did they travel 120 miles from Hyson Green to get the child baptised? There's little doubt that this is our child. The document is very clear and his name is unusual enough to be certain of his identity.

It's not as if his mother's or father's ancestors came from Cirencester.

Definitely odd!

Paul Barrett
27 Mar 2018 
Scott, William Hamblett (I1380)
368 658 - The map shows the approximate location of Spring Gardens as far as I can tell from comparing the Old Civil Parish of St Giles, Reading with the modern maps. Bristow, Thomas (I443)
369 658 - The map shows the approximate location of Spring Gardens as far as I can tell from comparing the Old Civil Parish of St Giles, Reading with the modern maps. Harrington, Susan (I880)
370 658 - The map shows the approximate location of Spring Gardens as far as I can tell from comparing the Old Civil Parish of St Giles, Reading with the modern maps. Bristow, William (I1552)
371 658 - The map shows the approximate location of Spring Gardens as far as I can tell from comparing the Old Civil Parish of St Giles, Reading with the modern maps. Bristow, Charles S (I1553)
372 619 - The meaning of "House Keeper Sick Pauper" is not enturly clear. I think it means House Servant TO a sick pauper, although you have to wonder how teh pauper would pay her.

Paul Barrett 08 Aug 2017 
Andrews, Jane (I1503)
373 1124 - The only marriage date found for Jonathan Barrett is 1713 to Mary Wichelow at Brightwell. this would make Jonathan 48 at time of marriage and he would be 25 years older than Mary.
Not impossible but I question the accuracy of this, have I got the right couple?!

Can't find any reliable information about marriages of Jonathan and Mary's children.
Sheila June 2018 
Barrett, Jonathan (I1169)
374 1159 - The parish burial record describes Ann as an ancient, poor woman on the parish. Legg, Ann (I1247)
375 741 - The period around the 1911 Census cannot have been good times for Henry, Sarah, Alice and Sarah's brother, Frank, who was living with them at the time. The two men were the only bread winners and both of them were out of work according to the Census Return Family F236
376 1215 - The previous years Marriage Bond states Sarah was from Potterne parish which helped to pin down her baptism.
Also Robert was a Yeoman, 
Family F233
377 638 - The probability is high that this birth index record is the correct one, although it gives her name as Charlotte Augusta. But while Grant is a common name, Augusta is not, and this was the only birth record in the district we know they lived. Grant, Charlotte Augusta (I1448)
378 640 - The probability is high that this death index record is the correct one. The marriage index said she married a man called Johnson or Masters. There's was no death entry for C A Masters but there was this one, for C A Johnson. Grant, Charlotte Augusta (I1448)
379 1156 - There is a note on Burial Record to say an affadavit was brought. The note isn't accessible. Barrett, Jonathan (I1251)
380 843 - At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1070)
381 1196 - There is some doubt as to whether he was Duncan Donald Andrew, any records I have come across he is Duncan only.
The surname was spelt 3 different ways also, which didn't help initially. Found him on 1871 census with surname spelt MacLeon.

Sheila 19/9/2018 
McLean, Duncan Donald Andrew (I743)
382 1123 - There seems to be a spelling mistake in the Longworth Parish records as couldn't find a baptism under the name Richings.
There was a John Richards so of Thomas and Elizabeth but there was no marriage for a Thomas and Elizabeth Richards
but one for a Thomas And Elizabeth Richengs(Richings)
The time line for this birth is correct. 
Richings, John (I1006)
383 1137 - There was a Louisa Barrett on 1861 census and assumed to be the daughter of John and Eleanor, Couldn't find a birth for a Louisa Barrett but found a Louisa Pryor baptised near Witney on 26 April 1850. She is most likely to be Eleanor's niece. her parents were William and Mary Ann Pryor. Family F582
384 667 - This "person" exists only to act as a pseudo parent for a child that we know exists, because he's on the 1881 Census as Elizabeth Scott (nee England's) Grandson with a last name of Scott, but we have no knowledge of which of her boys is the father.

So we are parking William H Scott here until we find out who the true father is, and can re-assign him. 
Scott, Ghost Male (I1580)
385 184 - This birth date is nothing more than a wild guess - that she was about 20 when she married.

