Barrett Name Origin

  The origin of the Barrett name is unclear.  When my father Ferberd Henry Barrett ("Fred" 1923 - 2003) carried out some family history research in the late 1960's he came to this conclusion:It's unclear what the struck-through characters mean on the third line up.  Did he mistype?  Did he mean to type 'Barre?' Or was he trying to represent what is shown on the memorial?Well, as the Battle Roll is all online now it was easy to check, and he did mean 'Barre.'  This is one of 629 names according to Wikipedia, although there are several duplicates and disputed names so the real number is lower.  So we can draw a couple of quick conclusions:The Battle Roll does not support the idea that "...a Barrett came over with William the Conqueror."Barre would have been a nobleman.  Commoners were not listed in the Roll.It's nice to think we might be of noble stock and if the name "Barre" morphed into "Barrett" perhaps we are.…


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