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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F377
 Postans, Mary   Main Tree 
2 F366
 Scott, Elizabeth   Main Tree 
3 F383
 Pratt, Elizabeth   Main Tree 
4 F364
 Callum, Isabella   Main Tree 
5 F339
 Brown, Mary   Main Tree 
6 F395
 White, Sarah   Main Tree 
7 F165
 Alder, Eliza   Main Tree 
8 F386
 Scott, Susan   Main Tree 
9 F392
 Hammond, Elizabeth   Main Tree 
10 F414
 Rowles, Sarah   Main Tree 
11 F445
 Allcock, _______   Main Tree 
12 F431
 Spencer, Susan   Main Tree 
13 F360
 Alder, Elizabeth   Main Tree 
14 F529
 Grainger, Alice   Main Tree 
15 F634
 Adley, Mary    Main Tree 
16 F294
 Green, Sarah 06 Dec 1842 Parish of St. Thomas, Oxford. Oxfordshire, England  Main Tree 
17 F295
 Godfrey, Elizabeth 03 Apr 1848 Cumnor Parish Church, Cumnor, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
18 F32
 Burson, Elizabeth 28 Jun 1849 St. Nicholas, Abingdon, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
19 F296
 Tuck, Marrianne 04 Sep 1856 Cumnor Parish Church, Cumnor, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
20 F413
 Postins, Hannah Jan 1870 Dudley, Worcestershire, England  Main Tree 
21 F405
 Edgwick, Louisa Jane Oct 1896 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England  Main Tree 
22 F419
 Chandler, Ellen Apr 1898 Wokingham, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
23 F429
 Hockley, Susan Bertha Jul 1911 Chertsey, Surrey, England  Main Tree 
24 F407
 Postins, Ethel Winifred Jun 1948 Brighton, Sussex, England  Main Tree 
25 F667
Unknown Pearce, Esther   Main Tree 
26 F671
Unknown    Main Tree 
27 F219
Abbott, Charles William Howell, Sarah Jane 30 Oct 1880 Potterne, Wiltshire, England  Main Tree 
28 F354
Abbs, Albert Percy Howell, Mary Edna Jul 1948 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England  Main Tree 
29 F619
Adley, John (Adley), Mary   Main Tree 
30 F620
Adly, John Varnham, Anne 1700 London, England  Main Tree 
31 F368
Alder, James (Alder), Anne   Main Tree 
32 F13
Alder, John Hatt, Sarah 07 Nov 1776 Wantage, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
33 F558
Alder, William (Alder), Katharine   Main Tree 
34 F557
Alder, William (Alder), Elizabeth Abt 1705  Main Tree 
35 F291
Alder, William Whithorn, Mary 06 Nov 1729 Wantage, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
36 F265
Alder, William Winter, Elizabeth 17 Nov 1803 Fyfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
37 F372
Allcock, Edward    Main Tree 
38 F113
Allcock, William Postins, Alice   Main Tree 
39 F421
Andrews, John (Andrews), Mary Abt 1832  Main Tree 
40 F583
Andrews, Thomas Barrett, Hannah Dec 1849 Wantage, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
41 F40
Andrews, Thomas Andrews, Louisa 1861  Main Tree 
42 F676
Annetts, Frederick    Main Tree 
43 F640
Anscombe, Edward Howell, Susannah 2 Jun 1846 Brighton, Sussex, England  Main Tree 
44 F443
Ashford, Ferberd Harold Graham, Margaret Between Oct 1947 and Dec 1947 Carlisle, Cumberland, England  Main Tree 
45 F436
Ashford, Ferberd Harold Clarke, Margaret Maude M Between Jan 1951 and Mar 1951 Surrey, England  Main Tree 
46 F435
Ashford, William Harold Barrett, Bertha Abt 1907 Port of New York, New York, USA  Main Tree 
47 F124
Attewell, Thomas Barrett, Mary 04 Aug 1806 Fyfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
48 F74
Bachelour, James Littlefield, Elizabeth 15 Jul 1809 Windlesham, Surrey, England  Main Tree 
49 F90
Bachelour, John Philips, Ann 12 Oct 1766 St John the Baptist Church, Windlesham, Surrey, England  Main Tree 
50 F78
Badcock, William Richard Barrett, Ann 31 Jul 1870 All Saint C of E Church, Marcham, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
