Old Research Notes William and Elizabeth Alder

William Alder baptised 11th July 1779 @Fyfield, the son of John Alder & Sarah Hatt.William married Elizabeth Winter on 17th November 1803 @ Fyfield.Elizabeth was baptised on 6th March 1785 @ Marcham, the daughter of William Winter & Elizabeth Michel (that’s how it is spelt in parish records).1841 census gives William’s birth year as 1785 & Elizabeth’s as 1791. If this were accurate it would make William 17 & Elizabeth 12 at the time of their marriage! It is well known that ages and birth years could be rounded up as much as 5 years or so.The reason I feel that this is the correct couple is that they have a William Barrett staying with them who is the right age to be John & Harriet’s son and they had a son William who was born in 1834.1851 census shows both William & Elizabeth and William is a farmer of 286 acres, employing 3 men and 2 boys and they are living in…


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