Ferberd is a very unusual name, that appeared in our branch of the Barrett Family in 1846 when it was borrowed from the local doctor and given to my Great Great Grandfather, Ferberd Barrett.  Since the later 1960’s we have been trying to trace its sources.  We have documented our findings.  Thus far we have found no definitive source.


Paul Barrett

4th Feb 2o19

Barretts In Berkshire

Tracing the movement and settlement of the family in Berkshire with the hope of finding the earliest date and possibly where they originated! Many professional researchers seem to be of the opinion that people generally stay within the district they are born. Maybe many folk did, especially before transport became easier with trains and other […]

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15 July 2017
24 September 2017

The Origin of the Name Ferberd

When our father Ferberd Henry Barrett (ID: I1019) began researching his family history in about 1967, one of the main reasons was to try to discover the origin of his peculiar forename which he shared with several ancestors. (If you want to view the records of the people in our family who share this unusual […]

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The Ferberd Buswell Connection

      I think the Ferberd Buswell is a one off so therefore a red herring in terms of our research. You may be right in thinking he was named after his father’s friend Ferberd Barrett of the Sessions link. 1851 census, as we know, shows Richard Buswell at Kingston Bagpuize in the same […]

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27 September 2017
02 October 2017

People Named Ferberd Who Emigrated

Our investigations into the source and usage of the name Ferberd, which is usually a given name but sometimes a family name, have uncovered a few that emigrated from England This article describes them. Ferberd Harold Ashford b 1907/8 d 1957 This Ferberd is one of ours – he belongs to the Barrett family.  His […]

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Ferberd Name Timeline

In order to understand when the variant forms of the Ferberd name may have appeared (and disappeared) a timeline has been created of the known people, based on Find My Past searches conducted in September 2017 by Paul, and searches of the Berkshire records by Sheila. The Timeline Explained In many cases, only a single […]

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18 October 2017