Wheatley Name Origin

This interesting name is of medieval English origin and is a locational name from any of the places so called in Essex, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Oxon, and Yorkshire. The derivation is the same for all counties and is from the Old English pre 7th Century 'hwoete', wheat, and 'leah', a clearing, thus a clearing where wheat was grown.The placename development includes 'Wateleia' (Domesday Book of Essex 1086), 'Watelage' (Domesday Book, Yorkshire 1086), 'Hwatele' (Assize Rolls of Yorkshire 1280), 'Whetelegh' (Feet of Fines, Lancashire 1227), 'Weteley' (Introduction to the Survey of English placenames, 1314). During the Middle Ages people migrating from their birth place would often adopt the placename as a means of identification.One Christopher Wheatley aged twenty eight, sailed from the Port of London aboard the 'Thomas and John' bound for Virginia in June 1635. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Lambert de Watileia, which was dated 'The Geld Roll of 1084 (Domesday Book)', Somerset, during…


Barrett – Of Norman Descent?

Introduction The interest in the subject of this study is born out of the family history research coupled with some family myths. Most people in the UK could probably claim to be of Norman descent and it may be difficult to prove and to be honest, people today are a mixture of Scandinavian (Anglo- Saxon) and Norman and the little or non -existence of the necessary records may be a barrier in this study. However, I don’t necessarily wish to “claim” Norman ancestry but I have to confess that curiosity has got the better of me and I should like to explore the possibilities of where our family came from, even though I may be hearing the cry of the wild goose. Of Norman Descent?  Fact or Fiction? To claim an ancestor came with William the Conqueror should not be viewed with a romantic notion. The Conqueror and his men were warmongers, plunderers and so savagely brutal that one cannot feel a sense…


Ferberd Name Timeline

In order to understand when the variant forms of the Ferberd name may have appeared (and disappeared) a timeline has been created of the known people, based on Find My Past searches conducted in September 2017 by Paul, and searches of the Berkshire records by Sheila. The Timeline Explained In many cases, only a single life event was discovered for a person, usually a birth or death. To give the timeline a more realistic look we have assumed a lifespan of 70 years for these people (80 years for people living into the 20th Century.) Indeterminate birth or death dates are indicated by fuzzy bar ends. Solid ends indicate that both birth and death dates are known. Dark Blue = various forms of Ferberd as a Last Name. Dark Blue = various forms of Ferberd as a FirstName. Brown = various forms of Fairbeard as a Last Name. Orange = various forms of Fairbeard as a Last Name. Everyone above the timeline scale…


People Named Ferberd Who Emigrated

Our investigations into the source and usage of the name Ferberd, which is usually a given name but sometimes a family name, have uncovered a few that emigrated from EnglandThis article describes them.Ferberd Harold Ashford b 1907/8 d 1957This Ferberd is one of ours - he belongs to the Barrett family.  His immediate family looks like this:Ferberd Harold Ashford        © OurFamilyHistory.club He is the son of William Ashford b Abt 1885 and Bertha Barrett b 1884. Bertha's father is a Ferberd - the first in the family to have the name - his parents having "borrowed" it from the local doctor,  Dr Ferberd Sessions-Barrett (no relation).  Bertha has a brother called Ferberd and her brother, Harry, names one of his sons Ferberd Henry. The family seems to be somewhat obsessed with the name.Ferberd Harold (FH)'s birth details are unsubstantiated. Sheila Wheatley reports that,A chance contact through an ancestry website, Carol, who had been searching for Bertha’s brother, Harry informed me Bertha was her grandmother and…


The Ferberd Buswell Connection

   I think the Ferberd Buswell is a one off so therefore a red herring in terms of our research. You may be right in thinking he was named after his father’s friend Ferberd Barrett of the Sessions link.1851 census, as we know, shows Richard Buswell at Kingston Bagpuize in the same household as Ferberd Barrett in the Sessions family tree.Richard was baptised 3 May 1827, the son of Charles Boswell and Elizabeth Jones.Richard had a brother, Charles born in 1831.Charles and Elizabeth were married on 22 July 1823 in Dudley Worcestershire. I cannot find any reliable birth date for Charles, as there are so many, without more knowledge of the family.Richard married Sarah Willis 20 Jan 1863 at Lambeth. Richard was on censuses up to 1901 but not on 1911 so gathered he died between.Ferberd Richard was baptised 1864 at Lambeth. Have not been able to find siblings. He couldn’t be found on 1881 or 1891 censuses.  This is possible because he might…


The Origin of the Name Ferberd

When our father Ferberd Henry Barrett (ID: I1019) began researching his family history in about 1967, one of the main reasons was to try to discover the origin of his peculiar forename which he shared with several ancestors.(If you want to view the records of the people in our family who share this unusual name, click here.)While he was able to trace the generations shown in the table, he came to an abrupt halt with Ferberd Barrett (I159) whose father was the far more prosaic John Barrett (I580), and there was no evidence of the name further back.  The name also doesn't go any further forwards than me.  My mother Kath Barrett (I404) would not allow me to be called Ferberd Henry so it was relegated to a second name and, as it was the source of many school fights, it hasn't gone any further down the line.We hope that this article may reach other people who are researching this strange name, or…


Richings Name Origin

Recorded in a number of spellings including Rich, Riche, Riches, Richens, Rinchin, Richins, Riching, Richings, and possibly others, this is an English surname. It has at least three possible origins. Firstly, it may be Old French, and a nickname for a wealthy person from the pre 10th century "Firstly, it may be Old French, and a nickname for a wealthy person from the pre 10th century "riche" meaning rich or wealthy; the term being introduced into England after the famous Conquest of 1066. Secondly, it may be a patronymicSecondly, it may be a patronymic of the medieval given name "Rich". This is a short form of the personal name "Richard", of Old German origins and meaning 'Strong and powerful'. This name was found occasionally in Anglo-Saxon England, but was popularized by the Normans after 1066. Thirdly, the surname could be residential and if so it derives from the Olde English word "Thirdly, the surname could be residential and if so it derives from…

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