William Alder baptised 11th July 1779 @Fyfield, the son of John Alder & Sarah Hatt.

William married Elizabeth Winter on 17th November 1803 @ Fyfield.

Elizabeth was baptised on 6th March 1785 @ Marcham, the daughter of William Winter & Elizabeth Michel (that’s how it is spelt in parish records).

1841 census gives William’s birth year as 1785 & Elizabeth’s as 1791. If this were accurate it would make William 17 & Elizabeth 12 at the time of their marriage! It is well known that ages and birth years could be rounded up as much as 5 years or so.

The reason I feel that this is the correct couple is that they have a William Barrett staying with them who is the right age to be John & Harriet’s son and they had a son William who was born in 1834.

1851 census shows both William & Elizabeth and William is a farmer of 286 acres, employing 3 men and 2 boys and they are living in Tubney.

Neither of them are on the 1861 census so it can be assumed they died in between.

Searching the BMD records,4 records were found for a William Alder & for an Elizabeth Alder. Taking those references, I then searched through my CD collection of Berks FHS parish records and was able to cross match one reference for each of them (the most likely reference at least)

Elizabeth was buried on 2nd October 1855 @ Tubney and her age is given as 74, the age difference is 4yrs out but people were not always accurate with ages. However, as previously stated this is the most likely reference but we should be aware of the age discrepancy.

BMD reference Abingdon vol 2c page 107 4th quarter 1855.

William was also buried at Tubney on 27th May 1856 age 78 which is more accurate.

BMD reference Abingdon vol 2c page 169 2nd quarter 1856.

William Alder’s Parents.

His parents were John Alder & Sarah Hatt. They were married on 7th November 1776 @ Wantage.

John was baptised in1741 @ Wantage, the son of William & Mary Alder.

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