Walter Costar, and Gertrude and Ellen Barrett Love Triangle?

Gertrude Emma Barrett born 1868 married Walter Costar on 23rd December 1888.The 1891 census shows Walter age 24 and a Game-keeper and Gertrude with 2 children, Lizzie age 1 and Christopher age 8 months, living at Denman’s Farm, Chawley, Cumnor, Berkshire.The 1901 census finds Gertrude, now 32, living with her parents in Tubney. So, where is Walter? He is at 5 Station Road, Stratfield Mortimer, and is a coachman and hotel groom. Children: Lizzie age 11 Christopher age 10 Gertrude age 9 Walter Henry age 6 Frederick age 5 Annie age 3 Sydney age 1. Also there is Ellen, sister-in-law age 22 and described as housemaid.Why is Gertrude with parents and Ellen with Walter and children? A thought for investigation, which surrounds a letter from one Nellie Costar to great grandfather Harry’s wife Annie (Mary Anne Chandler). because the author of the letter is one Nellie Costar, I had assumed initially that it was written by Gertrude as her married name was Costar.…

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