Ferberd Name Timeline

In order to understand when the variant forms of the Ferberd name may have appeared (and disappeared) a timeline has been created of the known people, based on Find My Past searches conducted in September 2017 by Paul, and searches of the Berkshire records by Sheila. The Timeline Explained In many cases, only a single life event was discovered for a person, usually a birth or death. To give the timeline a more realistic look we have assumed a lifespan of 70 years for these people (80 years for people living into the 20th Century.) Indeterminate birth or death dates are indicated by fuzzy bar ends. Solid ends indicate that both birth and death dates are known. Dark Blue = various forms of Ferberd as a Last Name. Dark Blue = various forms of Ferberd as a FirstName. Brown = various forms of Fairbeard as a Last Name. Orange = various forms of Fairbeard as a Last Name. Everyone above the timeline scale…


People Named Ferberd Who Emigrated

Our investigations into the source and usage of the name Ferberd, which is usually a given name but sometimes a family name, have uncovered a few that emigrated from EnglandThis article describes them.Ferberd Harold Ashford b 1907/8 d 1957This Ferberd is one of ours - he belongs to the Barrett family.  His immediate family looks like this:Ferberd Harold Ashford        © OurFamilyHistory.club He is the son of William Ashford b Abt 1885 and Bertha Barrett b 1884. Bertha's father is a Ferberd - the first in the family to have the name - his parents having "borrowed" it from the local doctor,  Dr Ferberd Sessions-Barrett (no relation).  Bertha has a brother called Ferberd and her brother, Harry, names one of his sons Ferberd Henry. The family seems to be somewhat obsessed with the name.Ferberd Harold (FH)'s birth details are unsubstantiated. Sheila Wheatley reports that,A chance contact through an ancestry website, Carol, who had been searching for Bertha’s brother, Harry informed me Bertha was her grandmother and…


The Ferberd Buswell Connection

   I think the Ferberd Buswell is a one off so therefore a red herring in terms of our research. You may be right in thinking he was named after his father’s friend Ferberd Barrett of the Sessions link.1851 census, as we know, shows Richard Buswell at Kingston Bagpuize in the same household as Ferberd Barrett in the Sessions family tree.Richard was baptised 3 May 1827, the son of Charles Boswell and Elizabeth Jones.Richard had a brother, Charles born in 1831.Charles and Elizabeth were married on 22 July 1823 in Dudley Worcestershire. I cannot find any reliable birth date for Charles, as there are so many, without more knowledge of the family.Richard married Sarah Willis 20 Jan 1863 at Lambeth. Richard was on censuses up to 1901 but not on 1911 so gathered he died between.Ferberd Richard was baptised 1864 at Lambeth. Have not been able to find siblings. He couldn’t be found on 1881 or 1891 censuses.  This is possible because he might…


Henry Barrett b 1854 and Elizabeth Alder b 1850, and Henry’s Ancestors

IntroductionThis is a summary of the research carried out by Sheila Wheatley with input from Paul Barrett into the history of Henry (aka Harry) Barrett b 1854 and Elizabeth Alder b 1850.  Henry and Elizabeth were married 7 Nov 1874.  We want to document Henry's ancestors to see if we share a common ancestor, and we would also like to reach out to other researchers of the Barretts and Alders of Berkshire / Oxfordshire, England for help resolving some issues.Elizabeth is not a direct ancestor of Sheila, Paul and their sister Christine - she is a cousin of Ferberd Barrett who is our 2 x great grandfather.  Neither is Henry, who merely shares our family name.   Henry Barrett is the husband of Elizabeth Alder, who is the cousin of Ferberd Barrett, who is the 2 x great grandfather of [Sheila, Paul and Chris.]So why did we decide to research this obscure branch of our tree?How this line of research beganBarrett is a very…


Walter Costar, and Gertrude and Ellen Barrett Love Triangle?

Gertrude Emma Barrett born 1868 married Walter Costar on 23rd December 1888.The 1891 census shows Walter age 24 and a Game-keeper and Gertrude with 2 children, Lizzie age 1 and Christopher age 8 months, living at Denman’s Farm, Chawley, Cumnor, Berkshire.The 1901 census finds Gertrude, now 32, living with her parents in Tubney. So, where is Walter? He is at 5 Station Road, Stratfield Mortimer, and is a coachman and hotel groom. Children: Lizzie age 11 Christopher age 10 Gertrude age 9 Walter Henry age 6 Frederick age 5 Annie age 3 Sydney age 1. Also there is Ellen, sister-in-law age 22 and described as housemaid.Why is Gertrude with parents and Ellen with Walter and children? A thought for investigation, which surrounds a letter from one Nellie Costar to great grandfather Harry’s wife Annie (Mary Anne Chandler). because the author of the letter is one Nellie Costar, I had assumed initially that it was written by Gertrude as her married name was Costar.…

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The Skeleton in the Closet

 The purpose of this piece of research is to determine: The parentage of Liza Alder born 1829 The birth dates of William and Elizabeth Alder as this may have a bearing on the above The parentage of Percival Alder/Barrett born 1859 The relationship, if any, between Liza Alder and Albert John Barrett. I have the advantage of having CD collection of the parishes of Berkshire. Hopefully, these should be able to answer the questions without having to spend hours trolling through on-line sites. Eliza Alder born 1829 On the 1841 census she is described as the daughter of William and Elizabeth Alder. However, on the 1851 census she is living with John Barrett and his wife Harriet (formerly Alder) at the White Hart, Fyfield. John described her as ‘daughter in law’. Because of other misleading census information, this has raised the question of her true parentage. It means it is possible that she is the illegitimate daughter of Harriet Alder, born before her…


Old Research Notes William and Elizabeth Alder

William Alder baptised 11th July 1779 @Fyfield, the son of John Alder & Sarah Hatt.William married Elizabeth Winter on 17th November 1803 @ Fyfield.Elizabeth was baptised on 6th March 1785 @ Marcham, the daughter of William Winter & Elizabeth Michel (that’s how it is spelt in parish records).1841 census gives William’s birth year as 1785 & Elizabeth’s as 1791. If this were accurate it would make William 17 & Elizabeth 12 at the time of their marriage! It is well known that ages and birth years could be rounded up as much as 5 years or so.The reason I feel that this is the correct couple is that they have a William Barrett staying with them who is the right age to be John & Harriet’s son and they had a son William who was born in 1834.1851 census shows both William & Elizabeth and William is a farmer of 286 acres, employing 3 men and 2 boys and they are living in…


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