The Skeleton in the Closet

 The purpose of this piece of research is to determine: The parentage of Liza Alder born 1829 The birth dates of William and Elizabeth Alder as this may have a bearing on the above The parentage of Percival Alder/Barrett born 1859 The relationship, if any, between Liza Alder and Albert John Barrett. I have the advantage of having CD collection of the parishes of Berkshire. Hopefully, these should be able to answer the questions without having to spend hours trolling through on-line sites. Eliza Alder born 1829 On the 1841 census she is described as the daughter of William and Elizabeth Alder. However, on the 1851 census she is living with John Barrett and his wife Harriet (formerly Alder) at the White Hart, Fyfield. John described her as ‘daughter in law’. Because of other misleading census information, this has raised the question of her true parentage. It means it is possible that she is the illegitimate daughter of Harriet Alder, born before her…


Old Research Notes William and Elizabeth Alder

William Alder baptised 11th July 1779 @Fyfield, the son of John Alder & Sarah Hatt.William married Elizabeth Winter on 17th November 1803 @ Fyfield.Elizabeth was baptised on 6th March 1785 @ Marcham, the daughter of William Winter & Elizabeth Michel (that’s how it is spelt in parish records).1841 census gives William’s birth year as 1785 & Elizabeth’s as 1791. If this were accurate it would make William 17 & Elizabeth 12 at the time of their marriage! It is well known that ages and birth years could be rounded up as much as 5 years or so.The reason I feel that this is the correct couple is that they have a William Barrett staying with them who is the right age to be John & Harriet’s son and they had a son William who was born in 1834.1851 census shows both William & Elizabeth and William is a farmer of 286 acres, employing 3 men and 2 boys and they are living in…


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