The Grants

Dad's (F H Barrett 1923 - 2003) mother was Beatrice Grant. Her father was Joseph and her mother was Beatrice Grant formerly Croft (who we all knew as Granny Grant).Beatrice (dad's mum) and her father Joseph's details are well known, accurate and documented.Joseph's father was James Grant a brick maker. Joseph and his father John have been very difficult to research with as much accuracy as I have achieved before because:Birth dates have been suspect when compared to death dates, marriage dates and ¬†James and John's birth dates. James was unable to write( born out by his mark x on marriage certificate) so one could suppose he couldn't read either, which maybe one contributing factor for the questionable dates.Census searches, we all know that the dates are not entirely accurate on them but its never been my experience that they are more than a year or two different. Mary, James' wife, had her birth place different on each census she had Shropshire, Wolverhampton,…


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