51 F263
Baker, Joseph Barrett, Agnes Jane 1886  Main Tree 
52 F504
Balaam, Edward Songhurst, Winifred Edith   Main Tree 
53 F61
Ballard, Benjamin Barrett, Mary 01 Sep 1823 Saint Nicholas, Fyfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
54 F541
Ballard, Benjamin Richings, Mary Ann 25 Jul 1850 Kingston Bagpuize, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
55 F542
Ballard, Richard Neale, Martha   Main Tree 
56 F543
Ballard, Richard Neale, Elizabeth Between 1875 and 1880  Main Tree 
57 F397
Ballard, Thomas Wickham, Elizabeth 18 Sep 1856 Kingston Bagpuize, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
58 F141
Ballard, William Chapman, Elizabeth   Main Tree 
59 F207
Barnard, George John Barrett, Ellen 09 Nov 1868 All Saints Faringdon, Faringdon, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
60 F63
Barnard, James (Barnard), Sarah   Main Tree 
61 F548
Barret, John Flexneye, Grace 18 Oct 1607 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England  Main Tree 
62 F45
Barrett, Albert Henwood, Mary Anne 02 May 1846 St.Ebbes, Roger Bacon Lane, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England  Main Tree 
63 F678
Barrett, Albert Henry Dyer, Lavinia Minnie Mercedes 3 Jun 1900 Westminster, London, England  Main Tree 
64 F192
Barrett, Albert John Weaving, Martha 1867 Abingdon, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
65 F193
Barrett, Albert John Calcutt, Annie 1880 Headington, Oxford, England  Main Tree 
66 F639
Barrett, Alfred George Hawkins, Florence Dec 1921 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England  Main Tree 
67 F677
Barrett, Arthur Clifton, Emily Dec 1904 Thame, Oxfordshire, England  Main Tree 
68 F685
Barrett, Arthur H Axton, Marjorie Dec 1938 Wantage, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
69 F253
Barrett, Benjamin (Barrett), Emily 1894  Main Tree 
70 F682
Barrett, Brian B Spiessens, Pamelia Jan 1959 Wantage, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
71 F572
Barrett, Daniel Trinder, Mary 22 Dec 1767 Uffington, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
72 F140
Barrett, Eric (Barrett), Hilda   Main Tree 
73 F48
Barrett, Ferberd Richings, Ellen 03 Feb 1866 Longworth, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
74 F269
Barrett, Ferberd Thatcher, Mary 14 Aug 1900 St Marys Church, Longworth, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
75 F64
Barrett, Ferberd Henry Grant, Beatrice Mary 04 Dec 1920 Register Office, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England  Main Tree 
76 F260
Barrett, Ferberd Henry Howell, Kathleen Adelaide Louisa 09 Nov 1943 St John the Baptist, Hillingdon, Middlesex, England  Main Tree 
77 F261
Barrett, Ferberd Henry Gage, Katherine Mary Abt Aug 1970 Hillingdon, Middlesex, England  Main Tree 
78 F262
Barrett, Ferberd Henry Feary, Patricia Anne Oct 1986 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England  Main Tree 
79 F241
Barrett, Frank Albert (Barrett), Agnes 1883 Headington, Oxford, England  Main Tree 
80 F679
Barrett, Frederick Watts, Mary Ellen Jan 1905 Abingdon, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
81 F681
Barrett, Frederick James Hatherall, Amy M Jan 1833 Wantage, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
82 F680
Barrett, Frederick S Day, Olive Dec 1941 Eton, Buckinghamshire, England  Main Tree 
83 F274
Barrett, Harry Chatsworthy, Jessica   Main Tree 
84 F60
Barrett, Harry Chandler, Mary Ann 17 Nov 1894 Arborfield Parish Church, Arborfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
85 F267
Barrett, Henry Jones, Harriet Jul 1865 Bicester, Oxfordshire, England  Main Tree 
