The Intriguing Hockley / Collins Family formed in 1869 Bagshot

Family: Edward Thomas Hockley / Emma Collins (F133)When our family tree was imported to TNG from using FTM as a bridge some media became disconnected and that had to fixed.  In the process I decided I would scrutinise the documents carefully to make sure they were relevant to our family tree (because, unfortunately, you can inherit a lot of questionable content from Ancestry hints.)  Some interesting stories emerged, and this is just one of them.Let's look at the timeline.Where to start?The distance between Bagshot in Surrey (where Edward lived) and Ickenham in Middlesex (Emma) doesn't concern me. There is plenty of evidence in our family tree of people moving considerable distances even before the coming of the railways.  By 1867/8 the railway network was transforming England.  And at 22 miles, it could be walked in 8 hours. So mobility is not the issue. The catalyst for that journey would be interesting but we'll never know.It's the timing of the birth of William…


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