Paul Barrett
16 Jul 2017 
Harris, Mary (I497)
386 167 - This information comes from 1 or more individual Ancestry Family Tree files. This source citation points you to a current version of those files. Note: The owners of these tree files may have removed or changed information since this source citation was created. Source (S26)
387 707 - This is a Census Summary Book entry, not the actual Census page itself so there is no guarantee that this is our man, as we only have first initial and last name to go by. Richings, Alfred J (I1549)
388 760 - This is one of two possible Richard Barretts that could have married Sarah White but. after careful research by Sheila Wheatley, the balance of probability favours this one. Family F399
389 726 - This is the first occurrence I have seen of the term Housewife in all the hundreds of Census Returns that I have processed! Up to now housewives have not been granted even that as an occupation, even though some of them spent the best part of 25 years pregnant.

It's 1911. Are times starting to change, or is this just an example that the Census enumerators neglected to strike through? By 1911 the Women's Suffrage movement was building towards the events of 1918 and beyond so, who knows, perhaps Jane was sympathetic to the Suffragettes?

Paul Barrett
04 Sep 2017
Van, Jane (I691)
390 1177 - This is the most likely marriage found for Ann Barrett.
There is always room for error.
No children have been found to this couple 
Family F599
391 650 - This looks like the correct year and location of birth to be our girl. What she was doing visiting a family in Lincolnshire is unknown. Are the Tuckers relatives? Richings, Charlotte (I910)
392 194 - This person, George Bristow, is recorded as the son of Benjamin Bristow but the 1851 census has a George Bristow as the son of Stephen Bristow. That could be a coincidence except that both these Georges were born in the same year, were blind and were basket makers.

It HAS to be the same person. But to which family does he belong? The only documentary evidence we have so far is the 1851 census that places him under Stephen.

Paul Barrett
31 Jul 2017

Resolved. His marriage certificate gives his father as Benjamin Bristow

Paul Barrett
27 Mar 2018 
Bristow, George (I622)
393 762 - This potential spouse is one of two Annes that Richard could have married so this marriage is unproven. This is the most appealing marriage of the two for us, because this Anne Barrett is the child of John Barrett (I397) which means that this leg of the family does, in fact, connect back to a common ancestor, John.

This Anne's record existed in our family tree before the research of Henry Barrett' s ancestors began.

Further research by Sheila Wheatley concludes that this is the most probable spouse. 
Family F402
394 742 - This short story pieces together the few pieces of information that we know about this man and is based on official archives and the testimony of one of his nieces. Kennedy, Lieutenant James (I1131)
395 627 - This should be the correct person based on DOB but this is not 100% certain. Clarke, Richard (I1343)
396 116 - Thomas Barrett Born 1867 6:13 1st child of Albert John Barrett (5:27) and Martha, formerly Weaving. Birth reference found: @ Abingdon 2c page 268 4th quarter 1866 Found on 1871 & 1881 censuses at home with parents at The Cottage, Fyfield. 1891 census finds a Thomas age 25, a machinist, a visitor and married living with Matthew Moore and family. Not certain it is him but nothing else found. Nothing conclusive on the 1901 census. A marriage reference was found for one Thomas Weaving Barrett!! @ Woolwich 1d page 1671 3rd quarter 1888. Nothing else found about him. Order marriage certificate then await 1911 census. Barrett, Thomas (I998)
397 686 - Twin of Emily ? Enticknap, John (I1633)
398 687 - Twin of John? Enticknap, Emily (I1634)
399 624 - Twin with Ernest Postins, Solomon (I1113)
400 625 - Twin with Solomon Postins, Ernest (I850)
401 200 - Unmarried name is deduced from the fact that on the 1851 census there was a Susan Scott (widowed) living with Henry and Betsey. I have assumed it was her mother.

Paul Barrett
01 Aug 2017 
Scott, Betsy (I1315)
402 729 - Up till the 1911 Census we had this boy's name as John E but that Census listed an Ernest Postins who was born the same year as John E. It is assumed that the E represented Ernest and that, in the interim, they had started calling him by his second name.

Another possibility was that Ernest and John were twins (there father was a twin) but I ruled that out on the grounds that in the 1911 Census stats section they said they had 6 children and all were still living. We have accounted for all six

Paul Barrett
05 Sep 2017 
Postins, John Ernest (I1142)
403 145 - Walter Barrett born 1890 6:47 5th child of Frank & Agnes. Birth reference found for a Walter Sawyer @ Bicester v 3a p 813 2nd quarter 1890. Marriage reference found for a Walter S Barrett @ Bristol v 6a p 302 3rd quarter 1911. On 1911 census, he is 21 and a carpenter and still at home with parents Barrett, Walter S (I1199)
404 751 - Walter was previously married to Gertrude Barrett, Ellen's sister. By the time of this marriage in 1930, it seems Walter and Ellen had been cohabiting for some time.