86 F362
Barrett, Henry Alder, Elizabeth 7 Nov 1874 Parish Church, Tubney, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
87 F578
Barrett, James Burson, Elizabeth 28 Jun 1849 St. Nicholas Church, Abingdon, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
88 F47
Barrett, James Augustus Weaving, Rosina 18 Feb 1861  Main Tree 
89 F190
Barrett, John    Main Tree 
90 F575
Barrett, John Woodley, Rebecca   Main Tree 
91 F91
Barrett, John Legg, Ann 24 Aug 1697 Coleshill, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
92 F142
Barrett, John Burgess, Elizabeth 05 Jan 1756 St. Helens Church, Abingdon, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
93 F565
Barrett, John Lockey, Mary 20 Dec 1769 Uffington, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
94 F574
Barrett, John Clifford, Judith 27 Aug 1771 Buckland, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
95 F46
Barrett, John (Barrett), Ann Abt 1778 Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
96 F579
Barrett, John Gower, Sarah 29 Nov 1824 Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
97 F576
Barrett, John Franklyn, Jane 18 Dec 1825 Marcham, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
98 F143
Barrett, John Alder, Harriet 16 Nov 1831 Saint Nicholas, Fyfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
99 F580
Barrett, John Godfrey, Elizabeth 3 Apr 1848 Cumner, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
100 F582
Barrett, John Pryor, Eleanor 7 Oct 1849 Sutton Courtney, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
101 F203
Barrett, John Barrett, Emma 20 Nov 1883 All Saint C of E Church, Marcham, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
102 F547
Barrett, Jonathan Wichelow, Mary 7 Jan 1713 Brightwell - cum - Sotwell, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
103 F567
Barrett, Jonathan Adams, Mary 11 Feb 1727 Highworth, Wiltshire. England  Main Tree 
104 F564
Barrett, Jonathan Hazell, Ann 4 Oct 1743 West Challow, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
105 F358
Barrett, Jonathan Lamborne, Anne 29 Jan 1757 Harwell, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
106 F586
Barrett, Jonathan Painton, Milicent 14 Sep 1824 Longworth, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
107 F43
Barrett, Lionel Leander Tarrant, Nancy 1921  Main Tree 
108 F254
Barrett, Mark Whitbread, Emma 03 Dec 1890 St.Peters Church, Knowl Hill, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
109 F292
Barrett, Richard (Barrett), Elizabeth   Main Tree 
110 F402
Barrett, Richard Barrett, Ann 3 Nov 1745 South Hinksey, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
111 F416
Barrett, Richard Barlow, Mary 1 May 1774 Appleton, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
112 F62
Barrett, Richard (Barrett), Anne 1802  Main Tree 
113 F399
Barrett, Richard White, Sarah 21 Jul 1805 St Ebbes, 2 Roger Bacon Lane, Oxford, Oxforshire, England  Main Tree 
114 F528
Barrett, Richard Elliot, Hannah 7 Jun 1812 Sparsholt, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
115 F194
Barrett, Richard Rowles, Sarah 3 Jul 1858 Hinton Waldrist, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
116 F385
Barrett, Stephen White, Jane 8 May 1841 Parish Church, Appleton, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
117 F271
Barrett, Thomas Sawyer, Mary 18 Feb 1728 Saint Lawrence Church, Besselsleigh, England  Main Tree 
118 F270
Barrett, Thomas Baker, Sarah 18 Oct 1739 Stanford in the Vale, Faringdon, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
119 F568
Barrett, Thomas (Barrett), Ann Abt 1755 Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
