I think the Ferberd Buswell is a one off so therefore a red herring in terms of our research. You may be right in thinking he was named after his father’s friend Ferberd Barrett of the Sessions link.

1851 census, as we know, shows Richard Buswell at Kingston Bagpuize in the same household as Ferberd Barrett in the Sessions family tree.

Richard was baptised 3 May 1827, the son of Charles Boswell and Elizabeth Jones.

Richard had a brother, Charles born in 1831.

Charles and Elizabeth were married on 22 July 1823 in Dudley Worcestershire. I cannot find any reliable birth date for Charles, as there are so many, without more knowledge of the family.

Richard married Sarah Willis 20 Jan 1863 at Lambeth. Richard was on censuses up to 1901 but not on 1911 so gathered he died between.

Ferberd Richard was baptised 1864 at Lambeth. Have not been able to find siblings. He couldn’t be found on 1881 or 1891 censuses.  This is possible because he might have already joined the army

Ferberd married Marion Jennette Hislop 4 Nov 1901 at British India Office (Madras).

Cannot find any children.

Regarding the names Ferberd and Boswell, I did a wild search between 1765 and 1800 and the names don’t occur in any records.

Sheila Wheatley

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