Their 1930 marriage took place very soon after Gertrude's death, Clearly, ending that earlier marriage via divorce was out of the question. 
Family F184
405 735 - We learn Daisy's second initial E is for Elsie on the 1911 Census Beesley, Daisy Elsie (I1584)
406 123 - web site: 1st quarter 1926 Volume 2c Page 84 Abingdon Barrett, Jane (I1015)
407 621 - While the father of Eliza Alder is unrecorded, I, at first, thought it was possible that it was John Barrett, the man that Harriet marries 2 years later. Equally it was possible that the father was someone else, that the recording of Elizah as a child of the people that were her grandparents was for the sake of propriety, and that meeting John Barrett happened later. John certainly seems to have played a part in the deception, for as long as Harriet's parents were alive.
Paul Barrett 08 Aug 2017
Sheila has researched this and has found a baptism record for Eliza Weaving Alder 20 Feb 1829, illegitimate daughter of Harriet Alder of Tubney "Baptised privately because of sickness." This leads us to believe that Thomas Weaving was her father. For the full article see the link below. 
Family F425
408 669 - Who would have guessed that within a few weeks of the Census being taken, Thomas would have died. Hammond, Thomas (I1082)
409 133 - William Barrett 5:3 Third child of John & Harriet. Born 1834. Baptised 20th November 1834.

Found on 1841 & 1851 censuses as living with Harriet’s parents, the Alders. Not found on any further censuses. What could have happened to him?

Found following death references: @Wantage v V1 p 189 3rd quarter 1851 @ Woodstock v 3a 341 2nd quarter 1852 @ Wantage v 2c p 231 1st quarter 1853 @ Wantage v 2c p 184 2nd quarter 1854 @ Witney v 3a p 435 4th quarter 1854 * try first

Found the following marriage references ( he may have missed the censuses?) @ Abingdon v 2c p 391 or 891 1st quarter 1856

There was a William age 23 in 1861 on census living with Albert Barrett(4:8) described as his nephew that would mean this William was born around 1838. Need to check.

@Highworth v 5a p 25 4th quarter 1857 @ Reading v 2c p 537 3rd quarter 1860 @ Faringdon v 2c p 435 2nd quarter 1863 * @ Highworth v 5a p 8 2nd quarter 1865 
Barrett, William (I1042)
410 157 - William Barrett born 1866 5:44 On 1871 census with parents age 4 and on 1881 age 15 and employed as a farm labourer Found about 9 birth references for Williams’ between 1865 and 1868 but have narrowed it down to 4 with the Abingdon one being favourite. @ Hungerford v 2c page 229 2nd quarter 1866 @ Abingdon v 2c page 260 2nd quarter 1866 * @Faringdon v 2c page 247 2nd quarter 1866 @ Hungerford v 2c page 231 3rd quarter 1866 Cannot seem to find him on any subsequent censuses checking both FMP & Ancestry sites. Checked the death indexes and one reference was found and the age would be about right. @ Abingdon v 2c page 159 3rd quarter 1885. This has been ordered. For review when certificate has arrived. Certificate has arrived and it shows that William Barrett age 19, a farm labourer, died from pneumonia on 3rd July 1885 in Marcham. His sister, Sarah was in attendance. Barrett, William (I1378)
411 663 - William doesn't seem to waste much time between the death of one wife and marrying a new one. To be fair, as a working man with young children and no adult daughters left in the house to look after them, he probably had little choice but to remarry quickly. And in his occupation as a Milkman he must have known all about the widow women on his milk round! Fincken, William Starr (I813)
412 1174 - William was son of James and Sarah, who had another son named William who was born and died in 1785. Family F595
413 115 - Winifred Barrett born 1884 6:43 1st child of Frank Barrett and Agnes? Birth reference: @ Bicester v 3a p 792 1st quarter 1884 for a Winifred Agnes. Checked for marriage references between 1904 and 1920. The following were found but not wholly conclusive: @ Lambeth v 1d p 1225 4th quarter 1915 @ Bridgewater 5c p 817 3rd quarter 1920 married to Ball @ Portsmouth 2b p1400 4th quarter 1920 married to Turner Wait for 1911 census and then review. Barrett, Winifred (I996)
414 33 - Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Feary, Patricia Anne (I244)

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