120 F210
Barrett, Thomas Capel, Martha 12 Sep 1829  Main Tree 
121 F209
Barrett, Thomas (Barrett), Elizabeth 1843  Main Tree 
122 F675
Barrett, Thomas Hudson, Nellie 28 Jul 1888 Woolwich, London, England  Main Tree 
123 F401
Barrett, William Howse, Susannah 16 Nov 1775 Appleton, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
124 F571
Barrett, William Eiblestone, Alice 9 Nov 1788 Marcham, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
125 F553
Barrett, William Wilkins, Hannah 3 Aug 1790 Tilehurst, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
126 F266
Barrett, William (Barrett), Martha Abt 1820  Main Tree 
127 F590
Barrett, William Eustace, Mary 12 Oct 1820 East Challow, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
128 F272
Barrett, William Hart, Maria (Mary) Jun 1876 Hungerford, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
129 F561
Bartlett, Richard (Bartlett), Jane   Main Tree 
130 F654
Bartlett, Thomas Howell, Anne 24 Aug 1740 Devizes, Wiltshire, England  Main Tree 
131 F601
Beesley, George E Howe, Winifred Kate Jan 1923 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England  Main Tree 
132 F282
Beesley, Henry Richings, Kezia 1876  Main Tree 
133 F658
Bell, Archibald Morisone, Elspeth   Main Tree 
134 F609
Bigwood, Samuel Beachum, Margaret 9 Feb 1701 Westbury, Wiltshire, England  Main Tree 
135 F562
Biss, Thomas Barrett, Anne 14 Nov 1698 Hungerford, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
136 F479
Blampied, Elias John Sweeting, Eliza   Main Tree 
137 F490
Blampied, Elias John    Main Tree 
138 F489
Blampied, Elias John Glover, Caroline Eliza 11 Aug 1906 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England  Main Tree 
139 F491
Blampied, Joseph    Main Tree 
140 F478
Blampied, Philip Joseph Slemmings, Lilian Kate   Main Tree 
141 F488
Blampied, Philip Joseph Jalbor - Richardson, Mabel Emma 29 Oct 1940 Jersey, Channel Islands  Main Tree 
142 F222
Blay, George Blay, Rose A   Main Tree 
143 F652
Boulter, Thomas Howell, Elizabeth 19 Feb 1772 Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, England  Main Tree 
144 F351
Bradder, George Wilson, Sarah Ann 14 May 1855 Derby, Derbyshire, England  Main Tree 
145 F456
Bramley, Leslie Gidney, Edith   Main Tree 
146 F323
Bristow, Benjamin Cripts, Maria 26 Dec 1818 Shinfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
147 F448
Bristow, Benjamin (Bristow), Maria Jul 1862 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, England  Main Tree 
148 F151
Bristow, George Rhodes, Frances Sarah 21 Dec 1851 St Saviour, Southwark, London, England  Main Tree 
149 F446
Bristow, George (Wood), Mary Ann Between Oct 1871 and Dec 1871 Reading, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
150 F197
Bristow, John Bristow, Martha   Main Tree 
151 F198
Bristow, Stephen White, Elizabeth 03 Nov 1793 Church of Saint Giles, Reading, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
152 F252
Bristow, Thomas Bushnel, Martha 05 Sep 1767 Burghfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
153 F403
Bristow, Thomas Harrington, Susan Oct 1866 Wokingham, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
154 F183
Bristow, William Wallinger, Susannah 12 Feb 1709 Saint Mary, Reading, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
155 F305
Bristow, William Halfhide, Mary 15 Oct 1733 Shinfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
156 F534
Bristow, William Hazell, Hannah Dec 1851 Wantage, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
157 F53
Brown, John Richardson, Charlotte   Main Tree 
158 F404
Brown, John (Brown), Mary Between 1851 and 1861  Main Tree 
159 F605
Browne, Joseph Browne, Anne   Main Tree 
160 F144
Browne, William Henry Barrett, Charlotte 27 Apr 1901 Belgrave Church, Torquay, Devon, England  Main Tree 
161 F99
Browning, Thomas Hindes, Mary Abt 1628  Main Tree 
162 F69
Browning, William Hall, Mary 18 Apr 1581 Wingfield, Suffolk, England  Main Tree 
163 F110
Busby, John Barrett, Hannah   Main Tree 
164 F121
Bushnel, Osmond Whitaker, Elizabeth 30 Apr 1694 Burghfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
165 F162
Bushnel, William Hancock, Mary   Main Tree 
166 F220
Bushnell, Richard Spire, Martha 28 Feb 1735 Saint Mary, Reading, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
167 F218
Calcutt, George White Calcutt, Elizabeth 29 Mar 1842  Main Tree 
168 F50
Capel, John Capel, Ann   Main Tree 
169 F313
Capel, Noah Richings, Eliza Oct 1870 Headington, Oxford, England  Main Tree 
170 F600
Cashmore, William Howe, Evelyn Bertha Apr 1930 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England  Main Tree 
171 F297
Castle, George Lewis Barrett, Alice 05 Jan 1901 St.Michaels and All Angels Church, 12 Park Road, Abingdon, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
172 F180
Castleton, John Castleton, Frances 11 Jan 1857 Corton, Suffolk, England  Main Tree 
173 F181
Castleton, John Castleton, Ann Mary Elizabeth Jan 1891 Mutford, Suffolk, England  Main Tree 
174 F152
Castleton, Thomas Pells, Mary Ann 22 Mar 1832 Corton, Suffolk, England  Main Tree 
175 F382
Cauldwell, Peter    Main Tree 
176 F134
Chandler, Arthur H Blay, Rose Ann 1908 Easthampstead, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
177 F3
Chandler, Charles Kemm, Fanny 30 Mar 1867 Saint Jude, Southwark, Surrey, England  Main Tree 
178 F31
Chandler, Charles Chandler, Rosalie Emaline Belcham 1906  Main Tree 
179 F324
Chandler, George Miller, Anne 29 Jun 1834 Arborfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
180 F349
Chandler, Henry Bristow, Maria 1901  Main Tree 
181 F327
Chandler, John Chandler, Ann   Main Tree 
182 F361
Chandler, Richard    Main Tree 
183 F123
Chandler, Richard Robee, Elizabeth 27 Oct 1735 Shinfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
184 F15
Chandler, Thomas Powey, Hannah 28 Nov 1788 Arborfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
185 F350
Chandler, William Smallbones, Mary 01 Feb 1762 Burghfield, Berkshire, England  Main Tree 
186 F538
Chandler, William Spratley, Sarah 3 Sep 1837  Main Tree 
187 F14
Chapman, James Hammond, Isabella Elizabeth 31 Jul 1864 Windlesham, Surrey, England  Main Tree 
188 F455
Chapman, Joseph  Between 01 Apr 1898 and 30 Jun 1898 Guildford, Surrey, England  Main Tree 
189 F390
Chewter, Simon    Main Tree 
190 F322
Chewter, Thomas Heydon, Elizabeth 26 Nov 1612 Wanborough, Wiltshire, England  Main Tree 
191 F321
Chewter, Thomas Chandler, Dorothy 19 Apr 1624 Wanborough, Surrey, England  Main Tree 
192 F174
Chuter, Nicholas Young, Joan 22 May 1660 Ash, Surrey, England  Main Tree 
193 F166
Chuter, Thomas Chuter, Elizabeth   Main Tree 
194 F356
Clarke, Alfred Hockley, Susan Bertha 22 Mar 1884  Main Tree 
195 F337
Clarke, Charles Woodhams, Eliza 25 Dec 1860  Main Tree 
196 F36
Clarke, David Hoare, Elizabeth 14 Sep 1829 St John the Baptist Church, Windlesham, Surrey, England  Main Tree 
197 F146
Clarke, Eric Leonard Hackett, Muriel E A Abt Aug 1945 Surrey North Western, Surrey, England  Main Tree 
198 F5
Clarke, George Baines, Jane 01 Sep 1866  Main Tree 
199 F662
Clarke, Henry (Clarke), Sarah   Main Tree 
200 F71
Clarke, Isaac Perry, Sarah 19 Nov 1838 Chapel of Bagshot, Bagshot, Surrey, England  Main Tree 

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